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Saturday, November 17, 2012


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I suppose the main reason is that those speakings presents the speakers' own opinion on the topics,such as giving some specific examples and vivid description, not excessively focus on the difficulty of sentences or vocabularies.

While the quality of language is a 9 (there is excellent and seamless use of tense and collocation, and a nice mixture of description and personal opinion), almost half of the speaking score is based around delivery, so unless this language is produced fluently and with an array of 'English' pronunciation features, it may well not receive an overall 9.

In my opinion the speaker has a rich vocabulary and a very good use of verbal tenses. However we do not know how well he/she can pronounce this speech.It depends a lot on his ability to deliver his/her opinion to the examiner.

1. Wide range of vocabulary.
2. Balanced opinion - for first question: Learn from the mistakes and vice versa; For second question: Difficulties of prediction and positive prediction.
3. No grammatical error.
4. Combination of example and opinion.
5. Clear answer of the question.
and lastly
6. Well articulation of the above points.

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