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Thursday, October 04, 2012


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Hi Simon,

Sorry for writing my questions under an unrelated topic yet İ couldt find any topic whic relevant to my question.in offical İelts exam test practices İ saw an example of acedemic writing task 1 which gets 7.5.
The examiner saya this criterion is not a 9 as the choice of tense could be more precise and constant.the question puts two diagrams showing the site of a school in 2004 and the plan for changes to the school site in2024.
So which tense should İ use ,present,past,future?

Best regards

Hello there,
here you go :

It is almost similar question, you just need to include year in your writing like, was in 2004;will be in 2024.

Hope this help.

Hi Simon. I've noticed you used 'chart' to paraphrase 'line graph' and 'table'. I was wondering if it is acceptable to use 'chart' to paraphrase 'line graph', 'diagram', 'map'. Thank you!

Hi Stevie,

Yes, it's fine to use 'chart' for most things that show numbers, but not for diagrams or maps.

Hi Simon!
Thank you so much!
It's exactly what i asked you last week. Thanks for your response which are very helpful for my skills.

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