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Friday, October 05, 2012


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hi simon,

Does it affect in the score if the answer is negative?

Hello Simon,

Today I read about holidays and leisure time and I came across this sentence:
"The peoples and cultures of the world today have ..."

People is plural. Why the -s. Is it because it represents several groups of people?

Hi Emily,

No, it won't affect your score at all.


Hi Wietske,

Yes, 'peoples' refers to groups (communities, nations or ethnic groups).

Hi All,

Here are my negative (and true!) answers for today:

1) Definitely not. In fact, I hate dancing! I don't like moving my body and it just makes be feel very unconfortable and embarrassed!

2) Yes. Thanks to one of my friends, I had the chance to take 1 free tango lesson. I thought I was going to start liking to dance, but it turned out to be just the opposite!

3) No, I really don't think so. Looking at the younger generation nowadays and how uninterested they are in traditional culture, I would say that traditional dancing will eventually disappear.



If we show no interest in a particular topic that examiner just asked(dancing) and give negative answers to that topic, will the examiner continue to ask questions related to this topic or they will change to a new topic?



Thanks Martin. Nice answers!


Hi Allen,

The examiner will continue to ask all (usually 4) questions about that topic I'm afraid.

Hi Simon,

Nice post. Just got a query.

Is it possible to ask the examiner for a different topic, in part 2 of speaking, if we are not familier with the topic given?

Sorry, if it is a redundant question.


Hi guys
I am sorry to write it here. I need someone to talk to for general ielts. if you are interested it please email me at "petonia_t@yahoo.com"
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hi Simon,
i find your site to be of much help for my ielts preparation.
my query is about the reading.i wish to write a my answers in capital letters.But in case where the options for the answers are given in small letters would it be wrong if i continue to write the answer in capitals.

hi...... m geetika from amritsar (punjab). actually my english is not so gud. and some time i am feel very embaressed whenever i speak in engilsh...... soo plz give me some tips to improve my engilsh skills. thankx.........

i am now stat the ielts classic .and my english is not very well . pls give me tips to improve my english.....

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