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Monday, October 01, 2012


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Hi Simon,

I am form India.I had my IELTS classes in Baroda.Some time reading tests are very difficult.My teacher couldnt manage to answer correctly for IELTS-7 test-1 reading passage-3(EDUCATION PSYCHE) question 37-40(fill in the blanks).
She is main teacher here,I mean head of other teachers.
Can you please explain answers with explanation in your next reading lesson.

Thanks in Advance

oh hi is she seema ?
Keep in touch with me

Hi Simon,

Indeed great advice! But I think that would be much better if you show us with an example step by step. I know what do you mean but I think to clarify this subject, some given examples are required. As you said before, the more we master our strategy, the more confident we will be at the exam.
Id be grateful if you provide us with some relevant examples.

Best regards,

Hi Simon,

I’d like to point out something about reading. From my own experience I found that Reading is the most important module that everyone should boost/improve his/her ability in UNDERSTANDING,as I think that is the most significant skill that we should set about honing it. You will find this at listening, in particular, section 3&4 and of course in writing you should understand the question well, and that goes for speaking either. I think those candidates who are great at reading are very likely to catch desirable scores. Indeed, mastery of reading and comprehension, take a lot of time and we should put much effort to achieve that goal. I have another ideas related to reading but I’m afraid I don’t like to be so talkative.

Hi Simon
That what I am thinking about it because you can not answer the question with out understanding so how can improve my understanding to get rihgt answer.


Hi Simon

Thank you for this post. I understand the points that you are trying to say and you are right. In order to understand the thought of a story or a question you must find which is the subject. Understand which is the cause and effect on the statement and you will know what it talks about.

Hi Vipul,

Yes She is Seema Madam.She presents like she knows everything,and she was saying that she will be examiner soon,and preparing for that.

Hello Simon, Thank you very much for your nice work to teach us with easy and right track through the beautiful website "ielts-simon.com". I recommend to IELTS test taker.

@ Nayan,
I am from india also and come from your neighbor City, and I am completely agree about the statement above. This is one reason why I stay away from classes and decide to do ielts myself(Thanks to SIMON). Now back to the point:
Those questions are really tricky and the only way to working is to understand context.

You can find first two answer from second last paragraph of passage on page:27,
Lazanov admits=Lazanov acknowledge
now read couple of line before and after you will have first two answer.So basically text says, he knows that suggestion in his own system is also placebo, but without placebo, people(here student)unable to develop in mind.
The last two answers are in last paragraph from beginning of the text to couple of lines. Use dictionary and you will find your answer.

Hope this help!
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you,

Hi Simon
I'm from Vietnam.I'm not good at reading, especailly in Y/N/NG and headings. Could you tell me some tips. I sometimes can not find the difference between No and NG. Thanks

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