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Saturday, October 06, 2012


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hello simon,

In writing test,did the examiner will really count the number of words written in the two task(task 1 and task 2) and does the number of words affect to writing score?

please simon answer my question.

thanks and god bless


Hello Simon

at the moment I'm using a book named vocabulary for Ielts advanced .what do you think is it good. also I'm working at your ebook. I just want improve my writing I got 6.5 for consective there times.

hi simon,

just a quick question.
everyone says about good words. but i am really confusing about what kinds of good vocabulary in writing task 2 can be the wide range of vocabulary and improve our score?
i means, maybe same word can be a good word and a normal word when different examiners are reviewing the paper? for example, words like parenting and extremely can be the "good word"?

and,is there a book or any resource that we can use as a reference when we are preparing our writing part?


To Casey

This is a really useful book!

"1100 words you need to know"

take a look~~~


hi simon,

I recently appeared ielts academic and received 8.5 for listening,8 for reading and 8 for speaking,but only 6 for writing.could please guide me how to improve my writing skills or a book probably i can refer?

thanks and regards


If your writing appears to be underlength examiners will count the words. Yes there is a penalty for being underlength and it could easily be the difference between a 6.5 and a 7.
As for vocabulary, examiners do vary but as natives and near natives they often instinctively recognise high level vocabulary. I would also add that collocations and expressions are very important, not just individual words.

Hi Simon,

I would like to thank you very much for your blog, because I just passed 4 band 7 for my IELTS test last week by just studying your blog for 4 weeks. I have to say that your blog is the best IELTS preparation materials I ever used. I would also recommend your website and eBook to all of my friends who are still attempting IELTS tests.



Hi there Simon,

You're absolutely right, vocabulary is one of important factors in the Exam. I have my own note-book in which I write down strange words, phrases and idiomas with a translation in my mother tongue. I use following website to build strong vocabulary and and be an eloquent in English: www.bbc.co.uk; http://www.telegraph.co.uk; http://newsy.com/; http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/; http://dictionary.cambridge.org; macmillandictionary.com;

Also it is useful to make a couple sentences using a new word or phrase and try to use it as much as you can in daily basis.

My note-book is my vademecum:)

Hi Mereke,

Your way of learning, preparing, and building vocabulary is something that most students should follow! Keep up the good work and I'm sure you will succeed!



Great advice from Sjm and Mereke an this page! I hope other students read their comments.

Congratulations Chester. I'm glad my blog and ebook helped!

Dear Colleagues
This is avery useful website to improve reading and enhance vocabulary.It will also help us to understand the Holy book of God(The Holy Quran).I used to read the translation and commentary and look difficult words in oxford advansed learner dictionary.http://www.tafheem.net/
after opening home page clik on Towards Understanding of the Quran.

I follow your guideline & got 8 band score.Thanks simon . I'm from Bangladesh.

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