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Saturday, October 27, 2012


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Hi Simon,

I am glad to find your website last few days as I am going to have my ielts exam on coming Saturday. I need overall band 7.5. I had an IELTS test before but it was back on 5 years ago and I never achieved band 7 in writing and speaking. However, i would like to purchase your ebook. Can i get it straight away after i make my payment? Thanks

Hello simon,hope you are having a nice weekend.
i bought your e book,its really helpful for task 2.can you pleaase suggest me any resources(web address,book)which will help me for task 1..i need 7 individual in each band.


Hey Taher,

How long I can have the ebook once I made the payment? Thanks

Hi Sing,

I send the ebook by email the same day (within 24 hours).


Hi Taher,

All of my resources for task 1 are here on the blog. I'm sure you'll find everything you need if you go through all of the lessons in the task 1 category.

Hello Simon!
I want to ask you that whether I will be able to get band 7 or not?I addressed all parts of question. I also used uncommon vocabulary with accuracy. I also maintained coherence and cohesion. Only I think I made a lot of grammatical mistakes but spelling and punctuation was correct. Will I still be able to get 7?

HI simon
I want to ask you a bit about speaking test that if the part 2 question ask about about the well-known person you admire.can we describe about national leader like Gandhiji.would it be ok.

thanking you

hello Simon,
I would like to ask you about the writing task 2. Is this ok if I use the idomatic language in this task ? I'm always told that the academic is highly recommended in this task . But, some previous takers advise me to use the idomatic language to get higher score in this task. So, which one, academic language or idomatic one, should I use in writing task 2 ?
Thank you

Hi Simon

Indeed you are right. Homework will help us improve and give us time to review. I'm glad that whenever I read your blog, I am constantly reminded on what to do.

Great advice as usual Simon!

The fact is that there are some students who really don't put enough effort to do their homework because they think that their teachers/tutors will correct it for them!

But anyway, I think it's good that you and I are trying to communicate this same message to all students.


Thanks Martin.

Please can you help me to find out if this esssay is answering the question ?

Nowadays people show more anti-social behavior and lack of respect to others. What are the causes? How could we improve the situation?
One of the controversial issues today relates to the increase in anti-social behavior among many people. Furthermore, people with anti-social personalities tend to lose the respect for others. In this essay, I will examine the potential reasons, which leads towards such behavior and eventually we will look at the solutions to improve this situation.
Researches have proved that in many people anti-social behavior develops at a young age. As a result, when these children enter into their adulthood, the consequences of this effect the whole society. There are a few reasons, that why a child could develop such behavior. Firstly, if a child has a problematic family, in which parents always argue and even use abusive language. Eventually, this may affect the child’s behavior. Secondly, children without parents supervision may be involved with other peers having anti-social personalities. Finally, sometimes there are medical reasons which may become a cause of an anti-social personality. For example, doctors tell pregnant women to stop smoking, as this may be a reason that a child is born with an anti-social personality.

However, this is evitable problem, which has solutions. Primarily, parents may prevent a child developing such behavior by having a loving and peaceful environment at home. Secondarily, schools may help children to learn appropriate manners and to teach them “you get respect by giving respect”. Finally, the government may help by banning the movies or computer games, which teach anti-social activities. For instance, GTA is a famous computer game among children. The main character of this game gets higher points if he breaks things or shout at others. Consequently, children may assume that performing such action may make them like that hero of that game. A ban by the government on this game may save the children from having anti-social thoughts.
In conclusion, this is true that an anti-social behavior is a big problem these days and this is developed mostly at young age. However, there are a number of solutions, which could help to improve this situation.

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