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Saturday, September 08, 2012


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hi simon.

i have a similar question related to your frist one.
you have mentioned about spelling mistake in listening and reading section. but how about in writing section? i mean, could several small spelling mistakes lead to a lower brand?


Hi Simon,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the great help on this site! I recently took the test and scored 8.5, 9.0, 9.0, 8.0. Your writing tips were especially useful as they turned a meandering writing style into a concise, solid one.


dear simon

I'm new here as your student.
when I clicked on your lessons, I got confused that from where I should start learning.. Because there is a lot of stuff....

Kindly guide me to begin with...



congratulation Mohammed, Great score, all the best....

congrgulation Mohammad
please would like some advice
i took the exam 4 times and cant get the 4(7) yet .iam stuck in writing and by the way would u advise me to attend Simon day course as im thinking it is my last chance

Hi Simon, Hi Guys

I have just received my results(Academic module); L:8.5, R:8.5; W:8; S:8....It was my fifth time...It has always been the writing part(ranging between 6 and 6.5 each time).
I followed Simon's site and Ryan's method of organizing the structure of my writing..With some luck, I got it..I avoided overusing linking phrases(just used one or two in each paragraph),as well I used some nice words like give rise to, brought by and owing to:)
I wish you all the luck in the world and many thanks Simon for your site and effort, you have saved many people here. May Gold bless you all.

Hi Hossam and Mohammed,
Congratulate both of you on your result exams, can you share me and others your experiences in detail in writing skill?
Many thanks.

Hi Simon

if a write "bottle taps" instead of "bottle tops" will a get a zero for listening question

Hi Vien sa
Well, 1st of all you need to answer the question(Task 2),this means that you should try to cover all aspects. So try as much as you can to include both sides of the argument in each paragraph and to link both ideas in the main paragraphs to your thesis. As well, avoid using to many linking words(they consider their overuse as a bad thing). If you need any more help, don't hesitate to contact me.
Best of luck to all IELTS candidates


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do read them all, and I'll try to answer some of them in a lesson each Saturday.


Congratulations Mohammed and Hossam! Great scores!


Hi Casey,

Yes, spelling is part of your grammar/vocabulary score in writing.


Hi jyot,

There isn't a specific order. Just search through the lesson and read anything that seems useful for you.


Hi ilker,

Yes, I think it would be marked wrong.

Hi Simon,

Thnak you.

Hi Hossam, congratulations, you get a great result, especially in Writing and Speaking. Could you please send to me an essay of yours via email: bibi2010@ymail.com.
And will you give us some tips of Speaking?
Thank you very much.

hi Hossam and Mohmad,it would be wonderful if you can help me to improve my writing ,since i have been strugling to score a 7 band for it for the last one year.it was always 6.5 and i have taken this exam four times before.i am trying to follow simon`s technique ,though there are no trained tutors in my country to help me by correcting my essays and giving feedback.i am looking forward to hear from you as i believe that if you can just go through my essays and give your valuable comments ,then i will definitly improve in my writing.I have already taken the date for the exam and i have got 30 days in my hand.
hoping to hear from you.
my email id is jobymonpj@gmail.com

Dear Hossam and Mohmad,

I really need all your help in IELTS test. So this is my email address, please contact me. I need to interact with you. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhh.


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