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Friday, September 28, 2012


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Happy Teachers' Day :)

HI simon,
If we are asked about our memorable incident in speaking test can we speak about fairwell party.

You can speak about anything you want as long as it is memorable to you.

Great advice Simon!
Have a nice weekend!

Hello Simon,
I m in UK now for doing my MSc.In my native home i tried for IELTS and got 7 overall with 6.5 in reading and speaking.i need 7 individual.I am in Hertfordshire and library here has a huge collection of books in diff category.What should i do to improve my writing and reading upto band 7 or above.
pls i need some suggestion.

Which one would be the nearest IELTS Exam center near Stevenage,Hertfordshire?
Anyone like to study in group near stevenage?

hello simon,

In speaking test does it really need to tell the reality.

hey Simon could u please give me some example of task 1 type exam , specifically comparison and description on geographical
differences now and then ( new construction,road,deforestation ,like that)

im shabana asif from pakistan.pla sir help me in listening and reading im too weak in skills

i appeard two time in exam but i got 5band.i need 6bnd.pls help me and tell me some useful tips.thank you.

Hi guys
I am sorry to write it here. I need someone to talk to for general ielts. if you are interested it please email me at "petonia_t@yahoo.com"
we can chat and even call with messengers and we will improve each other as much as we can.

thank you

Hi Simon

I am just confusing about how to make a date in listening test when you asked to use no more than two words and/ or a number

Good day.
I'm planning take IELTS on 3 Nov 2012.
I have done 3 set IELTS Practise test.

Set 1,Reading:
Test1 20/40 Test2 18/40Test3 20/39 Test 4 27/41
Set 1, Listening :
Test1 24/41Test2 27/41Test3 23/42 Test 4 27/42

Set 2,Reading:
Test1 18/40 Test2 19/40 Test3 28/40 Test 4 26/40
Set 2, Listening :
Test1 29/40 Test2 27/41 Test3 23/42 Test 4 28/40

Set 3,Reading:
Test1 23/40 Test2 24/40 Test3 28/40 Test 4 27/40
Set 2, Listening :
Test1 25/40 Test2 27/40 Test3 27/42 Test 4 28/40

I found that scope of Reading passage too wide.Haha,I can did good when it need me to do the Yes,No and Not given statement?
Have any idea can share with me on this Reading part?

I need yours recomment.
From these result of practise tests,my score posibble to get band 6.5?
Because I need get band 6.5 to get a ticket entry Auckland University to further Master course.Open semester on March 2013.

Hope I can get useful infomation from you.Thanks you.

p/s: Very sorry,my poor English~

Best regards,Ice Peh

Thanks lot This is very useful site to me. Already i have done ielts(5) first time.Unfortunately i didn't no about this site previously.

Sir, first time I send massage to you.What should we do if there is mentioned no more than two words or three words. Pl, explain.I need each 7 in general before end of this year.Earlier I got 5 so, I need to improve my writing. pi, give me advice. These days I'm practicing as much as I can.
Thank you

sir i need 6.5 bands in each of the modulde pls give me some ideas how can i improve my reading and writing task-2

sir...my exam will held in jan 19..but i have some questions...in writng task 2 agree and disagree typ question can i mention both view or not...plzz sir advise me as sooon as possible

Hi guys
I am sorry to write it here. I need someone to talk to for academic ielts. if you are interested it please email me at "drvikas20@gmail.com"
we can chat and even call with skype and we will improve each other as much as we can.

thank you

Sir, I need 6.5 to 7 band in each of the modulde
Plz give me some ideas how I can improve my each and every thing ......
I hd applied for Phd in China but they need 6.5 to 7 or above band in ielts test...
now plz guide me as soon as posssible bcz just one month left in admission closing......

hi sir,can u please suggest me hw to eliminate my mother tongue influence,and i wanted to speak fluently in order to get high marks.pls do reply.thank u

Hello Simon, i will take the ielts exam in April. However, i have problems with my reading and writing skills. What should i do to improve it? Cause i wanna reach the ielts 6.5 overall

excuse me sir, i had applied for an acadamic exam on may 11th. but since i feel strugling in titling the paragaraph. could you kindly guide me?
thank u

hello sir, I want to take ielts for employment at uk,, I am postgraduate in masters of social work in india but I want to know that, Is ielts final scores considers the candidates English language scores of puc education or sslc?

Hi, i'm louie from the philippines. i'm schedule to take my exam (general training) next week. can u help me what topic i need to focus, specially on writing and speaking categories? i'm using ielts8.

thank you in advance. God bless!

oh sorry sir,
thanks anyway
God bless! Goodluck to all examiners
God will help us

thanks thanks

It will be good to prepare the said area so that you can speak well if the topics are repetitive as memorization is discourage in IELTS and the examiner can easily judge and differentiate between a memorized and on spot answer.

simon sir,how can I improve the score from 5.5 to 6.5 in each band.I need at least six for apply and 6.5 for direct admission.I also request those friends who are interested to improve the speaking.you can reach at me : y_pachu@yahoo.com. we can chat online and talk in Skype.

Anyone did speaking at UTS in Sydney today?
Please share what the questions were.


I am good at listening, reading ,writing .But speaking is not well,because my english speking is not good so many grammer mistakes,use low range vocubulary.

i prepared well but at the time of speaking i can't spoke.

how i should break fear and how can i improve my speaking skills ,improve vocubulary

pls can u suggest me

Hey my IELTS exam is on 26 July. Can you please help me out by providing me good words for my speaking module so that my vocabulary could be improved ?

My husband had an ielts exam on 21st of june 2014. & he scored 8.5 out of 9. Which is incredible.
I also have an ielts test on 10th of July 2014.. and im anxious about speaking test because I'm hesitant of speaking. Can you guide me regarding speaking section.

I think one must believe in oneself and have confidence in abilities. Just be natural in your exams with a lot of practice, which would result in shining bands.

Thank you

Hello sir I m a doctor i m preparing for ielts exams .I have tj take atleast 7 in each
Can u please give me advice to improve my English
Best regards. dr Nazish

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