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Monday, September 24, 2012


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Does "People" have same meaning as " Slave"
It easily can change answer from True to False

Hi Amin,

Slaves can only be people. The full passage is about slaves being used to build the pyramids in Egypt.

Hi Simon,
From my own experience, I think what is the most important in GT reading is not simply knowing the meaning of vocabularies or reading faster, but being precise and careful to read questions are vital. Some questions, in particular, those are in the section 1, are really tricky. One might find them very easy that does not read the question carefully, nor being cautious enough to deal with such questions. That leads to lose some points at the end of the exam, while he/ she would happy that how quick-solver he/she is in the reading!!!

I honestly think that GT reading is not easy as much as it sounds, because it is too tricky. Candidates should be noticed that all questions are considered equal. Then we should be prepared to face such questions. One might need one correct answer if he/she got Band score 6.5. Then I think being cautious/careful reader is a must to GT reading.

Hello Simon and everybody,
This is a great article. I genuinely like the way you advice in terms of improving reding skills. What is your recommendation to new IELTS learners when it comes to reading. Should they start from GT?

Hello Simon!

Thank for reading my email. Now, I am preparing for IELTS in next month, I feel very worry because of my vocabulary in reading is very bad. I do not have more vocabulary in all subject. Can you give me some advices for studying IELTS.

Thank you very much Simon.

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