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Sunday, September 02, 2012


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Dear Simon,

Thanks for your amazing and well structured web site, I do really found it very useful and informative. I have set the Ielts exam several times trying to achieve 7 in each category . I have achieved the required score in all sections apart from the reading in which I have scored 6.5 , I still need to focus on my writing as well. Do you run any courses in Cambridge ?? As I'll be interested to register and attend your course, I would also like to know if you have prepared any reading material with answers that I can purchase on line and practice form. I have previously bought your writing material and I found it very useful .

Hi manat, I was struggling with reading as well and was keep trying to search for short cut because I hate reading English,not only English but all languages even my native language, but I got motivation from my friend whose English wasnt good as mine but cleared exam before me because he did hard work for IELTS.anyway I want mention that to get 7 in reading you have to do all reading tests those are in Cambridge book 1-8 in exam condition.my freind was also struggling and he cleared by doing this and myself also.i didn't do anything just tried those 36 tests under exam condition and after that automatically got 7.but you need to know which answers are wrOng and why.

Dear Simon,

Does it matter if we spell US English instead of English English in listening and writing test? (e.g. "organisation" instead of "organization", "summarise" instead of "summarize"? ) This has confused me for a while so it would be great that you could help me with that.

Hi Jo,

It is acceptable both of writing either British or American. You wont lose marks for American spelling.

Hi Manar,
what you need is practice everyday and try to know the strategy which is needed to each kind of queations appeared in the exam.
Best of luck with your practice.

Hi Manar,

First of all, congratulation on achieving 7 in three parts that's really amazing, Eshallah you will get your 7 in reading too. I have the same problem, but I cannot score 7 in writing while it is easy for to get 7 in reading. I can help you with your reading and I will be highly obliged if you could please help me with my writing.

Warmest regards


"you missed a flight due to some problem at the airport. write a letter,
-> what happened
-> how it affects in order to miss the flight
-> what do you want them to do..

here, i made a big mistake. insted of write a letter to the flight authority, i wrote to the airport authority and described how their careless actions affected to me and i missed my flight.so, i asked for compensation.
so,how my score will be affected? will i get 0 band ???(my first 2 paragraphs are relevent but when they will read 3rd paragraph they will find its wrong)
pls answer me, i'm so worried as i need 7.

hello, simon
do we need a 'hook' sentence in writing task 2?
for example, 'What would you do if you wake up and realized that you are in a strange country where nobody speaks your native language?'
is that journalistic style and do we should avoid it?

Hi,all~Do you all know where can download free cambridge books? Thanks everyone for any reply!


I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do read them all, and I'll try to answer some of them in a lesson each Saturday.

Hi Mr. Simon, I am struggling with the Academic Reading. Other 3 section is OK. I got 7. I need 7 in all sections. I got 6/6.5 in reading. I completed all Cambridge book tests.. If I want to practice again, I know most of the answers, so that does not reflect my current ability. I wrote the test 6 times already. I have to send my score soon to Medical Council in order to register as a Physician. Every time I run out of time. During practice, I am not able to complete the test. I could complete 30 questions by 1 hour, rest of the Questions I just gaze. I dont like reading, Its not enjoyable to me. Please advise me what should I do. Thank you. Dr. Rana Toronto.

hi Mr. Simon

I am budoy, Im poor in english.I hate this subject i since i was grade school. Now, i need to pass IELTS exam because this is one of the requirements to work abroad. On October i'm gonna take IELTS exam. The only thing i'm afraid of is the SPEAKING TEST because im not sure in my grammar if it is right or wrong. Please advise me what should i do. Thank u Mr. Simon

Hi simon ,
i am studying your book and i got so much confidence to get good score in ielts but i need your some more help in some new genral reading material . if can it possible to get some new reading stuff in my email address or if some one can help me for that , i really appreciate to everyone who can give me some more help in reading , if academic reading its also i am preparing now a days .so its should be help to me . plz my email id is snjpra85@gmail.com.

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