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Saturday, September 22, 2012


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hello simon,

I think you are right that giving examples is much better because it will keep you on talking.

I sat for my exam today. The Task 2 question was : The function of the prisons is punishment. And prison life should be hard.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

hi simon n fellow users i dont know where to ask i have to gve ielts next month n im facing difficulty in deciding wat to answer in reading statments agree and disagree wth writer..especially wth no and not given,because some part is given n thn information is changed ??

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your great advice. I am wondering just how much we can keep talking when providing an example so as to finish the idea? In other words, if my example is too long to talk to (as you termed a story), and results in missing the chance of answering more questions in any part, will that affect my score?
Thank you very much indeed!

hi Simons.Its Sana.Your site is really very much informative.I got 6.5 (my required band)through useful tips of yours.Thank you so much.All my prayers are with you.take care

Hi Simon and everybody,

yesterday i applied my exam and in the speaking part the examiner asked me about what would be my ideal job? and what do i think about the changes of career?

Thank you pretty much for all the tips, i´ll continue checking your site.

Kind Regards


hello simon,

My name is nisha,l have mailed u before to help me in ielts writing. As l have given this exam a lot of time unable to get required score. Will try this time as well. Need ur help to have fresh start.


hello simon,

My name is deep,i am going to take up my Ielts in last week of october.Can you suggest how i get good band in each module.please help me.

my name is fahim, I will take IELTS exam on 2nd Feb.
please help me on preparing. I have many problem in writing and listening. in fact my listening skill became worse with practicing.
can I have your email address to send one of my writing paragraphs?

“Life consists of time and time is gold. We must not be late for success.” said Bill Gates at the meeting with the students. Therefore, I support the world of technology and its success. I strongly believe that it is needless to waste time in museums to get information and knowledge about culture and history.

First and foremost, students are able to get sufficient resources by surfing the Internet rather visiting museums. They use the video materials and photos which depict historical and cultural occasions properly. For instance, in 2006, when I participated at a conference held in Kazakhstan, I was able to present the tradition and culture belonging to my country comprehensively thanks to videos I downloaded. Even the people I met there are inclined to visit Azerbaijan after my presentation. That is the real fact for me to travel the regions and history of the country through the Internet.

Furthermore, the people who go to museums waste time for less knowledge. As the guides working for museums cannot provide the visitors with enough information, the number of the visits decreases every year. Besides, Museums in my country have lack of resources which might be helpful for the people who want to familiarize with the history and culture. Broadly speaking, the government do not spend enough investment on for the facilities of museums the people prefer to find those resources via the Internet.

By considering the factors mentioned above, I feel that this tendency will continue in the future and in the next generation as the technology develops.

By the way, that is my Task 2 topic.

In the past, the knowledge of history and culture used to be stored in museums. Today, it is freely available for everyone through the Internet. Therefore people visit museums no longer for this reason. Do you agree or disagree?

please, Sir, check my essay out.

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