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Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Hi Simon
I have a question about today ielts test..
The question was "which THREE type of staffs they are look for?" and the answer are scientist, engineer and accountant. I think 's' is not added to end of word. because it represents the each type.. but did I have to add S to the word? I am so nervous and afraid.. :(

Hi Simon,
Thank you for your guide in writing test. Today I went through the IELTS, I had spent 30minutes for Task 1, so only 30 for task 2. I wrote without thinking, just looking at the outline which includes many ideas of yours =)
Without your instruction, I couldn't make an outline so fast.

Here is the task 2 today, 11 Áugust 2012 Hanoi, Vietnam

Youth unemployment - consequences for society and individual + solution

Hi Simon,
please explain what is the different between do you agree or disagree or to what extend do you agree or disagree with the statement. I have been studying one of the IELTS review center in my hometown, the teacher taught us, since the question in writing task 2 having to what extend do you agree or disagree , we need write first the oppose opinion then 3 and 4 para in my side opinion. then if the question having do you agree or disagree we need to stand only in my own opinion,Im really feel confused what is the right this type of question. For example this type of question. THE MAIN REASON PEOPLE GO TO WORK IS TO EARN MONEY. TO WHAT EXTEND DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE.


hi there, this is a recent task 2 writing question that i came cross and i tried to answar. Again am wellcoming any comment. thanks
One of the major problems facing the world today is the growing number of refugees. The developed nations in the world should tackle this problem by taking in more refugees. To what extent do you agree with this opinion?

nowdays,number of refugee are increasing in many countries generally as a result of disasters and war. However, while there are grounds to argue that industerlised countries should address this issue by allowing more refugee to cross their boarder and to live inside , i would also argue that there should be some restriction to this movement .

On the one hand, there are two principal argument why it is advisable for rich countries to accept more refugee. Perhaps the main point is that it would be more ethical and human if this countries had provided safe place for those immigrant to live. This ensure that those poor people are living in more dignity and having their basic necessities provided like housing,food and clean drink .For example, if refugee are not able to move to developed countries they migh end up in sever poverty,having diseases or even dead in their original countries.Another point is that some refugee are having skills and knowledge that is seriously needed in some developed nations.These nations can somtimes lack key worker like doctors and engineers and those immigrant can benefit their new country when they work by skills they have and the taxes they pay.At the same time they can benefit their original developing country by the money they send to their relatives their and this can boost the economy there.

On the other hand, I also believe that there should be some limitation to the movement of refugee to rich countries for several reasons.The Firstly, the increasing number of immigrant would possibly cause overcrowding in developed nations, and this put more pressure on natural resources. For instance, there will be increase in demand for housing, electricity and other services, and this could cause burden on the state. Secondly,some people claim that those immigrant when they work they actually take jobs opportunities away from local people.This is because many employer prefer foreigner worker as they work longer houres with less salaries and this could result in incresing redundancies among local people.finally,refugees might possible face some difficulties to adapt the new culture and local atmosphere which might cause cultural conflict at the beginning. This is could explaind by the fact that most of those immigrants in fact,come from a place with different language, customs and traditions .

In conclusion, while i accept that it is preferable for rich nations to let more refugee to come in for moral and economical reasons ,i also think that this nations should limit the flow of immigrant to prevent overcrowding,unemployment among local people and cultural conflct.

Hi Dear Simon and everyone
I'm going to share the topic of my writing test that I took today:

There are a lot of students that cannot find a job after school.What problems of young unemployment causes to individuals and society?
Is there any measurement to tackle?

Sorry,maybe I forgot some words but that was something like it.

Now,I should admire Simon's advice and lessons in this site that helped me a lot.

Thank u Simon.God bless u and good luck in ur job.


Hi Simon;

My hand-writing is quite ugly. Would it cause the examiner to give a lower grade to emat the writing exam ? Thanks.

hi..my quuestion in writing was,In some countries,wasting food in shops and restaurants are common.why is this so?what are the measures?i took in usa on aug 11...

Hi Mz

Your essay looks good.

I am struggling to create complex sentences . Can you help me out for this if possible .


hi ms.lucy...follow english ryan videos in youtube..that vil help u in ielts writing.

Hi, Simon

We often need to paraphase or repeat the topic given to us in the intro or in the conclusion. But we cannot simply copy the topic sentences. Unfortunately, I find it a bit difficult to "paraphase" the topic. Can you give me some advices? Thanks.


paraphrase instead of "paraphase"
sorry for that

Hi Simon , I found that your blog helps me A LOT. My listening and speaking score have jumped from 5.0 to 6.5. but 1 thing made me very disappointed about myself was my writing fell from 6.0 to 5.0. ( i took 2 test already , both were 6.0) Couldnt figure it out. I followed every step and your method, I also think i did a good job in writing test. now i must take once more time to make sure no skill under 5.5. i'm really hopeless about IELTS

Hi, Simon
I have a confusing topic that I cannot figure out what is the more important matter in this topic. Here it is:

Some people hold that we should spend money and time on the protection of wild animals while others suggest that the money should be spent on populations living in the poorest areas of the world. What is your opinion?

My opinion is partly agree. Animal protection and poorest areas’ developing are equal to me. Both of them need to be taken care of. Can I discuss the important of them in two part paragraphs?


Hello, Simon --

Thank you for doing your job so well. This website has been a great help in my preparation for IELTS.

I'm just writing with a quick question regarding prepositions after words such as "plunge", "plummet", "soar", "climb", "rocket", "rise", "fall". etc. I've been using some books and reading the BBC Business section and the use of the preposition "by" following these verbs seems to be fairly inconsistent. Do we say "plunge by 40 per cent" or is "plunge 40 per cent" the correct alternative? Do we say "soar by" or just "soar" followed by the relevant figure, "rise 50 per cent" or "rise by 50 per cent", "climb 50 per cent" or "climb by 50 per cent"? "Plunged by two thirds" sounds better than "plunged two thirds" but this is just intuition. I would be very grateful if you could help me find my way around this gray area.

Thank you and hope you've had a great holiday!

I've also been wondering whether there's any additional paper given for writing drafts when working on Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2. Are candidates expected to jot down their plan for the writing on the same answer sheet and the actual text just follows? Is there enough space to produce a more extensive draft? And thirdly, do we use pencils rather than pens throughout the test?

I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with some answers. Cheers!

Hi Lena,

You can use either pen or pencil, it does not make any difference. as regard to rough paper, they do not provide but you can write on question paper, there is enough space in it.

Good Luck

\\*Comments are appreciated"
One of the major problems facing the world today is the growing number of refugees. Developed nation of the world should tackle this problem by taking more refugees. To what extend do you agree or disagree? Use your own idea, knowledge and view.
It is undeniable that numbers of refugees are increasing worldwide enormously. It is a huge problem for developing as well as developed countries. I opine that along with some restrictions, developed countries should provide their significant contribute to tackle this issue.
On the one hand, more refugees crossing border and coming in any country occupy the available resources. This leads the shortage of current resources and government of that nation need to spend more funds to fulfil the requirement which could be used in some other area of development .Moreover, expatriates get jobs in the migrated country and they shorten the job opportunities of local candidates. It increases the un-employment and poverty. Which sometimes leads to criminal activities .Apart from this, it is not a piece of cake for them to learn new language and accept a new culture.
On the other hand, new people with high skill set provide benefit for countries economical growth by producing high quality product and delivering good services. This kind of skill set is sometimes unavailable in natives. Also, for the sake of humanity it is really necessary for the rich nations to support and take care of refugees. If they will find new nation supportive for them, they will be very loyal towards their new nation. If refuses will not move in other countries, they might end up with sever poverty and illnesses.

In my opinion, Developed nation should come forward to help these people but there should be some restriction on number of refugees comes in to prevent overcrowding, Un-employment among natives. This phenomenon should not be an obstacle in the path of anyone’s success.

Hi Simon ,
I have a question .
Is it true that to get band 7 in writing , your essay's 50% of sentences should be correct, completely?

thanks in advance.

Hi Everybody,

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