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Thursday, August 02, 2012


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Dear Simon,

How are you? Your ebooks are very useful and I would like to thank you for your effort and dedication.

I do have an question regarding re-valuation of IELTS results. Is it possible to apply for re-valuation of Listening module and is there any chance of getting a new score.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

in the overview can i write just one thing showing big numebers and one with least. For example:-it is noticeable that number of commuter in the USA were higher, whereas the figure for australian traveller were lower. would it be fine for the overview. just to figures or i need to put more camparesion as we have six figure to describe or compare.

Hi Ben,

I wouldn't ask for a re-mark of the listening if I were you. Read this lesson:



Hi Graccy,

That's a bit too short. It's ok, but you need more than just the highest and lowest. Try to write 2 sentences.

Hi Simon,

I am a little confused that where I should write the overview, after the instruction or at the end of articles?In China, my teachers tell me to write it at the end of articles.

Thank you~~

OMG thank you a thousand time Simon. I've got the result out 6.5. That's totally coming out as a complete shock to my family since my sister (21 yo) has to take it at least 3 times in order to get the same score. You know what I tell them, I quote "The web ielts-simon is my secret weapon".

Hi Liu,

It doesn't matter - you can put the overview 2nd or last. I teach students to put it 2nd so that they do it really well. If you do it last, you might rush it.


Congratulations Dinh. I'm glad my site was your secret weapon!

Hi Simon,

Firstly, thank you for this site. I have a question. I think i don't have difficulty in 2. writing because i've written them for several times. But, i don't know anything about 1st writing. If i just follow your advice, can i reach higher point ( at least 6.5) ? Still i don't know how to start ? Thank you :)

Hi Simon,

I feel worried and disappointed about my writing test. I thought I could get at least 6 in writing, but only 5.5.(I feel confident about my writing test 1, but I still dont understand why i've got such a low score) And I will take the next test in October.Could you please give me some advice on how to improve it? Thank you.

Hi Gizem,

Just read as many of my task 1 lessons as you can, and practise writing essays in the way that I advise.


Hi Aya,

It might be a good idea to get a teacher to check some of your essays. You need someone who can tell you what you are doing wrong.

Hi Simon ,
Can ı wrıte 'from the overall perspectıve, it can be clearly seen that ... ' for beginning of overview? is these suitable words for overview?

Hi Simon,

First of all, thank you very much for the guidance you provided through your website and the pdf file I bought from you. I received my ielts result today, having listening- 8.5, reading 7.5, writing 6.5 and speaking 8.0. I am willing to register myself as a Pharmacist here in UK which requires 8 bands in each module. I was confident enough to gain minimum 7.0 bands in a writing module but the result brought disappointment. I think still I have got a chance to get 7 in writing by getting my sheet rechecked. The issue is that I need rechecking results within a week or two as I need to get an admission in this September but British Council takes 8 weeks for the rechecking process which might affect hugely to my career. I am seeking help from you in the form of the suggestion that please show any other way through which I can get my writing reevaluated and can save a year being ruined just due to the loss of 0.5 bands. I will be grateful for any of your helpful advise. I tried to find contact number where I can speak directly regarding this matter but nobody seems to have rescue for my problem. Is there any other option where you can pay extra in case of emergency and get your module reevaluated.

Please simon get back to me asap as your answer might make the big difference to my life.

Hi Simon,

A month back, my IELTS result was: L-7.5, R-8, W-6.5, S-7.5.
Today I got my result and it is: L-8.5, R-7.5, W-7, S-6.5!

Like Mohmed, I also have a risk of losing the chance to booking a date for my PLAB exam this year!
The other thing is that I am afraid if I may not be able to score 7 in Writing next time!
I am immensly perplexed if I should appeal for Re-checking or, book another exam?
Cheers! ^_^

hi manaa
i suggest you to re-evaluate your speaking couse one of my friends did so for speaking and got7 for it .it might help you too.

Hi manaa,

Please do not rely only on remarking. best course of action would be to book another test and remark your writing.

I recently got my writing score improved to 7, but speaking remained unchanged at 6.5, so, there is a chance for improving but it takes almost 12 weeks and off course it is not guaranteed.

Hi Simon,
i just want to know if we have two graph and have different figures such as one has numbers in 10,000 and other has 1000. what do you recommand? how to write? i mean in two differnt paragraph one for each or just one paragraph with comparesion.

I used your idea in writing task 1 and I am quite unsure that I have written this task correctly. Can you please tell me if my writing task makes sense or has grammatical errors?
The graphs compare the proportion of chief energy sources in the US between 1980 and 1990.
Overall, it can be clearly seen that oil accounted for the highest proportion of chief energy sources, while hydroelectric power comprised the least amount of total energy sources, and remained static throughout the span of 9 years.
In detail, in 1980, oil made up 42% of the total energy sources, however the figure decreased by 9% in 1990. Similarly natural gas saw a slight decrease of 1% over the period reaching to 25% in 1990.
On the other hand, the figure for nuclear energy increased to 27%, 7% higher than that in 1980. Similarly, the amount of coal increased dramatically, by two times in 1990, comprising 10% of the total major energy sources. The other element, hydrogen gas, constituted 5% of the total main energy sources in both the year and exhibited no change over the span of 9 years.

Hi Lici,

I would miss out the phrase "from the overall perspective" if I were you.


Hi Mohmed,

I replied to your email.


Hi Manaa,

I agree with Khan that it might be best to do both things - get a re-mark and book another test just in case. Good luck!


Hi Graccy,

It's difficult for me to say without seeing the particular graphs. However, if the numbers are completely different, you can probably describe each graph separately.


Hi Mira,

I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction or scoring. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

hi simon,
i appeared for ielts last year and i got 6.5 in speaking ,6.0 in listening ,5.5 in reading and 4.5 in writing. overall is 5.5 but my target is 7.5. please simon suggest me about writing tasks. i m going to appear next month but don't feel bit confident about writing task.

Dear Simon,

Could you kindly check my version belonging to writing task 1 as follows:

The bar chart shows and compares the number of holiday makers from Indonesia in 1990 correlating with 6 different destinations. In general, Someland and Japan were the most favorable destinations for Indonesian visitors while the opposite was true of Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
In particular, in 1990, the numbers of holiday makers from Indonesia visiting Someland, Japan, Australia, Korea, Sri Lanka and Pakistan were 1 million, 0.8 million, 0.7 million,0.6 million, around 0.45 million and approximately 0.38 million respectively.It can be clearly seen that Someland and Japan received the highest figures of Indonesian tourists in 1990. In addition, there were less than 400,000 Indonesians visiting Pakistan in the same year.
In conclusion, it is clear that the numbers of holiday makers from Indonesia choosing destinations are quite different. This is well reflected in the bar chart above.

Hi simon, im back again reading your writing tasks. You have helped me so much in self studying ielts. My teacher gave her feedback on my writing tasks, generally she said i improved. Tnx a lot!

hi simon

i would like to ask why should i do if the unit is too long? taking ielts 7 test 2 as an example, the unit is “grams per person per week”. it is so time-consuming and takes up too much word count, and it cannot be replaced with other synonmy, how can i write the essay without repeating them so much?

for cambridge ielts 7 test 3, the topic is related to the percentage change in average house prices in two periods (from 1990 to 1995, and between 1996 to 2002) in five cities compared with the average house prices in 1989. can i use “the first study period” and “ the second study period” to replace the wordings of “ between 1990 and 1995” and “ between 1996 and 2002) respectively? i find it quite annoying to repeat the long words in the question, but i do not know how to avoid it.

thank you so much for your help!!


Hi, I wanted to know how to write the conclusion for the graphs in task 1?? What to we exactly need to write in that??

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