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Thursday, August 23, 2012


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hi Simon,
today I took IELTS speaking module..I missed fluency for two questions in task 1 and did task 2 good. and task 3 also good. how do the task1 affect my score..
thank you.

Hi Akhilesh

could you please share your topics and questions please?

I will take my speaking exam on tomorrow.

Thank you very much in advance : )

Hi Jill,

task 1: questions on my home and my relatives.
task 2: favorite musician.
task 3: about music shows.

good luck.

dear Simon
i have a question about speaking..i know here is not a right place to ask..but its really important to me..plz answer me if you can..actually i want to know that if i go off topic in part 3, how much i would loose mark??? most questions were about old friend and i thought that it means an elderly friend and my answers were based on that..please answer me how much i would penalized?..i am really worry about that..tnx alot

to all those who appearing for IELTS all going to take please have a look on below recent speaking topics which were asked in recent IELTS TEST.May it will help you to perform better. PART 2 (CUE card topics
Describe the thing you have lost
Describe the country you would like to visit
Describe the communication(mobile,mail,internet)
Describe the old thing you have at your home
Describe the business you would like to start
Describe the library you have visited
Describe the moment you have laughed
Describe the natural beauty
Describe the person who has helped you
Describe the recent movie
Describe the meal
Describe your favorite photograph
Describe the thing you made using fabric, metal, plastic
Describe the physical exercise that people do in your town.
Describe the wild animal
Describe the old person you met.
Describe the family event you celebrated.
Describe the art gallery
Describe the piece of jewelry /clothes you have or bought.
Describe your friend
Describe the book you read
Describe the happiest person you know in your life
Describe the toy you like
Describe a group of musician/ singer/music band you like
Describe the first day of your school / college/work
Describe the child you know
Describe the weather of your town or a city
Describe the motor bike / car you would like to buy in future
Describe the street /city you live/visited
Describe the birthday party you went to / celebrated
Describe the hill station you like/ visited
Describe the family event you are looking forward to
Describe the vehicle you would like to buy.(Motorbike /car)


Describe the piece of jewelry /clothes you have or bought.
I got this question on 9/8!And i did it badly=(
Thanks for your sharing,namita^^

hi Namitha,
please post them in speaking section so that it will be easy for those who search for speaking..

my ielts exam is tomorrow on 25th of this august,...can you suggest whats important to do a day before the test!
It will be my great pleasure to receive some useful comments,.. thank you!!!

Hi Tenzin

I can say you to be relaxed and clam on the test day and follow all instruction written and spoken in all module.
You will be doing good don't worry
all the best

Hi Simon,
I have a question regarding summary on writing task one.
do we need to put end of the report or after introduction paragraph?

in most of the task 1 writing we can find summary at end of the report but you have stated new idea so bit confused.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. I do still read your questions, and I'll try to answer some of them in a lesson every Saturday.

Hi Simon, Just wanted to ask something and think that it will be beneficial for most students here.

while comparing the charts, does it really matter if the comparisions are made with respect to which variable? that is.. does it really depend on question to compare between years, variable 1 (like countries) or variable 2 (like water and soft drinks) or it can be done in any way.
I remember reading one of your posts where you specifically instructed not to use variable 1 for comparisions but to do it year wise . this is the link..


Is there a rule of thumb to follow?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Simon

I have one question. do i have do write about every single number or year i see in the graph,or just the important details i see?

i want to sample answer for a question like describe any antique thing

pleas check my writing task 2 i have booked my exam date also so pleas............

pleas check my task 2 pleas..............
a want to sample answer of question like describe an antique thing pleas because i have no more ideas


My queries is about the location for the test exams. I heard that, questions for IELTS modules for different countries will be different.If it like so may be some places will have an easier one and some places may have tougher.How the evaluation will be made in those circumstances.

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