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Friday, August 03, 2012


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I have one question?Who is give speaking mark,is it examiner who conduct speaking test or other?

hi simon,
i am stuck up with the use of ;can and could;
please give some advise about their use .Although little confusion,but can avoid doing mistakes.

Thanks in advance

Yes, your examiner gives you your score.


Hi Musharaf,

You really need a grammar book or website for that. Try this one:


Well Simon,I don't agree,last time I had the same examiner ,twice,two attempts in the same IELTS exam center and I was surprised when I looked at my IELTS certificate and the examiner number for speaking part was different...so seems sometimes they only record the exam but other person marks our speech?

Hi Simon
I have a friend who wants to take part in the ielts exam and has asked me to help him. It seems that only a 4.5 can work for him but he's just an elementary student who is taking English result elementary courses in an institute.(He is about to finish the book.)
Is it possible for him to get a minimum 4.5 in two months? If yes, how should he study?
by the way he's learning English as a foreign language and had never been exposed to English before.
He really need your advice,
Thank you.

Hi Simon,
I want to ask some questions:
1, "no friend" or "no friends", "the three countries' populations" and "the three countries' population", which one is right?

2, I just started learning for the IELTS a week ago by doing 4 tests in Barron's IELTS and 4 tests in Cambridge 6. And the band score for these 2 modules remained around 7. Is it possible for me to get 8.5 in both modules. Can you give me some advice on the strategies to enhance my band score in 6 months?

Thank you so much!

today i took ielts and examiner was very polite, but throughout the exam she tried to make me confuse by asking the cross question about same question and also repeating it,was it bad or good.and i given excellent answer in 2nd part but i get confused in 3rd part with some question that it affect more on my 2nd part answer,sir.

Here is another piece of advice: DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL!

Examiners are human beings and they may behave differently at any time of the day. They are just doing their job, and the candidates' job is to simply answer the questions with their best English possible.

Focus on your English and don't use the examiner's attitude as an excuse for your unsatisfying scores. If your answers during the exam deserve band 7, then you will get it no matter who the examiner is.

Hello Simon. Today, I had my speaking session. In part2, I was asked to describe an old person that I met. So, I started talking about a friend of mine and I think it went well. The thing is I mentioned that his age is 40 which is not considered old. In part 3, the examiner asked me"at what age do u consider a person to be old in your culture", and I answered " above 60". To what extent do u think that will affect my score? After the test, I felt that I didn't correctly address the task because I was talking about a person who is 40, while the question asked about an "old" person!

Have appeared few times IELTS, everytime with male examiner I got 7 in speaking but unfortuanetly, got 6 or 6.5 four times in speaking when faced with female examiner.

Hi Simon,
Could you please comment?

Martin, I have heard myself give candidates the same advice. Examiners are human, but whether they are in a good mood or a bad mood will not make a difference to a candidates score.

How the questions are answered, however, will make a huge difference.

Remember the 'training not testing' advice Simon gives. Being prepared for the exam, knowing the type of questions to expect, and speaking with confidence will help to boost your band score.

I have one student who has just gone from 6 to 7.5 speaking by following the above advice, and changing her attitude, instead of worrying about the examiners behaviour.

yes,I totally agree with simon.
I am the person who said I met an impolite examiner last time, but result seems to be unexpected, higher than I thought,although it is still not the one I want.
So, do not pay much attention to the attitude of examiner, just answer the question, that's it.

Hi Simon,
I sat for my IELTS recently and managed to get a band 7.5 - 8 in each band except for speaking which I got a 6.5, although I thought I deserved better. What bothers me is that in all part of the speaking test, the examiner kept on signalling me to keep on talking although I have answered her in 2 or 3 sentences for questions that required short answers. If I were to asked for a remarked, they would sent the audio tape without any video and the other examiner who will do the remarking would have thought that I had long pauses because I can't answer their questions? This is very unfair!!
In many of the sample videos of the speaking test, normally a 2 or 3 sentences answer would suffice for such questions (like where did you attend primary school?) but I do not know why the examiner kept on signalling me for more answers?

Hi Simon

sorry my out of topic question but i haven't found any information about this. in reading and listening test how many correct answer we need to do in order to get 7 ? Is there any rank list about that?

hey Simon,

Every now and then, Simon, you share some talk with us. I hope you dont mind sharing this with all of people here. Neil Gaiman talks so slowly, at a beautiful pace and its so impressive.




Hi Simon
In the last IELTS Test, I only scored 5.5 in Speaking, which discouraged me from my entry to tertiary education. My considerable weakness is speaking too fast and nervousness when delivering the complex sentences. Can you give me some advice to overcome these problems?
Thanks you very much

i completely agree with Simon's point, my Examiner seemed to be rude,uninterested,impolite,however he gave me 7.5. so what really matters s your knowledge in language nd the way u answer, not the examiner's behaviour ,,

I had an experience when examiner was too friendly and slipped into the conversation in such a way that felt like I am talking to a friend and that left me with the expectation of 9 bands or more than that in a speaking module. I nearly teared apart my result when I saw the outstanding score in a speaking module, 6.0 bands. Next attempt gained me 8.5, is it a magic that fed the data in my brain to get such a high score in a month. In short, sometimes unexpected things happen.

hi simon,may i know actually who evaluate the speaking session,i suppose it may not be evaluated by d examiner in speakingsession(who ask us qns) as all d conversation of our speaking is recorded.i guess it will be evaluated by d ielts xaminer right or not?

This is definitely true. The examiner on my first IELTS test didn't show special interest to my speaking and even yawned during my speaking. And the topic on that day was difficult to me because I never prepared that topic before and almost have no ideas about that. I worried so much but he gave me score of 6. My second examiner was very nice and we communicated well. That time, I thought I did a good job on all spearking parts and should be able to get score 7. But finanlly, i still got 6.

Simon what would you suggest if you had the same examiner with your speaking exam? is that legal or okay? thanks

Hi , 4 years ago I took IELTS and got 7.5 for speaking,
Later studied and worked in London for 4 years- always
Chatted with English people. Now took the exam, she
Asked me a lot of questions and i replied in long and clear
Sentences without any starting trouble which gave me 6.0 for speaking
So worried about it

hello... i have given my ielts speaking exam today. but the indian lady was feeling boring & trying to ignore my speech. also was avoiding my eye contect & creating obstacle. bt i told my aswer as much i can. does it mean i will get a bad score?

Hi Sir,
I have problem of "S".Sometimes, in listening and reading answers I write S in the end of word which is not required while I do not write when it is needed.
So sir please provide me some advise to solve this problem.

Hello Simon,

I had a IELTS speaking test today, and i think the test went okay. One thing I noticed was that examiner was scribbling some numbers on her pad which were 4.14,5.45 and 8.18. If it were 4 sets of number then i would definitely understand for 4 testing parameters but it were just 3 sets of numbers and also it was done for prior 3 candidates as well.Do you have any hint what does those numbers mean?

Hello Simon:

One examiner gave me two times the lowest score for speaking (5.5),but I had 2 score 6.5 and two 7 before.The same has happened to my friend when that examiner gave score of 5.
We can not complain for our scores because they will not change 5.5 to 7,but I would like to describe this huge discrepancy to the local manager in Canada.Should I send email to the Inquiry Service of British council?We are extremely angry with this examiner.

Thank you

hey, i appeared in the speaking test a few days back.. did some grammatical mistakes and even was not able to answer the last question of the follow up part... i am a bit worried about it.
i repeaated the test.. last time i got 5.5 where i thought i did well.. but now i am totally confused about this result.. am i able to get 6?? :/

IS speaking evaluated by the examiner or by any other person who hears the recording

i have one question.are they recording the ielts speaking task.

hi simon,
i had my ielts speaking test today. i answered all of the question didnt go pause but i am afraid if i answered to the point. i felt there was some grammatical errors as i was nervous but i didnt showed i was. However i had a token in my hand and i was kind of playin with it!
will i be able to get 6...i am really worried!

in reading passage i wrote YES/NO instead of true/false but l8r realised it and corrected de mistake wid a vry bad handwriting since i hardly had a min left so will i b given.marks?

Hi Nikhil,

I took IELTS speaking today and i found the examiner marking on 5 different parameters. Your question is similar to mine. Can you please tell what was your speaking score?

Hi Simon,
Is this thread still active? Is it possible for you to answer my question.

Today I had speaking test and the examiner asked me lets talk about what you do! Do you work or student! I answered fluently then she said what you do? I said im businessman! What was the reason for her to repeat the question?

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