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Friday, August 10, 2012


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Dear Simon
Today I took my IELTS exam in speaking and really I want to thank u by my heart.

Because every question was familiar to me and I have seen them before in ur site.

They were about my accommodation,my favorite toy which i had in my childhood,friends,and how we can find them after several years and what are the advantages &disadvantages.

The topic of part 2 was about one of ur friends who u met her after many years,what event,and what happened

As u see,all of them were explained in ur site by you and i used alot of ur ideas that I have learnt.

If students follow ur daily lessons,they can pass the test successfully.


Tomorrow,I will take the rest of test.
Pray for me please!

good luck zahra

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the lesson and here are my answers to share with everyone:

1) Yes, but I only like reading short articles that I am interested in. It's hard for me to spend hours reading a book or novel.

2) I sometimes read for my job, especially when I want to find out what's going on in the marketplace, but most of the time I prefer reading for leisure because that's when I can relax and entertain myself.

3) I would say that my favorite story was the one of the Three Little Pigs. It gave me a deep impression as a kid and I really I wanted to be the little pig that built its house with bricks.

4) Yes, definitely. I think reading is fundamental to a person's education. Reading also allows children to have fun and develop their creativity and imagination at the same time.


Hi Simon,
Today I received my ielts result:L.6 R.6 W.7 S.8.
your site helped me alot in writing and speaking thank you so much.I never got more then 6.5 in listening and reading.please give me some tips, i need 7 each.
thanks again

MY nswers--
1-Yes, I like reading every evening when I get back home from my job. I am reading magazines, on line news and scientific texts from internet.
2-Well, I often read to find out the latest techniques and protocols related to my job, but I also read in my freetime to get the advances in fashion technology.
3-The first book that I remember exactly " THE COMPETITION SUCCES REVIEW" was really worth reading. It was certainly an asset to enhance my general knowledge and writing skill.
4-well, I strongly feel that reading is a learning skill that helps to develop the listening and writing skills as well. It also increases the vocabulary power and understanding the main ideas in a passage.

1.Yes, I deeply enjoy reading all sorts of books especially those are about pharmacology. In fact, I want to be as much up-to-date as it is possible in my major.
2.Both of them. I love my occupation. Thus reading articles, books and even news about the latest research and funding in it delight me.
3.Well. When I was a child, I was greatly interested in science. One of my favorite books was 'Daneshmand' that included interesting stories about different branches of science such as mathematics, chemistry and physics. As I remember I used to read it hours continuously.
4.Certainly. I think that reading has a fundamental role in education of children. In other words, reading broad their mind and improve their creativity.

maybe it is irrelative question but i have exam this weekend and i have to ask this: is it too wrong asking the meaning of a hard vocab to examiner in the speaking exam. Because sometimes there could be a vocab in speaking questions which is i don't know. So If i misundrstand questions because of that word and it would effect my answer in a very bad way.
Thans for your answers.

Dear Simon,
I took IELTS test on 4th August and the results are 7.0 for Writing, Listening and Reading but I only got 5.5 for speaking test.
I studied Ielts with a Vietnamese teacher and practice Speaking with other Vietnamese student. I feel it very hard to talk English with correct pronunciation and to speak English fluently. I often speak very quickly, but repeat a lot because of thinking. I also watch some videos to learn how to speak with pronunciation, but when I communicate , I can not use it. Can you give me some advices for me to practice speaking English?
Thank you very much.

The questions and answers are short, clear and easy. So it is all about controlling yourself. Not get too excited. Just give an answer with 2-3 sentences and skip. Good examples Simon. Thanks a lot.

Warmest Regards, MaDNiaC.

1. Do you like reading?
Yes,i like reading a lot, and from a variety of books, those related to academic are my favorite .

2. Do you usually read for leisure or for work purposes?

sometimes,I read with some purpose but i enjoy reading more for leisure as it relax my mind.

3. What was your favourite book or story when you were a child?

what pops into my mind is Three little pigs.I never forget how the pig which house was built in bricks get rid of the evil wolf.

4. Do you think it's important that children read regularly?

Of course. It is really important for children to read frequently as to improve their knowledge and develop their creativity.

kinda edit from martin, i find his is interesting and easy.

Physical education is mandatory. Some people think that this can be optional for children. Which do u believe and why?

Exercise play a vital role in physical education for more than 1000 years. In several countries children are required to participate in gym classes for several hours from 1st grade to 12th grade. Some children feel that they are physically incapable and they prefer optional physical education .There will be many advantages of being involved in physical activities. It help us to build a healthy body and can learn many good qualities like team spirit ,cooperation and communication.
Physical education is very good for maintaining and keeping a healthy body. Daily gym classes helps in controlling blood flow and toning of muscles. My brother goes for jogging daily. It helps him very much in physical and mental health.He is getting much concentration in his studies than before.
Most of the physical education children are needed to work in teams. For example gym classes ,children have to play in teams such as in soccer, basketball etc. So each student will learn about the team spirit and cooperation.
In conclusion physical education help children to get good helath and cooperation. I stongly believe all children have to attend physical education classes because helath and team work are very important in every individuals life. As a result children should be encouraged by parents to participate in gym classes irrespectivw of their physical inabilities.

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