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Monday, August 27, 2012


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I got my result,unfortunately my speaking part only got band 5.5,althought it is better than what i expect,as i did so badly during the test,i thought it will be lower than band 5.0.Thanks god,maybe the examiner was kind enough??
I want to ask how to get band 6.5 in listening?I only have 6.0 in that part.
Writing is band 6.5!Thanks you! I just read through ur website and follow ur writing technique!Maybe thats the point to have band6.5?Because my writing technique was so bad,cant believe i can achieve 6.5.
MY overall band is 6.5,it is not enough for me,i need band7=( and each part have to get band6.5,so i failed in listening and speaking part!Will retake ielts again!

hi Simon
Need to say something. as u hv created E-book of writing can u do the same for speaking. i think this vl b good and more effective.
hope you will think on it

see in out of 9 band how people can get 6 to 8 band at list overseas countries Collages & Universities get allow to 5.5 band for higher study Now all the country are not allowing to less then 6...so its too much bad for students .....

Does it matters to miss the dash between two words in listening section?For example,car-park .its the test one of ielts book 8.

Hi Simon

You said that band score depend upon difficulty of test, it means they make sometime test difficult and sometime easy.is it fair?

Hi, Simon. 

Your advice on using the official IELTS practice tests to practice scoring of my students' writing test sheets proved helpful. I just wonder how the IELTS examiners determine the penalty for a work that's underlength. There is a space for that in the official writing answer sheet. I hope you can help.

Thank you. 

Kind regards,


Hello Simon,

I need to purchase your eBook. could you let me know the cost of it in Indian currency.Also, where could i purchase it any specific shops like that. I stay in Hyderabad.


Keep trying Yap! Good luck.


Good idea Namita. Yes, I'm working on something at the moment.


Don't worry about hypens (dashes) Musharaf.


Hi Raja,

Each exam is pre-tested many times (and statistically analysed) to establish the level of difficulty. Then the scoring system for that exam is defined. This is the only way to make the exam fair - maybe you've noticed that some tests seem a bit harder than others - this problem is solved by adapting the marking system to the level of difficulty.


Hi Danni,

I think I answered your email.


Hi Avani,

When you choose your country from the list on the payment page, PayPal will convert the currency automatically.

Hi Simon,

I've learnt it yet, if listening is difficult, will score of 5 change,too? or only 6,7, 7.5 change?

Hi Simon,

I am writing all answers in capital letters(like EVERY AFTERNOON) for listening and reading. I took test 2times and every time I expect more than 7 but, I got 6.5 both times. Writing all answers in capital letters is good or bad?

hello,i have finished my test recently and wondering overall how much marks i get as i predicted..listening 6.5,reading 5,writting 6.5 and speaking 6...it would be really nice if i know the overall marks so that i can book for another test before result.i am in hurry as this is for my further study...

Hi Simon,
I just got my result. I got 7.0, listening 8,reading 7, writing and speaking 6.5...is this a good score? I really don't know because I didn't prepare for the exam as it was 3 days after my sem exam. Please tell me whether this is a good score or I should attempt it again.

Those are great scores Manoj. Well done!

Overall score I got is 6.5 but I have a only 5.5 in writing part is that a problem ?

Dear Simon,
I sat for 14th feb ielts exam. The listening test was over the average difficulty . Is it true the marking will lessen? And in the letter they asked for introducing yourself, I wrote everything what ever they asked but forgot to write my Name in introduction. Would it affect my scores?
Thank you

Hi simon,
I have attempted the exam 12times and my weakest area is the reading with 6.5. All the other sections are 7.5, 8 and 8. What should I do to achieve band 7 in reading?

Thank you.

Dear Simon
I have a question about IELTS listening, i want to know about score. I know that there are 40 questions and each is 1 score . If in some tasks which we need to complete no more than 3 words ,for example: a student competition. But if I wrote only one word from these 3 , how many points they will give for this 1 or 0,5 or 0? also how about the words in plural/ if i wrote the word "students"- without "s", will it acceoted or not? Tell me about it.you can send me email, I'll wait your reply

My IELTS results were announced yesterday.
Listening 7.5 Reading 8.5 Writing 7 Speaking 6.5
but i needed 7 each

What is your suggestion should i retake the whole test or just challenge the speaking test?

Hi pls can i know if i got 5,5,5,5 in each task, what will my score be?? pls reply in need

Curious claim for rescoring. My friend did it and won!

If i take the IELTS test for the second time and my score is lower than the first time, can i still use my score from the first time ? or do i have to use the score from the second time ? please help, i cant find this information anywhere online

I've appeared three times in Ielts exams but, unfortunately each time I got 5.5 listening, 6 reading, 6 writing, 6 speaking. I need 6 each. Is there any possibility to enhance my score up please guide me. thanks.

I've got just 5 in listening, 5.5 in reading, 6 in writing and 5.5 in speaking, how can I improve myself to get 6.5+ each. Is there any techniques to get more.

Dear Simon,

Aswin Iyer again with a query.Regarding the minimum marks to be obtained for getting the desired bands (6,7,8) etc you have mentioned that in Reading and Listening sections,one can afford to get 30-32 marks depending on the difficulty.But the link provided for IELTS raw scores,they are insisting on a minimum of 34 for GT reading and 30 for GT listening. Kindly clarify what is the correct score like?
Thanks & regards
Aswin Iyer , Chennai-India.

Hi Aswin,

Yes, the GT reading test is marked differently.

hello simon,
my name is manoj i have greater lust on ielts exam because i love english soo much i am praticing for july exam by in practice i am getting 23to27 rights in listening please guide me how to great marks in all sections my lust to get 8 band in overaal ielts please guide me

Hi Simon,
Can you tell me how examiner judges in speaking test? For example i missed one part-1 question as i asked examiner to repeat it but unfortunately she moved to next part-2 .
I have one more query regarding part-2 speaking topic.. is examiner expects sensible points for part-2 speaking. I mean to say, the main motive is only checking English. is examiner check good logical points in our formulated story in part-2? for example I had to speak on best childhood story but i made its relation to Diwali festival story.. is it okay to get good marks in speaking?

hi, i need one partner that i can practice engilsh speak with his person. if there any one want to practice then please let me know.

what will be a score if the questions are 42

I am new to this.
I have been doing the test many times.17 times and going.
My latest results are
Listening - 8
Reading - 7
Writing - 6
Speaking -8.5

Every single time my writing is always 6 or 6.5.
I have spend 5000 dollars on the test. Extra classes as well.
Why is it so hard to get a 7 in writing?
My heart is going to break real soon.

hi simon
i gave exame for 5 times and my requirment is 7 band in each module plz give me tips to increase my score..

Hi Simon,
Just got my 8 June 2013 result got 6.5 listening 7.5 reading 7 writing and 7.5 speaking it was my first attempt over all my band is 7 is it good?

Can I ask a question PLz ? Does any one know if I want to immigrate to Canada what is band score should I get

Well for d person looking for a partner partner2help broaden ur idea,I think I can help.I wrote for d second time and got a band 9 in all.ielts exam doesn't need much reading.internet research on is d answer.

Dear Simon

I would highly appreciate if it can guide me about how I can improve my reading skill, I took Ielts examination 2 months ago and I got 7 in writing, 6 in listening , 6.30 in Speaking but unfortunately 4 in Reading . I need your Guidance. thanks in advance

Hello Sir ,

I want to know one thing from you. i am preparing for IELTS general training. i want to know about the reading section. In general training to crack 6 band I need 30 marks out of 40 which i had studied on internet. But I want to know if i score between 27-29 out of 40 what is my band ?

Dear sir
I will give IELTS in next week in GT , could you tell me in writing test how the IELTS score is calculates.
I mean if in my letter writing I would get 7 band and in essay I would get 5.5 than what would be my overall writing score?

Hi Simon,
I should say thank you for your online materials. The first time I took IELTS for Academic purposes I scored R8, L 8, S 8 and W 6.5. I went through the resources you have posted on line and at my second attempt I was able to score R 8, L 9, S 8.5 and W 8.5. It was just wonderful. I would definitely recommend this website to as many people I know. You got yourself a fan.

for Canada you need minimum 6 in each criteria,
above that will be marked individually for higher score.

thank you all for all your sharing. I have been benefited from them.

hi simon,

my ielts score is 6, with L: 6.5, R: 6, W: 5.5,
S: 6. Is this scores eligible to apply for Canada. Plz reply asap

I have overall 7 score with R8, L7, W7, S6. I wonder is it a good score or not. I am very disappointed withmy speaking score. I don't know where did I go wrong. Kindly reply.

I got band 5 in ielts listening 5 writing 5 speaking 5.5 reading 5 is this enough for Germany

hey Simon I want to now that, I want to improve my reading than how i can

hi i got 6 overall listening 7 writing 5.5 reading 5.5 speaking 5 , i am eligible for calagary ,canada

I got 6 overall and writing-5, speaking-5.5, listening-6, reading-6.5 is I am eligible for Canada

Please hurry

please reply

i took ielts exam from idp on 12th july got results recently total score 5.5(l-6,s-6,w-6,r-4.5)
written again on 2nd august but listening part i did not do well do they give previous score or same score

Guys, I have scored 9,9,9,8.5. If you have any query as to how to tackle any particular question type, please refer to me for assistance

Ive made the test in manchester city
there was only one CD player in the class . the voice was very bad
I advice each one to choose another centre
my Q to simon
how can I make complaints about this issue? who is the responsible person?it was a unprecedend chance to get score in each module as the other modules were rather easy compared to the previous times
thanks lots

hi simon

I want overall 7 with no element below 6.5 i can give any module, but i tried both and couldnt achived 6.5 my reading is weakest. which module you suggest me to take next time.

please advise me


Can any one tell me about last 16 August reading test lowest raw number for obtaining band score 6 in this module? Test was held at Chittagong, bangladesh.

I hear all answers during listening.but i write always wrong answer.my performance is always remaim in 5:5 .but i want to get 6:5 band

I had done very badly at speaking section.mainly in the second section I'd not even talked for 2 min. What will be the expected score, can u plzzz tell me...

i applied for canada viza 2 times but unfortunately my visa was cancelled. Bacause of my ielts exam marks only i got speaking 6, listening 5 writing 6 reading 4.5. Overall 5.5 band. Please anyone help me jow can i score more.

I have got reading 5.5 , listening 6 speaking 6 writing 6. To apply for canada immigration it requires all 6. My query is that if i appear for an ielts exam second time and if i get lower in any part compared to previous test , shall i take the previous mark for point calculation.

my ielts score is 6, with L: 6.0, R: 5.5, W: 6
S: 6.5. Is this scores eligible to apply for Canada. Plz reply asap

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