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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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Sir the answers
B, D

Hi Simon
Thank you for exercises
My answers are B and D

B , D

Hi Simon,
My answer:
B, D

hi simon,my answer is b,d.


he says no extra charge: for guided bushwalk,
And table tennis is I think part of accomodation.
So, B,D

B- Speaker says thereis no extra charge for this.

D- This is the part of the package.

B and D

but unfortunately, I needed to hear it in 5 times to get this answer :(

Hi simon
B and D


B and D

thank you :) my answers are B & D

b and d


I choose B and D

Hi Simon,

Many many many many thanks to you. I just checked my results online. L8.5,R8,W7.5,S7 =8 overall.

My heartfelt thanks to you, for your great work.
God bless you.

Dr Iqbal

i want a suggestion regarding listening material.i have completed all ielts books n now i have no further material.

b and d


b & d

B and D are my answers

The Answers are

B & D

1.bushwalk without extra charge.
2.fishing trip-extra 12 dollars
3.reptile park-cost more last the same
4.tennis-pay by the hour
5.table tennis-in the accommodation package

The ans are B and D for sure.
Can anybody tell me the whole sentence mentioning the reptile park. I can't hear several words clearly.

hi simon !
the answers are B,D

Answer B,D

hi Se,this is what you want

reptile park in town that cost more all less the same.

my answer:B、D

thank you

Hi, Simon
I am going to take ielts test on 1sept,and I am too much scared...please wish me luck......
Thank you...


the answers are B and D

hi simon, sometimes in listening section, I can't hear the complete sentences that's why my answers are not complete and sometimes i think the speaker talk to fast so i cannot get it.

thank you simon


B and D


Congratulations Iqbal. Great scores!


Hi Musharaf,

If you've done all the Cambridge listening tests, just repeat them. But don't do them as tests this time - analyse the answers carefully, check the transcripts, write down the important vocabulary etc. There's still a lot that you can learn by repeating the tests.


Good luck Seema!

thank you very much for your advice

hey sir.you the best teacher i met.my writing skill is so bad.my tagert is overoll 5.5.i want get 5.0 to writing. please tell me sir how can i improve wirting.tc

hi simon, please give me some advice to improve my listening because sometimes i cannot get what the speakers said and sometimes my answers are not complete.

Thank you very much.


hi simon can u please help me in listening, i need 7 in each module n i got 7 in writing and speaking and 7.5 in reading buh ma listening was 6,although my overall score is 7 i have to score minimum of 7 in each module.how can i improve it..while giving the exams it felt easy n i answered awl the questions smoothly...;( plez plez reply n help me how to get it improved n maintaining my previous score?


hey sir.you the best teacher i met.my writing skill is so bad.my tagert is overoll 5.5.i want get 5.0 to writing. please tell me sir how can i improve wirting.tc

dr. Iqbal sb.
Congrates, please share you email.


Saeed, a1_saeed @ Yahoo.com

Dr. Iqbal
Congratulates! please share your experience about listening skill

Hi it is cleare B and D because the other mentioned should bay for

The answers are
B & D

The answers are B & D .

Cheers !

B and D

Hi simon,
can you please keep this type of listening practices everyday so that I can practice it.everyday my teacher makes me to do practice in classes but I also want to do practice from my side.I also have some CD so that I can practice but I want to score 8 bands in listening and reading too.I also want to Increase my confidence level in speaking which my teacher also advices to do.I need some help for writing in task 1 please help me.I want to crack this exam anyhow as it is my parents dream so that I can do further studies in Canada. I will wait for your reply


Hi Simon my answer is BD

B and D are correct.

Answers are B and D


interesting questions,and this question was easy.one time answer...great job simon

Dear Simon, thanks for your useful website

my answer is : B & D

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