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Saturday, July 21, 2012


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I just come back from IELTS exam:
writing 1: Table showing satisfaction of student in UK university about three different facilities cafeteria service,social,academic facilities in bedrooms.
writing 2: Money will be use to build a new public building rather than renovating an existing one. to what extant to you agreed of disagreed.

Hi Simon firstly i have to think you so much for ur website, it really help me alot no matter.
And for such question about, is this good to disagreed and said other sector is more important to consider the construction public building such as say providing social amenities? thanks

Hi simon
I have been preparing for ielts and I was busy,hope you remember me once I told im happy that I have found an ielts examiner,well I read your answer today.i wanted to say that I told so bacause im thinking about being an ielts examine and as im not familiar with I wanted to ask some questions about that.
And meanwhile I have a question :in my speaking test the examiner interrupt me and in most question he didnt let me to describe my opinion,is it bad?does it mean that examiner interrupt me because my answers were irrelevent?

I have a problem when I was taking my ielts speaking test today.
The examiners kept turning over the documents in front of her during the whole speaking test. She asked questions in an not patient and impolite way. I didn't know the reason why she did that. At that time, I really wanted to speak out to ask her please be polite but I didn't and I was afraid of that which affected my result.
Can you give me some advice? Should I complain this examiner?

I mean the examiner kept looking at the documents and turning over the pages several times. Also, she didn't have eye contact with me during the whole time.

Hi, Simon
could you answer some of my questions about speaking and writing in Ielts? I am wondering if
-we can use phrasal verbs and idioms such as proverbs or similes in speaking or writing task 2 of just focus on specific-topic vocabulary and collocations?
- do we need to use formal words in our speaking test?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you
Many thanks

That's fine Aminu. Thanks for sharing your questions.


Hi Artimis,

Don't worry about the examiner interrupting. It just means that he/she thought you had already said enough.


Hi Kenny,

You need to forget about what the examiner is doing. Her lack of politeness and eye contact should not worry you at all - just focus on the questions and giving good answers. Other students have complained about the same thing, and then they've received really good scores!


Hi Huong,

I've written several lessons about those issues. Start with this one:


Then look through my Questions/Advice category for more lessons about vocabulary.

hi simon,
could u please tell me that how the marks converts into the band score?
for instance , i would get 21-25 marks in reading and listening, what would be the band score?
please tell me about 21-40 marks.

Hi Meenakshi,

The official scoring system is on this page (look down the page to find the tables):


Just want to thank you, it has been a wonderful time going through the scribbles in this site.It took lots of effort to get what I needed to score. Scoring 7 in each band was a nightmare for me not until I came across your site. The strategies you use to help the IELTS student is phenomenal, easy to understand and apply in practice. Eventually, I have scored 7.5 in listening, 9 in reading, 7 in writing and 7 in speaking. which was 8 in listening and reading, 6.5 in speaking and writing. It was really helpful being acquainted with your website and your suggestions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Simon.
keep up the good work

Hey Every Body,
I have got my Ielts(Academic) result as below :

L,R,W = 6 bands , and S 6.5 bands from AEO KARACHI PAKISTAN...

I am really deperrest and heart broken and wondering to recheck L ,W & S...again...can any body sugesst me for the same...pls............!

Alot thanks in Adavnce.

hello simon

my name is siddeswar,i have written my exam on march 14th and i got my result on march 29th thats two days after the actual result time and till now i didnt get my trf and so when i asked with the head office they r telling that my score is under investigation and its take time to ge ur score,so please help me with dis am helpless the score which i got through online is final or do they change my score i am too tensed yaar please help me

Hi Simon,

I got 7 in 3 section but got 6.5 in my speaking. I have never get less than 7.5 in speaking. So, I send for rechecking.

But I also register for another exam which is next week. I might get my recheck score after 4 weeks. So, what should I do now. Take the test or wait for recheck. Say my score increase to 7 from recheck but If I do bad in my coming exam. Will I be able to use the previous IELTS result??

Hi Simon

I just taken the Ielts on 12 Oct 2013 at IDP in Hong Kong, but I found that I forgot to shaded the box of which Module I taken in Reading answer sheet. I was wondering will it affect the result? Will I lost mark or they wouldn't admit all of my reading answer?

hi sir i want to know by whom ielts are evaluated ie;by home country people or by another country people pls reply fast

I just appreared for ielts exam. And i found that i forgot to shaded on module in reading section. Do it affect to my score? Besides that i put all information correctly. Kindly,give me an answer.

Hi simon,I got L7,RW6 and 5.5 in speaking. I need 6 in speaking,I have already scored 6 two timing's in speaking in my previous examination. Is revaluation help me in my case.please reply

Hi Simon, I have got 6.5 overall bands. 6.5 in Listening and Speaking, 7 in reading. But 5 in writing. Should I apply for re-mark or just take another date? My requirement for adv-diploma is 6 no less than 5.5.please reply

Hi Simon,
I got 6 overall bands. 6.5 in Listening and Speaking, 6 in reading. But 5.5 in writing. Should I apply for re-mark? My requirement is no less than 6.
Please reply.

How to check idp remarking results...

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