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Wednesday, July 04, 2012


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Ideas for first topic:
To a substantial extent, I disagree with the idea that people only work to earn money for their living.
2 paragraphs
* 1st paragraph: Working makes humans more valuable in the society.
- government has to spend money from federal budget to cover the hospital costs and other expenses for jobless population. Meanwhile, working people pay tax to maintain the government's financial system.
* 2 paragraph: working makes a good person either for himself or for his family.
-without working, people have to rely on other people's incomes in the family for living. This causes argumentative discussion and unhappiness amongst family members.

Ideas for 2nd topic
* 1st paragraph: Advantages of renting
- do not pay mortgage from your monthly income.
- save money from fixing the house once there is a damage.
* 2nd paragraph: Disadvantages of renting
- will not be able to have your own asset.
- will have to pay rent when the month is due.

hi simon,
is this possible to share both views for 1st topic?

Hi Simon,
Could you please explain the difference between Emigration and Immigration.I checked in dictionary they seem to me same.

I have surfed about the second topic and i found some pretty interesting ideas.

Buying and owning home is more complicated than just having money for the down payment and monthly mortgage payments. Owning a home requires tremendous commitment of funds, time and attention. This makes people prefer the rented houses rather than buying house. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of rented house.

For some, renting can be the best option. Considering the high cost of a down payment on a home, financial considerations are of top priority. Renting can be viewed as temporary solution while you plan your future. Rental houses does have several benefits. Firstly, tenants are excused from the bulk of home ownership responsibilities. Such as landscaping, trash and recycling pickup, appliance repairs, home improvements and property taxes. Secondly, rental many include amenities like pool, tennis courts, security, parking and social activity rooms. Finally, there is no large down payment, only a security deposit. Also, many of your expenditures are fixed making budgeting easier. In addition, if you do not like where you live, moving is relatively simple and it is easier, especially if you travel or commute often. Another advantage is, close proximity of neighbors often create a sense of security.

On the other hand, for tenants, there is no special tax deductions and there is equity gains in the rising value if property. Space and storage is usually less than a home. Also, changes to accommodate your life or growing family cannot be made or limited in scope. Another disadvantage is, rents can rise with inflation and or supply and demand in the rental market. Furthermore, tenants will probably have restrictions on noise level, pet ownership or children.

In conclusion, these advantages over disadvantages make people prefer rented houses rather than buying house

Immigration and Em migration are having the same meaning. Moving from one country to another.

Immigration - If you are moving to a country then you are the immigrant of that country.

Em migration - Em migrant of the country is the one you left.

Some ideas against renting house:
Fist of all,landlord might not be a good person,he may impose surtain restrictions for example, pets, number of kids and use of paticula area.Secondly, every time you change a house you have to pay security and agent fee and at the end of tenancy landlord will cut the doposit unnessearily.last but not the least,house moving is also teadious job needs mony and muscles.

sorry for spelling mistakes.

Renting :
Saving big amount of money
Use budget to invest in business rather than buying a house
trouble of moving out and in per year as landlord request
inflation rate may lead to increase in rental price per year.

Buying :

huge amount of money required
challenge of getting loan and paying back monthly

owning a house as private property increase satisfaction feeling
you can have your own decoration and design as its you are the owner
you can have your garden, flowers and trees.
buying house can be considered as an investment because, land price usually increases year by year

You emigrated from Lebanon, you becane an immigrant in the UK.

Paragraph 1:
- Each men or women go to work because of different reasons.
- They may be high promotion, opportunities to improve themselves, challenges in work, broaden their network.
- however, I believe that one of common reasons is to earn money.

Paragraph 2:
-People need salary for spending their expenses.
- the cost of living is increasingly high.
- They need to take care of families.
- Many people learn extra - courses or enrol English classes to improve in their careers.

Paragraph 3:
- many young people change their job frequently in few years after graduation to get experiences.
- They can get jobs with lower salaries because firms give them opportunities to learn more or be trained abroad.
- They can choose a small companies instead of larger ones because they can do with rich variety of taskes or they can be promoted faster.
- However, higher positions they get or more experiences they have, more money they withdraw.

Paragraph 4: conclusion

- The amount of salary is very significant when considering a job.

how serious is when you use he\she instead of "person", I heard it's rather rude.

Disadvantages of rented houses:
1) You can't make your guests stay at your house for few days or even one day. You can't listen to the music or even watch TV with little loud volumes/sounds.
2) Neighbors don't invite you on their parties because they think that you are here temporarily.
3)If you live in a portion or on storey with landlord you are not allowed to park your cars and bikes in the porches despite plenty of rooms for it. Children are also not permitted to play where they want to.

Dear Simon,

I am following your instructions and methods and learning a lot. Really you are doing a great help of mankind by helping them in improving their score in IELTS on free of cost. In Feb 2012 I took IELTS test and got 5.5 score. I am taking your daily lessons from April and growing up a lot, I have planed to take IELTS again in the month of November and I am confident that by your lessons I will get my required score 6.5. May God give you reward for this precious and marvelous job.

Hey Simon,

Could you plz tell me if the introduction (given below) on the first topic looks fine.

"The prime factor which drives people to work is money. I agree to a certain extend than money is indeed an important reason to work. However, I contend that earning money is not the main motivational factor for everyone."

para1 : Why money is important... Living...dignity etc

para2 : Other factors which makes people happy in their work. Appreciation, satisfying their creativity etc. eg: Mother Theresa never worked for money, but was immensely happy with what she was doing.

Conclusion: Restate

I am a little doubtful about the first sentence. I have just restated it.

Will it be better to write like "The topic states that the prime factor which drives people to work is money".

Also plz suggest if the points in main bodies are aligned with the topic.


by 130kph speed,the pollution has risen to 123g.
this sentence is right or wrong,plzzz suggest anyone

The main reason people go to work is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Hi Simon, my short introduction is: It is true that people go to work to earn money,because the society has become increasingly materialistic, hence people aspire to earn more money in order to meet their various needs.

Dear Simon, my ideas for the firt topic are:
Introduction: I disagree because it is not the only reason

- People need money to spend living expenses ( accomodation fee, education fee for their children, food, medicine...)--> can live without money
- People go to work to have communication with others.
+ Working environment bring relations that can benefits a lot in daily life
+ To not feel bored, alone in stead of staying at home and taking care for family
- Peole go to work to receive respect from others because they can earn their own money, not depend on others. ( women in the past-- women nowadays)

- Conclusion: In addition to earning money, people have many reasons to go to work such as....

Topic 2: pros and cons of renting a house:

Introduction: Besides advantages of renting a houses, there are also disadvantages people should consider

- It is suitable for people who can not afford to buy their own house.
- Offer many choices for people: from luxury to low-cost apartment, different sizes of house
- appropriate for people living in a short time: go travel, study abroad ...

+ Disadvantages:
- renting cost often accounts for large amount of their salary --> lack of money for expenses such as food, education, transport

- People renting a house appear to live in unstable conditions because:
.)seeking for a new house when contract ends
.) renting fees increase
Conclusion: Renting a house is a good solution for some people, however it has several disadvantages.Wherther people shoud rent a house or buy it depends on money they have and their own purpose as well as their interest

Introduction for 2nd topic

For some particular reasons, some people give a preference to rent a house instead of buying one. Where so many benefits of a rented house, there are also various drawbacks of having it.

For some particular reasons, some people give more preference to rent a house than buying it. Where so many benefits of a rented house, there are also various drawbacks of having it.

The discussion about whether or not people do job to produce money is very much controversial one. People of both sides, who favor and who does not, have strong feelings/logic about this. However, major percent of job holders are working for money.
In our daily life we encounter many problems those can’t be solved without money. We need food daily and it comes through cost. If a person is not affluent, this price will compel him to job. In my country more than 80 percent people are living below the poverty line which means that they toil every day and just for money. One day I was talking with a 10 years old boy who was appointed in a shop to support his handicapped mother and it is not unusual here. So would I say the boy is not working for money?
In general a person, who has wife and children, continue to job to provide better education facility for children and with the hope of spending older age in happiness. In addition, we want to be financially stable in our old age by saving enough through employment otherwise we will be burden for our children.
Most of the educated persons prefer to be an employee in company rather than to be a business man.
On the contrary, most of the teacher appoints themselves to earn respect as well as payment through the noble profession.
Considering all the merits and demerits of this topic, I think that people work to lead a stable life through earning.

Hi Simon,

I think your site is very helpful for many people around the world who want to get a high score at ielts.

I am going to sit the Academic Ielts next week. Today I did an entire test to see how I go. I shouldn't have any problems at listening and reading, but I got stuck on this topic for task 2, writing:

Meat production requires relatively more land than crop production. Some people think that as land is becoming scarce, the world's meat consumption should be reduced.

What measures could be taken to reduce the world's meat consumption? What kinds of problem might such measures cause?

I would structure the essay like this: an introduction where I acknowledge the problem and that something need to be done to address it; the body would have 2 paragraphs: 1. to answer the first question What measures could be taken to reduce the world's meat consumption?; 2. to answer the second question: What kinds of problem might such measures cause? ; finally, I'd add the conclusion restating the topic.

Can you please give me some ideas for the body paragraphs?

Many thanks!

1. Go to work is to earn money
Partially agree and disagree
- a job is essential to be financially independent
- a job can provide us stable income to support family
- Work is a way of realizing one's social value, earn money is not the only purpose
- Work can motivate people to move forward in life, learn new skills and knowledge and become useful in the society.

2. Rent a house vs buy a house
- Less responsibility & easy down payment
- Flexible for moving, able to stay and experience different environment
- Limited freedom, not homelike

- Own an asset or investment
- Good for property and wealth development
- Motivate people to save and make commitment.

Hi Simon,

I sat IELTS 3 timed already, but every time my scores in writing and speaking just fluctuate. the first time I achieved 7 or above in my writing and 6.5 in my speaking , but in a second time the scores got reduced to 6.5 in my writing and 7 or above in my speaking and then...

Do you have any good suggestions for me. I tried really hard and my reading and listening are always 7 above. I just feel so frustrated with this exam.


Hi Mireille,

Your structure looks good. Measures could be new laws, regulations for farming, campaigns to raise awareness of the problem, campaigns to push vegetarianism, higher meat prices.

Maybe you could think of some problems that my ideas would cause. Try thinking in your own language first. Good luck!


Hi Penny,

This is quite a common problem - many of my students are in the same situation. All you can do is keep trying I'm afraid. Sooner or later you'll have a good day and get 7 in everything. Keep working hard and you'll get there!

Thanks Simon! I appreciate your help!

Maybe you can clarify a grammar problem for me, please: when do I use

it CAN be (or any other verb)


it COULD be

in writing or speaking?

I would not like to make mistakes like this.

Thanks again,

Hi Mireille,

A grammar book will give you more detail about that, but to avoid confusion you can use "can be" to mean "able to be" and "could be" to mean "might be".

Hi sir simon,

For the task 2 question about renting a house.. discuss advantages and disadvantages..

is it okey to have 3 paragraphs only?
like INTRO
I am wondering if i need to make it 4 paragraph.. what would be teh fourth?
I belived that I am not to give my opinion in here.


Hi Zeladea,

The fourth is always a conclusion - just summarise/repeat the main advantage and disadvantage.

thanks Sir Simon

Hi Simon,

I sat for the test last saturday. I found very difficult to understand about the topic. It was like this " In modern days young single person no longer staying with their parents until they marry, but they leave home for study or work" is this advantage or disadvantage ?

What is this about? I thought this is wrong question for a while. I wrote the essays whatever came in my mind consequently I was not satisfied with my answers. Can you please give some advice? I need each band 7

Hi Safala,

Can you explain what you don't understand? The question seems ok to me.

i don't get ideas ,,on the spot ,but when i complete my essay ,i amaze at myself that why i havE not written these ideas ,, and i feel regretful.

Need a good introduction and effective ideas for the following topic:

"Majority of the people think success is determined by individual's salary or economical status.However, success can be measured in different ways.

Present a written argument and give your opinion"

The main reason people go to work is to earn money.
To what extent do you agree or disagree

It is true that nowadays some people go to work for various reasons – one of which is financial drive. There may be various ranges of reasons for working, but I strongly believe that financial reason is the main motivation for people to work. (43)

I belong to an average-earning family with seven members. Both of my parents work to pay for our basic necessities such as food, house rent, electricity, education fee and other bills. These growing needs inside the family for instance, would bring adults to seek a higher salary demand to sustain and provide for their children’s need. Moreover, people would sometimes be attracted to benefits that are inclusive to their work such as clothing, transportation and housing allowances, and even retirement benefits. These things equate monetary value and are essentially good and attractive to job seekers. (95)

On the one hand, reasons such as kind and encouraging boss, a good work environment and co-workers would also motivate an individual to go to work. One would achieve a satisfactory performance and stay working even at a little compensation because one is professionally satisfied and achieve a growing sense of fulfilment. For example, in my clinical experience as a nurse in a government institution before – although I was undercompensated, I still religiously and happily go to work because caring for ill patients and knowing that I somehow took actions for their health improvement is such a priceless experience. (98)

To sum it up, I strongly believe that financial reason is the main attraction and motivation for people as why they go to work. Other non-monetary reasons although equally as important are just secondary to earning money. (38)

Hi,If i partially agree that slary is important and other factors are equally important.them !st para should i mention tthe necessities of salary and 2nd para would be that other factors neceeseties.plz suggest me

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