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Friday, July 06, 2012


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hi simon.
can you plz tell us that in speaking test what is the key to get higher score more than 7.i know it is a very subjective scoring and differ from person to person ,but i want to know what examiners want to see in students to give them higher scores.

Hi Ayesha,

The quick answer to your question would be: a greater range of expression (vocabulary) and fewer mistakes.

Hi simon

thank you for your lesson

is it possible to record your voice and upload its file?
i think it helps students to improve their listening.

thanks again

Hi Saman,

I'm not usually in a quiet place when I'm writing the lessons, but I'll try to do a few more recordings in future. It's a good idea.

HI Simon,
Can we say the last sence with a bit change of vocabulary.
However, these days, we now have a new class of celerrity, these are individuals who are not well skilled for performing any act, but they are well-known only because they just participate in the event.

I will try to answer the speaking question here.

Yes, I belived that there is a change of what we call celebrities from the past and the celebrities at the moment. Previously, politicians, sports stars, actor and actresses who exposed themselves in media featuring their great contibutions became so well known in every home who have television or radio. For example, we have a great boxer who fought different boxers form other countries and won all those fights. Another example is that, theather artist such as actor and actresses became popular because of their exemplar performances. In addition, politicians who support different organization for the public had gained so much support from people and became well-known. Comparing to waht we have now as celebrities, with the vast reality shows we now see, people become popular not because of their talents but only because they are liked by others. I would say that the media had played a great deal now adays because they give in to whAt the people wants just to sell their service or product.

Hi Simon,
Have a look at this page which i think is obviously a copy of your blog.
I found this page accidentally when i browse for something else, I think i should inform you about this. Thanks

Sorry here is the link i found ...

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