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Friday, July 20, 2012


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Hi simon:
On my last ielts exam i got 6 on 16th of june, the examiner asked me to describe old person i know, i described my father as you wrote,but still my score 6,5 in speaking.
Unfortunately,my score in writting 5 ,i bought your e-book before 1 week,in order to improve my writting skills,but still i don't know how to made quick improve to my score

Hi Simon

Today I took IELTS Speaking exam . In part 2 I got stuck and due to that i did perform well in part 3 as well as I became nervous.

After exam , there were many ideas coming in my mind about that topic .

I am very disappointed , I need band 7 in each module .

Sorry Simon ,

I meant to say that I didn't perform well.

Hi mrs raj if u don't mind can u share what was your question part 2 and where I mean in which city did u take exam thanks.

Hi Reema

It was on sporty event which i attend , when it held and what u did.

Hi All,

Here is one of the YouTube videos I found last night and that you may find it useful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2oawkQIgrw

The title of the video says band 7, but there is nothing that confirms this candidate's actual score. Anyway, although she made some minor mistakes while answering the questions, I think she performed quite well overall.

So, after watching this video, how are your speaking skills compared to hers?


Hi Simon,
Last time i appeared in IELTS(26th May)and got overall 7.my reading and speaking was 6.5 each.Unfortunately i require 7 individual.i am intended to sit for the exam after 2 weeks.Is it possible to prepare upto level of 7 individual within this time?i give up practice after the last exam in May.i am confused about the time selection.Should i take time for practice now before appearing again?

hi simon..

I got my result. L 8.5 R 7.5,W 7 S 7.5....
I am so happy and your website contributed very much in my writing improvement. I was getting 6.5 continously in writing. Thanks for your valuable methodology which is worth following.

Thanks mrs raj but u didn't in which city u gave ur exam

Hello everybody

I took the IELTS exam three times and I get the same results every single time, nothing changed L8.5 R8.5 W6.5 S8.5. Any ideas on how to improve my writing skills, as I need to score 7 in writing.

Hi peace
congratulation!!can u pls tell us how did u get this high score in each band?

Today i did the IELTS General and in the second part of speaking i think i did a mistake! The examiner ask me to speak about one book (what book, why i remember it, what was about and why should i suggest it) and i started saying that it was a long time that i was not reading abook but i do read newspapers so i spoke about some newspapers and then i started speaking about newspapers and i answered to the card question, but with newspapers topics! How big is this mistake for the 2 part speaking? The teachers was smileing all the time, very intrested and also in the 3 part she continued speaking about newspapers and not books... what do you think? (I need a band 7 in all parts)

Just keep practising Samah! It takes time and hard work to improve your writing.


Keep trying Mrs. Raj. You'll become less nervous with more practice.


Hi Gangchil,

You're very close to getting the scores you need, so it's probably a good idea to keep trying.


Congratulations Peace!


Hi Marco,

It sounds like the examiner might have accepted your change of topic, but I can't be sure. Good luck!

i would like to tell about an advice which was given me by my father when i was disappointed because of my failure in bsc(it)exam he told to do hard work and to be postive as well as told me that failure and sucess are a part of our life we must always get ready to confront with every challenge wherefore a desirable sucess can be achieved that advice put a major influence on my mind reguarding it i got many achievements in my life i am so greatful by getting first ranking in bsc(it) because of that advice

HI Simon,
Is my answer good enough?

I am a daddy's girl.I love my mom too but im closer to my father.He always advising me to be humble.Wherever am I or how successful i would be.I have to keep my feet on the ground and help those who are in need of my God given talent.I remember he keeps on repeating to put God as the center of everything.And its true, whatever obtacle I encountered, all the challenges I had faced, the hardships, up side downs, God never cease to help me.He is always there loving me.Thanks for my father who raised me being a God fearing person.

pls comment...thanks

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