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Friday, July 27, 2012


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very helpful.
thanks simon

Dear simon,
I remember that i had post my comment just now,but cant view it.
I have one question that not related to speaking part,is about writing task 2.Sorry for interrupt here.
I am reading all your task2 now,one by one,because i want to write down every topic u had given to us,copy some good vocab,google it to find out more relevant points and even write down some nice sentences that seems good to me.I follow your advice by having a vocab notebook and now i have even one essay notebook too ><

I want to ask will the question come out before repeat again or something that similar to that topic?Because i am not sure by doing so,i will improve my essay or not,feel so nervous now as my exam will be on 9,11/8.Is around the corner!!

Can you give me some suggestion,will i benefit by doing what i have done right now?
So sorry i havent write any full essay for task 2,but i did for task 1 already.
Thanks !

i have a question that how to maintain reading skills at the higher level.i have tried a lot to improve my reading ,but when i stop it in order to prepare other tasks ,i start missing some questions again.my exam is on 4th august.

Hi Simon

In part 2, if I want to answer the cue card below, according to question3 do I have to explain about a TV show in my country? cause I live in London and I do not watch TV shows in my country, so if I explain about a TV show in UK is it acceptable or it means I am changing the topic?!

Describe a TV show that you enjoy.
You should say:

What type of show it is
How often it is on
How popular it is with other people in your country

Explain why you like it.

Hi Yap,

They do repeat the same topics (although they usually find slightly different ways to ask the questions), so it will definitely help to study the topics I've covered here on the site.


Hi Musharaf,

Just keep reading articles and writing vocabulary in a notebook. Keep practising too!


Hi Mahsa,

It's fine to say you live in London, and talk about a TV show in the UK.

Thanks you so much simon^^!!
Your reply give me feel much more confident.

Hi Simon

I finished my listening this afternoon. But I am not very positive with the result.
My test time was 4:50, I went at 4:40 due to the traffic. I know I suppose to go around 30 mins earlier. The examiner was waiting for me. She didn't look very happy, the test went in a rush, every question she asked me, she didn't allow me to answer properly. I only answered 1 sentence and then she stopped me and went for the next question. I think I was the last student in her list.

I am just feeling very frustrated about the situation. What do you recon, Simon.


Describe your best friend.
I mate my best friend at university when I was a I'st year student of B.sc(Chemistry) 10 years ago. I exactly remember we used to go for coffee break at the same time, and also we used to perform practical in the same bath by sitting next to him. I also remember that I entitled him laughter channel for our batch. He was really a man who was making laugh at moment.

I have know my best friend since I was in kindergarten. Her name is Rose and we are neighboors in our country. We went to the same school for primary grade and high school but then during our college we got separated because she went to the same school her brother are studying while I went to the university my dad chosen for me. Despite of the distance we do communicate to one another. During our college life we wrote letters but now we emailed one another and currently we update one another via facebook. Sir simon hope my answer To the question is okey and enough.or did I go off topic?

Hi everyone.

I'd like to practise speaking with anyone who plans to get 7 or higher in speaking. I took the Ielts several times and my score in speaking varied for 6 to 7.5.

My skype is trang.ductran

Thank you

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much for your wonderful website.
I'd like to ask you about the tone in speaking test. Is it important and how does it contribute to the score?

Best wishes,

Hi Penny,

Try not to worry. I'm sure you did better than you think. Good luck!


Hi Trang,

I suppose the speaking test is 'semi-formal' - tone is not a big issue (just don't use slang!).

Hi Simon, I want to clarify something... In speaking part 1 and the topic is about home town. If the examiner ask " How is it like ther ?" what does it mean? Or shall I saw what exactly is she asking because I believed that the stated question is broad and can mean anything... Please answer

Hi Zeladea,

The question should be "what is it like there?" You could answer by saying something like "it's a nice place and it's especially good for shopping" (i.e. a description of the place).

Ah okey.. Thanks

Hi Simon,
I get a problem with describing a garden or a historical building. It is really difficult for me to talk about the detail. Could you give me some advice?
I'm from Vietnam, and I didn't visit any historical building before.

Good afternoon sir,
"We got on straight away" what's that sentance means?

Hi Graccy,

It means 'we became friends straight away' or 'we liked each other straight away'.

Dear Simon,
Plaese say your opinion about my answer.

Describe your best friend. Say when you met him/her.

What a memorable question. I met my best friend when I was a 2end year student in the university. I studied pharmacy while she was a medical student. She was my new roommate and we had to live with each other for about 5 years. At first, I wasn't sure whether we could be good friends or not and it made me nervous a little because I had an unpleasant experience with my last roommate. Oh! In fact, I had very annoying time. Fortunately, she was very nice and kind. I should say that to my mind living with she is one of my best memories. We used to go out at the weekends and take pleasure and even travel on vacations. Besides, we worked on some scientific projects in the university that were very successful and published in international journals. Although we both graduated and live in different cities, we kept in touch and we've been friends until now. All in all, my firm belief is that a good friend can be even closer than a sister.

Dear Simon,
I have a lot of vocabulary to show my opinion in speaking test. However,i have a big problem in test time that I usually think the good answer by Vietnamese first and then i translate to English. How to overcome it??? Help me, please

I thought i never had a best friend.But recently i realized i have one.She was my cathecism school teacher when i was 11 years old.We always go for fishing and hiking.We exchanges advices and ideas.We separated our ways when i study college and became a nurse.We communicate through cellphones and email.She got sick and loss her memory.No one in her family that she remembers.And to my big surprise she's always calling my name as what her loveones told me.I help her to remember every detail about her.She regain her memory and we cherish each other.Now i know it is true that mind can forget but the heart will never not.

pls anybody can correct my answer..grammar,wordings etc..Thanks

Now i know it is true that mind can forget but the heart will never not.

correction: Now i know it is true that mind can forget but the heart will not.

hi simon
in part 2, i want to" describe a relative who you think is similar to you", so how to do?

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