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Monday, July 30, 2012


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Dear Sir,

I just joined this site; its really appreciable. Thanks for giving us that

Could you please tell me that 'how many answers(out of 40) should be correct to have 'Band 7' in listening and reading each.

I attempted IELTS first time this month and scored 6 in listening, 6.5 in reading, 6 in writing, 7.5 in speaking.
But i require 7 in each. I have practiced from 'Insight into IELTS', Cambridge IELTS Books 1,2,3,5,6,7,8. What else i can do to achieve 'Band 7' in each. Could you please give me your expert advice.I shall be reaaly thankful to you.


Hi Simon:

Could you tell me difference between the the number of, the amount of and the quantity of? How to use them when describing the graphs in Task 1?


Hi Simon,

is the "create a working space" similar to the "have a space for studying"?

Hi Fareesha,

Look at the table on this page for band scores:


There's no special technique that I can give you for band 7. You just need to keep improving your knowledge of English and keep practising. Good luck!


Hi Cathy,

Look at this lesson:



Hi Thang,

Yes, it's similar enough to be the correct answer.

Hi Simon.
I have some questions about T/F/NG, I can not understand so I need your helps:
In article:
The Indian revolution started from 1942 to 1947, and India finally got independence in 1947.
In the question:
The Indian revolution started 1942, and India finally got independence in 1947.

Hi Quy,

That seems true to me. I don't think that question comes from a real IELTS test.

Hello Simon.

I have a question for the lesson on February 13, 2012.

No.3 use verbs 'involve' and 'rely on' in each passage, so I thought this is Not Given although I understand that the both remaining sentences after the verbs say exactly the same thing.

Involve and rely on is the same meaning?

Hi Eri,

They are not synonyms, but the overall meaning is the same in both sentences.

Hi Simon,
i was wondering if there is a "no" in the text and a "little" in the t/f/ng qusetion.what's the answer?f ,t or ng?what if "no" in the question and "little"in the text?thx a lot!

hi Simon,
thank u a lot for your assistance to all who seek for good score.
i want to ask what is the type of academic reading questions

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