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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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Dear Simon,

I have passed an IELTS exam at 28th of Jul. I'm from Iran and it was performed by center, holding code IR060 in Iran.
I just want to complain about the exam situation. Before that please read my reason and tell me the possibility of a strong objection:

1-The examiner of speaking would made me nervous completely, when he answered my reasons with these phrases:

please help me.Is it logical? you think it is reasonable? and some things like these. Beside that he was really angry and tried to disturb my concentration.

Hi Reza,

I think you should try not to worry. Students have told me about this kind of thing before, but when they got their result they were much better than they expected. The examiner's attitude is not important at all - maybe he has given you a good score.

Don't worry about whether the test is friendly or not. Just focus on the language you produce - that's the only thing that matters.

If you are still concerned, you should talk to your test centre. I'm afraid I have no experience with this kind of complaint, so I can't tell you what will happen. Good luck!

from where we get camebridge oid questlon papers?

Hi Simon! : )
I have a problem in listening section.
I always get juts 24/40 or 26/40 and need 30correct answers at least to take 7 or higher grade.
In my opinion listenning sec. should be the easiest part of the exam to make a good score on overall band.I mean this sec. is a chance for us. Because we dont need to think or/decide anything while answering questiones.. The only thing we need is just focus on it and listen carefully.

But how can i improve my score? What can i do Simon?Do you have any advice? i make Cambridge exercises again and again... Aaand the score is same:((

Hi Jill,

My suggestion is to keep trying and listen to other materials as well. Cambridge books are great, but English cannot just be summarized in those 8 books, right?

The Internet has so many English materials to practice, learn, and have fun with. With the help of websites like YouTube, you can easily find videos on topics that you are interested it. Another nice website to use is the one from the British Council: http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/magazine

Once you can improve your overall listening skills, you will eventually score high in the real exam!

Good luck!!!


About the examiners' attitude, I would suggest students to file a complaint to the test centre IF AND ONLY IF they really feel they were affected.

But as Simon said, candidates should just focus on the questions and answer accordingly. Also, I think it may help with the situation if candidates show respect and have a friendly face. We all know that taking the test is very stressful, but it is an examiner who you are speaking to, right? No matter what kind of examiner you get, remember that he or she is the one grading you!!!

Good luck to everyone!!!


Dear Simon,

I have started following this site recently. I found, this site is simple and best. Every piece of advice is worth spending some time to comprehend and practice. This is one of the best places for IELTS test takers.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Occasionally we see some good advices from IELTS experts, who follow this site regularly. If they can post their comments along with their blog or site, that would be helpful because followers of this site can also follow those sites as well.

Thanks again.

Hi reza,

I had a similar experience in speaking on last sat exam. As Simon said, hopefully we can get more marks as we expected. Sometimes I don't quite get the exam system as well, our scores are partly depend on the examiner. If we lucky enough, we may have better scores. But we have no choice, our future cannot be stopped by ielts. So the only way is study hard and pass it and then no worries.

Good Luck to us ielts fighters.


Dear Simon,
i am from Bangladesh.its very difficult to get an expert English teacher in my locality.i got overall 7 in my previous attempt.Is it possible to get individual 7 without any teacher?i require 7 in each segment.thanks.

Great advice Martin! Thanks again.


Hi Gangchil,

With all of the resources available online, I'm sure it's possible.

Dear Simon
I'm grateful for your kindly sympathy.I have another question: In listening part, which one gets a mark?
sport center or sport-center . Overall, shall we be afraid about separated or concurrent phrases?

Dear Penny
Thank you and I'll keep my focus.

Dear Martin

I'm grateful for your friendly comment.

No problem Reza. Don't worry about hyphens. Both would be correct, so just write 2 separate words if you're not sure (unless the instruction says 'one word only' - then put the words together e.g. 'seafood').

You are welcome Reza.

I hope you and all other candidates can be mentally strong at all times, which can definitely boost your confidence and overall performance throughout the test.

Just to share with everyone, here is a good read on "How to be mentally strong": http://www.ehow.com/how_2216453_be-mentally-strong.html


Dear Simon
After second participation in Ielts exam, it's first time that I realize, Sea food is wrong! Would you please make a note for this kind of dictation in your lessons? Thank you.

Dear Martin

I'll do that. By the way, people who makes the international exams unfriendly, could be excluded. Thabk you man.

Hi Reza,

"Sea food" would be accepted if the instruction allows you to write 2 words. It's only wrong if the instruction says "use one word only".

("Seafood" is written as one word in the dictionary, but I think "sea food" would be allowed if 2 words are allowed).

Hi Mr. Simon,

First of all thank you very much, you really help anyone who needs your recommends, your help. And you do your work with love and with your heart.

Could I please ask you something about listening? Could you offer me a special web site to improve my listening . I use all resources but I want to know your opinion. Please help.

I look forward to hearing you.

Yours sincerely,

Dear Simon

My exam's result has been announced and it seems that examiner's attitudes has not affected my result.

sincerely yours

Hi Rahim,

Click on the lessons on this page to see some good sites:



That's good news Reza!

if i will got 25 out of 40 in my listening module what will my ielts scoring

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