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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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I've discovered somethings from task 3: "What's wrong with your spelling?"

Thank you, Simon!

Hi simon
I am sorry that the question i am going to ask you is not related to the listening;it's about writing task 1.
In this task when we are describing the rising and decreasing trends ,we tend to write like rose steadily ,decreased rapidly so is this way of describing the trend is right??i am a bit confused about this because one of my friend was saying it should be the other way round i.e steadily rose ,rapidly decreased!
please could you resolve my confusion !

Hi Simon,
I always get 6.5 in my speaking. I think the reason is that I can't come up ideas in part 3 then I become nervous. Can you tell me how to improve it? Thank you.

Hi Simon,

For the listening part, are the upper case and lower case matters, for example, when we write an address. Will we lose marks if write in lower case?


Hi Jane,

A good way to overcome nerves is to start slow and simple. Then once you get momentum you can try the more difficult sentences.

Ben W

No problem Zero!


Hi Sibyl,

Both are possible, but I prefer "rose steadily".


Hi Jane,

Ben's advice (above) seems sensible to me.


Hi Penny,

They don't care about upper and lower case - it won't affect your score.

I will write this essay as follows. Everyone is welcomed to comment on my piece of writing.
The number of plants and animals is declining. Describe some reasons for this problem and suggest some solutions.
It is unquestionable that many plant and animal species are losing their natural habitats and they are becoming extinct in nature. There are several causes of this universal issue, but measures could be taken to tackle the problem. This will be proven by looking at some of the causes and effective solutions to the problem.
Firstly, in many countries the trees are being uprooted giving the way to farmland, on which crops are grown and animals are kept on it. This sort of deforestation leads to the loss of natural habitats of these species, and the likely hood is that the whole species of animals will be at the level of extinction. For example, Giant panda has become an endangered species because they have lost their wildlife habitats. As this shows that deforestation of jungles is causing disappearance of these animals. Thus, it is clear from this example that animals are disappearing because of cutting down of plants.
Secondly, much of the human actions are responsible for the destruction of marine life. This, devastation is apparent when the industrial waste and nuclear waste is pumped into sea and oceans. This chemical waste kills the aquatic plants and animals, and as result of this life cycle gets haled. Overall, this would significantly affect the production of food. For example, in Bhopal, India, multinational fertilizer companies in 1992 throw their chemical waste into the river, and because of this almost all species of fish are killed. Thus, it can be concluded from this example that chemical waste kills the fish and plant.
The most effective solution to tackle this problem is the intervention of government. The authorities should put some sort of levy on the companies who are pumping deadly chemical waste into lakes and rivers.
In conclusion, it has been shown that plants and animals are on its last leg. Thus, it is predicted that the government should make some stricter legislation in an attempt to safeguard plants and animals.


I like visit and use your site!Thank you so much for your daily advices!
I have one question about is there any available full listening tests?I feel the lack of listening exercises?How many student improve their listenin scores?Thank you

Sincerely, Maco.

Hi Mako,

For full listening tests, you really need to use the official Cambridge IELTS books. I can't share these - for copyright reasons.

Hi Simon!

Are all ielts exams the same? I mean, for example listening, types of questions are always the same, gag-fiiling, choosing two-three statement ?

Hi Gizem,

Yes, if you practise with the past papers in the Cambridge books, you will be well prepared.

Hi Simon.
Which book series do you think we should choose for teaching the Beginner language learners (They're adult learners) to prepare for IELTS? Headway series, English Result, Face2face, True to life,... They only know how to say hello and goodbye, and such fixed phrases. I'd appreciate your advice.

Hi Simon

I took 3 times ielts exam. I got always 5.5. Could you please give suggestion how to improve my IETLS score?

Hi simon this is the right spelling list 1 that I have found the website you have given for us;

Thank you for your helps

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