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Sunday, July 29, 2012


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Hi Simon
Thanks for sharing the tips of General Writing task 1, Hope to see more about how to write different letters in the future in your blog as this is my weakest part. Thank you.

Hi Simon
Your tips are very simple yet so powerful. I appeared in IELTS test last November; my score was L7 W7 S7 R6. I need band 7 in each one. I need some advice to improve my reading speed because I usually run out of time and could hardly attempt upto 35 Questions. I have only 10 days to reappear in the test. Plz give some tips in this regard. thank you

Thanks for your great tips, they are different from other tips in other blogs and books and easier to follow :)

Hi Simon

I would like to know that at the end of the letter, where to write your's Truly/Faithfully yours and where to write your sincerely.

What I know is , If we are writing as a student we should write Your's Sincerely and if we are writing to any one in formal way ( except as a student ) we should write Faithfully Yours).

Please correct me if I am not .

And thanks for your valuable suggestions regarding letter writing .


Hi Alka

Mr Simon had already Posted a tip about your question.

Here is the link :

No problem Jane and Mahsa.


Hi Sulaiman,

The only way to get faster is by practising. Be strict with yourself, and force yourself to decide on each answer more quickly.


Hi Alka,

See the link that Mahsa gave you above.

I would like to know that at the end of the letter.

it is without ' i think. Yours but not Your's

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