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Saturday, July 07, 2012


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I have already done the task of using this vocabulary.it really helps.thanks for your effort.

Hi Simon,
1.Hard work is necessary to acheive one's goals.
2.International professional delegates should sit togather to solve the problems of poorer nations.
3.There are many medical thrapies to cope with stress.
5.Many people emigrate to developed countries for thir career purposes.
6.Risks of certain illnesses decrease wth age.
10.Wth th advent of television many actors hase bcome celeberities.
11.Wth the help of genetic engineering scientists have become successful to produce new breeds of cropes which are more profitable to farmers.
...please correct me if i am wrong..

hi everybody and simon,
good luck to all of u who r having their exam today.do share yr work wd us.

I can help you in terms of your academic problems but not your financial ones.

Really useful vocabulary. Thanks dear Simon.


1. Teenagers should be enterprising to achieve goals.
2. Although I am delegated to injure people, i will not do it.
3. These days, coping with stress is my top priority due to stressful life.
4. I look at my problem in terms of how to prevent it in the first place.
5. People's intelligence decreases with age.
6. We can only push teenagers to study up to the point where they can accept the advice.
7. With the advent of smart phone, people are lively in contact with others in remote.

*any tackle is welcomed.

Hi everybody.
What are the meaning of these sentences?
1. Your result will be ready in couple of weeks (2weeks time?)
2. Your car will be ready in a couple of weeks ( more than 2 weeks?)

Sat for exam last week. Speaking - describe moment that make you lough. Where, when and with who?
Do you think it is good loughing together?
How humour difference in different culture
Humour between gender, any different?
Do you think humour can help in learning language?

I do not fully remember the questions but it was more or less like that. I was so surprised with the question and found it really hard to answer. Guys, you should prepare for this type of questions!

Thank you.

1.Some people achieve a goal without any hard works, such as film actor and actress. However, some people do really hard work.

2. Students must delegate their capability of written and spoken English language to achieve higher band score in IELTS exam.

3. Student must revise the important chapter of course book in a peaceful environment to cope with stress of examination.

4.when writing a essay,Most of the students might feel difficulty in terms of beginning and conclusion.

5. After finishing the university, many students choose private sector for career purpose, but few of them are success.

6.attraction with opposite gender is decrease with age, but some people are ,exceptionally, easily attracted with one another.

7. with the advent of smart phone, there is revolution on the way of communication. People are not only able to video chat with their family and friends but also can browse Internet and social networking web site such as Facebook and twitter.

8. with the help of genetic engineering, scientists have produced new breeds of crops which are really profitable for farmers.

9.Although people call me Monson, my household name is Munu.

1-Nowa days, many young individuals are focussing on how to achieve goals in academic career?
2-I am delegated to interview the new batch of M.C.A Students.
3-All the Fire fighters are well skilled and trained in how to cope with stress?
4-Russia is a biggest country in terms of area.
5-Many graduates prefer to study in English speaking countries for career purposes.
6-Physically fitnessdecreases with age.
7-If you are being asked to speak on a topic, you should speak upto the point.
8-There are various house hold names of diseases such as housemaid knee. This is the name of arthritis.
9-With the advent of intenet , people are able to interact with their family and friends online the world around.
7-Scientists has produced a new breed of wheat, that grows faster and longer.

-If you want to achieve you goals in workplace, you need to have motivation in your work.
- We delegate someone to do endangered work for us.
-The meditation will help you to cope with stress.
- The recession is a problem in terms of economic depression.
-This letter is written for career purposes.
-Everything on the world can decrease with age.
-The feedbacks will complete up to the point when he can interview complete amount of 30 persons.
- He has variety of household names.
- It is still being a puzzle with the advent of the birth of first man.
-This robot is a new breed of new technology.

Good job for those who are putting effort to do this kind of hard work! Do this on a regular basis and you should be able to improve your English skills in a short time! Keep it up!


Hi Simon,

How are you ? I have a problem with using 'since' and 'for'. I am confused when to use which word while writing. Please help.



1. A well motivated individual will definitely achieve his goals in life.
2. As a senior nurse, there are considerations before delegating task like the qualifications, skills and confidence that person who will perform the task have.
3.I do deep breating exercises to cope with stress at work.
4.An employee is selected in terms of his qualification such as educational achievements, years of relevant experience and skills.
5.Adult learners enter universities for career purposes and advancements.
6. Our body's flexibility decreases with age specially with lack of physical exercise.
7.I was mad up to the point when my niece broke my favorite vase that was given by my husband.
8.Whenever my friends come at our place, they are surprised to hear about my household name "cel".
9.With the advent of Christmas, everyone in my neighborhood decorated their houses with ornaments, lights, christmas trees and others that are pleasing to the eye.
10.Scientist had created a new bread of weat to meet the demand for foods.

PLEASE GIVE ME FEED BACK... I will be again taking IELTS exam soon and I am in need of help. I need a band score of 7 in all category. preiously i was not lucky :( please help me specially in speaking.

Thanks in advance

Sir Martin,

Can you please help me because I knew Sir Simon is very busy. I am greatful to you both for the reasons that, Sir Simon have a wonderful site that help a lot of people and for you because you give excellent feedback and advoice. With these reasons a need some of your time.I am preparing IELTS exam and I need a band 7 in all category. I have took the test several times but unfortunately to no avail. I wondering if you could help me in the speaking test and writing test...thanks

Hi Zeladea,

Sorry for the late reply.

As Simon would tell any student, you can find the best advice throughout this amazing blog.

It's good that you have tried to make these 10 sentences, but you have to do this kind of practice on a regular basis to keep improving. Doing hard work once in a while is really not enough. Successful students are those who are motivated and persistent with their studies at all times for an extended period of time.

Best of luck with your next IELTS exam!!!!


Thanks for the encouragement Martin :). I do visit simon website everyday to learn and get any new ideas as much as possible but as my exam is past approaching my anxiety as well increases.

Hi Zeladea,

Being nervous and anxious is very common, especially when you need to submit certain scores in a short time.

I would say that the only way to overcome these feelings is by doing lots of practice. I know this is easy for me to say, but trust me, you will naturally be more confident with your English once you can speak or write proper sentences without too much thinking and/or hesitation.

Stay positive and keep working hard! You can do it!!!


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