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Friday, June 22, 2012


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Good morning everyone
I looking for female partner to practice speaking with her on skype any one?i hoping to get at least band 7

hi taliah,
i am praeparing for my ielts too.how can i contact you if i want to practice with you.

thanks Simon...
I am a new your student here. I am reading your tips gradually. It is very useful. Thanks a lot...

Hi guys!
I need a partner who is preparing... My @mail is english_olimjon@mail.ru , please write me. We'll chat. I am waiting...

hi Elaine... If you read this, my post adress is english_olimjon@mail.ru ... I am waiting for you.

Hi Simon,
I am a little confused about the use of the word 'you',as referenced in your model answer shown below.
In a hospital you have to work as part of a team. I’ve got used to working with others, and I think you can achieve a lot more as a team than you would alone.
Can I use 'we' instead of 'you'? Please can you explain the difference between 'we' and 'you'?

Thank you.

Since I will be watching the Euro 2012 football matches this weekend, let me attempt to answer these Part1 questions (just for fun, of course):

1) I'm a professional football (or "soccer") player in one of the local teams in my country, but now I'm studying English full-time with the hope of playing for the Manchester United one day.

2) Yes, I definitely enjoy my career. I've been playing football since very little and it has basically become like a passion in my life.

3) I think the best and most satisfying thing is to score for my team. It is very difficult and challenging to score even 1 goal in a match, so being able to make goals can really give me a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

4) As a professional footballer, I have no choice but to be part of a team. But still, I really enjoy teamwork because I believe this is the only way for us to win not only matches but also championships!

PS: Good luck to England on Sunday!!!!!

dear simon,
i want to thank you so much i did my speaking exam and i think i did well; your websites was so helpful.

my address;
taliahsaeed add me in skype please .

hi taliah,
i have tried to add you on skype but it is not accepting.probably the address is not right or should i add( . or space )in between it.

Hi somon! i m struggling reading. my problem is matching heading. I have tried from the tips too but i really can't find answer. please ! please ! advice me

Dear simon, sir! Thank u very much for the great help i got my results last saturday and i was quite mesmerized by the results! I got 9.0 in my listening and reading tests and i received an 8.5 and an 8.0 in the speaking and writing examinations respectively. Your site has been my guide all throughout my review and considering that i am working at the same time and preparing for my ielts, the lessons, patterns and the most essential tips have been very valuable upon taking my exams. You have inculcated so many things in me that i have hurdled one of the most challenging tests i faced so far ( aside from tue fact that there were a lot of things which bogged me about the writing pattern which i adopted during the test coupled with the agony while waiting for the results). Nevertheless, the faith in your lessons have brought out the best in me. Again, sir, thank u very much for the help and i would gladly say, that your site and unwaivering dedication and patience to impart your expertise to us, have greatly contributed to the success of everyone who has always been your avid followers! Godspeed!

Hi Cherry,

"You" is often used in English to mean "any person" or "one". It can often be replaced by "we" but the meaning is a bit different because "we" always includes yourself.


Great answers Martin. Unfortunately England played terribly!


No problem Turkeya! Well done!


Hi Anamol,

The only thing I can advise is that you keep practising. Those questions are difficult for everyone.


Hi Raine,

Thanks for your kind words. I'm happy that my lessons helped you to get such fantastic scores. Really well done!

Hey Simon, sorry about England's loss... I guess they simply ran out of luck in the penalty shootout!

sorry,yes there is . between names:taliah.saeed@yahoo.com
if not work may be u can send me yours and i will add u

What changes do you foresee in the next 50 years? those kind of questions in alittle bit confusing because even in my language i cant tell it fluently ,all type of prediction questions !

hi taliah,
kindly mention your skype id and email adress clearly.r u the one from sudan?

yes im from sudan
skype name:taliah.saeed

Dear Simon, sir! Thank u very much for the great help! I got my results last saturday and I was quite mesmerized by the results! I got 7.0 in my listening and reading tests and i received an 8.5 and an 8.0 in the speaking and writing examinations respectively! It was my first attemp and it was so successful!Thanks!!!

Hi Simon,

I think these questions written in Cambridge are gerat to answer as a part 1
How well do you know the people who live next door to you?
How often do you see them?[why/why not?]
What kinds of problem do people sometimes have with their neighbours?
How do you think neighbours can help each other?

And I really a big fan of England . That night was terrible to me.

Great results Oksana. Well done!


Hi Mh,

I did those neighbours questions here:


Thanks for sharing England's pain!

Hi Simon,
I am preparing my IELTS exam but I got no idea how to improve my oral speaking. Do you have a systematic book like the e-book for IELTS writting? I can not speak long sentences and I always don't know what to say next. :(

Hi Anita,

I'm afraid I don't have a book for speaking, but I'm sure you'll find some good ideas in the speaking lessons here on the site. You should also try to find someone to pracitse with.

hi .im krishna
im attending ielts exam o this 23 ..speaking.
is there any one to help on skype to prepare

ANY one want to have english speaking practice add me skyp: bmkartik4

i am praeparing for my ielts too.how can i contact you if i want to practice with you.

I'm happy that my lessons helped you to get such fantastic scores.

Hello All,

Just adding another related question that I was asked:

Q: Would you recommend your job to someone else?

Wish you luck!

Hi Simon,

Please have look at my answers. Are they ok?

1)I'm a qualified accountant, but at the moment I'm unemployed, so I decided to use my time off to study English.

2) Yes, I really enjoy my job. I think an accountant play a very important role in the company or business.

3) The best thing about my job is that I can help people to make the right decision to invest their money in. It's a great feeling to give such a great advice that will change people lifes.

4) I do prefer work with others, even tough I work on my own sometimes. The exchange of experience and point of view contributes a lot in the work environment.

Thanks a lot Simon!


hi simon,

1. Do you work or are you a student?
I used to work for hospitality as a internship trainee for around half of year,now i am a student to prepare for study abroad in England.

2. Do you enjoy your job?
Yes, I definitely enjoy my job.It was so lucky that i was assigned to guest relation officer,which is one of the most interesting job in the hotel as my wish.

3. What's the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is that I had many chances to work for VIP guests or celebrities,such as Michael Buble, Gerge Clooney and Jessica Alba so on.It’s a great feeling to see them and service on them,because me and my master and other colleagues were able to offer high standard service.

4. Do you prefer working alone or with others? Why?
In hotel you have to work as part of a team. I’ve got used to working with others, and I think you can achieve a lot more as a team than you would alone.

HI, I am looking for an female partner to practice IETLS exam through skype, If any one interested my mail me, My mail id : ajithbanga@gmail.com

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