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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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"Answer the following question", is this a question type for IELTS exam? Should I prepare this type of question too?

Thanks to you, Simon.
Really really really good film!


"Inside Job"
I think this one might be also worthy to watch.

It is a big pity that we cannot watch in China...

Hi Simon,

I am using your website for 8 months, it has really useful information, I also bought your book for writing.I took my test and my result is:
Speaking 7.5
listening 6.5
writing 6
reading 5.5

I need to take 6.5 in all scores and I have 2 months, I studied really hard, but i do not know how can I improve in Reading and writing. I was advised by university to take TOEFL test and it is easier. I am really confused. Could you please advise me?
I really appreciate your advice

Simon, thanks for your all attention... What can you say about online chat with other sudents??? in skype??? I need friends who are preparing for IELTS... I have to speak with them for improving my speaking. Please, give your adress, students

I frequently tell my students to search YouTube videos on things that they are really interested in. For instance, since I am really into tennis, I could search for interviews or profiles of my favorite tennis player Roger Federer. Also, since I'm planning for my next vacation trip to the Canadian Rockies, I could search for videos of the particular places I want to visit.

Another thing that students can do is to use YouTube to help expand their general knowledge. For example, many of my students don't know the term "e-waste", and YouTube offers many different kinds of videos about this subject/issue.

The Internet has basically become a really efficient tool to help students improve English as a whole. It may still take a long time to master the language, but at least we now have more fun ways to learn, right?


Hello Simon
It's been a long time to see this site.
It still has good resources that are very helpful. Thanks for all your works.

hello, oli
I need to improve my ability to speak English just like you. Let me know your skype ID,I will send a requst to you as my friend if it's ok with you. :)

I got
Listening: Test1 = 8 Test2 = 6
Reading: Test1 = 7 Test2 = 7
Writing: Test1 = 6 Test2 = 7.5
Speaking: Test1 = 6.5 Test2 = 7.5

I am unable to understand what happened to me in listening, how someones English may deteriorate in just one month from 6 to 8.
IELTS exam strategy needs a proper review.

Now I am disappointed, i need 7 in each

Thanks Kiwi!


Hi Azadeh,

My advice is: don't give up, you're so close to getting the scores you need! With a bit more practice I'm sure you'll get the 6.5 in reading and writing.


Hi Oli,

I think there are other students here who would like to chat with you (see Elaine's comment above for example). Good luck with it!


Good advice as usual Martin. The Internet certainly is a wonderful too for language learning!


Hi Shahid,

Yes, it's strange how that happens. However, your improvements in writing and speaking are fantastic. Not many people jump from 6 to 7.5 in writing! Keep trying!

Last night I came across this nice video by the National Geographic posted on YouTube about my hometown:

I think this is very good practice for speaking, especially when you are asked to describe different aspects of your native country!!!

Have you ever thought of watching a video in English about your hometown? Try it!!! This is a fun way of learning!!!

Thanks Martin!

english_olimjon@mail.ru it is post adress, please write me

My pleasure, Simon.
Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks Simon,
This time i will make sure that i get through.
Appearing on 30 June, (a day left)
Thanks for your motivational remarks.

Your student,

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