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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Hi Simon!

I have just passed IELTS exam. Academic module.
My score: S 8.0 W 7.5 R 7.0 L 6.0
I got that result for listening as I got the jitters during describing a map!

How could I overcome this problem?

Thank you,


I guess the only way to answer those tricky listening and reading questions is to become super familiar with the English language as a whole.

But how to accomplish that? Well, I'd say that there are no shortcuts and students MUST read more and listen more ON A REGULAR BASIS!!!

Hi Mr.Simon!
Please add more and different model answers for tables.

thank you Simon.

Hello Simon Sir,
I m practicing a lot in listening section but,I m unable to correct more than 27 out of 40.what to do for improvement??? pliz suggest ....
thank u.

Hi Maria and Seema,

Maybe you've reached a point where exam techniques can't help you to improve any more. It's your overall knowledge of English that is limiting you now. If that's the case, I have to agree with Martin's answer (see his comment above) - do lots of reading and listening practice to improve your familiarity with the language.

Thanks Martin!

Thank you
Simon & Martin

Hello Simon,

I learnt so much from you website, and I am still learning everyday.
I have a question related to Listening/Reading Test.

On the testing paper, it asked, “How often do the Top Bus Company tours run?"
According to the audio, the answer should be : every 30 minutes / Every 30 minutes. I am not sure whether the letter E as in word "every" need to be capitalized or not? I have read the post that says upper case or small case doesn't matter in listening in the exam, I just want to make sure this goes the same for fragment and sentence ( ONLY IN LISTENING/READINGS TESTS). Even thou I learnt that the first letter doesn't need to be in cap in a fragment, while in a sentence it does.
Thank you
Best regards

Hi Sharity,

Capitals don't matter in any reading or listening questions.

Hi Simon

Thanks for this post. Yes, the correct answer is letter B. Because the sentence talks about most people and not everyone. Goodluck to all who will take the exam.

The speaker says, we are going to see castle and exhibition on french culture on sunday and tomorrow we will visit the market and garden. oh no, sundy is a holiday. so we will go to see castle and exhibition on monday and the following day we will visit the market and garden.
question- When they will visit the castle?
ANSWER- On Monday
I think there is alsoa trap in this question.

Yes, that's a typical trap!

hellow simon

i been reading your site from a week .. i have taken my test on 3rd of december
i get
L 6
W 6.5
S 6.5
R 7

but i need 7 in each module . i did not how to cope with it .. it is driving me crazy :(

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