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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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hi simon ,
good advice .you r right that if we miss something, we should carry on as we have levi to make some mistakes,but for that we should do good in the other parts.
simon, i found maps quite difficult because if i miss one step i get it wrong on the other parts too.do you have any tip for the maps ?

This is the most critical part in IELTS listening section. I was looking for effective tips to handle Multiple choice questions in Listening module.

Thanks for valuable instructions.

I also afraid about 4th (last) section of Listening as it is a continues step of recording!!


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These are all true advices.

hi simon,
sometimes the question is in different format e.g
11.bus stop
13 cafe
14 resturant.in such case we have to fit points A,B,C,D,from the map to the questions.this doest not follow the above mentioned rule which you told.in this case we have to listen carefully when these words come and then fit them at the given points in the map.it is quite tricky beacause we dont know where we r in the map to fit the words given .WHAT TO DO IN SUCH CASE.

hi simon,
can you do some reading questions with us frequently.as the other web-sites have the reading materials which are outdated and i have already studied those from my cambridge books.
i am reading newspapers and articles but when i do the real ielts test with your technique FIND AND UNDERSTAND.i still lack behind the timings.should i do more ielts test in 1 hour(which i run out of reading materials) or read more to make my understanding better?

thanks for ur reply, Simon. I have another qestion to ask, can we write his/her in the writing part too. I mean, can we use the sign "/"?

Great advice as always Simon.

I usually advise students not to worry about what they have missed in Listening, concentrate on what is coming next.

It's also a good idea to underline any negatives in the M.C.Q choices. This can help to eliminate the 'tricks'.


Hi Ayesha,

I think the answer to both of your questions is: keep practising. It seems to me that you are familiar with all of the techniques I've talked about, so the only thing that you can still improve is your overall knowledge of the English language. Keep reading, keep listening, and maybe just test yourself once a week.


Hi Sunil,

I'd write "his or her" and avoid using /


Good advice Magi.

Hi simon,
would you have some materials for reading practice on line that way we don't have to suffer for the books.

They often mention more than one choice, so be careful.

Hi simon
i would like to ask you i got 4.0 bands in my ielts listening examination which is really unexpected result for me my listening are very strong and i have 100% confident on my listening test i follow cambridge ielts practice for my ielts listening and i remember i never fell down from 22 questions in ielts listening test. i was expected that in my final test atleast my 23- 25 questions were goes to right but unfortunately it happens wrong with me i got 4 bands which means only 12 question are right from 40:( i don't know what did i mistake in ma final test. one thing which i tel you i write my answers in combine writing style may be computer didn' t scan this writing format. please reply my question.

My dear tutor
I want to obtain tips of all,reading questions.


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