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Sunday, June 17, 2012


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hi simon,
which is correct, partially agree or partly agree?

Can someone check my letter on the above mentiones question?
Dear Mr. pattrick,
I am writing to bring to your attention that I can not continue a part time coure about fashion technology for which I had enrolled myself on 15th of last month.
Unfortunately, my compony has got some extra orders from Horizin Computers for supplying urgent computer accessories by the end of this year. Owing to this traumatic situation, I am working twelve hour shift from today.
I know it will be difficult for you to consider my request in the middle of the semister. I am not asking any refund, but i am rethinking to start this course later sometime the following year. It will be appreciated, if you would instruct the accounting department to adjust my fee for the next session.
I lookforward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Ziaul Huda

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am your part-time student, learning Guitar in Royal College of Music and I am writing this letter to inform you that I would not be able continue the classes from 10th of July onwards.

I am working as a Software Engineer in Cisco and I am assigned to a new project in London. Hence, I need to relocate to London for next three months. I shall return to India in October. [a]

Initially, I was hesitant to join this new project since I am continuing classes in your college. However, I chose to take part in the new project, since it is very crucial for my career. [b]

Since it is a temporary assignment at my work, I would like to resume my course in October, if you permit. So far, I thoroughly enjoyed your classes and would not want to drop out. [c]

I am hoping for your kind consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Hi Meso,

Both are fine.

Thanks for sharing your essays Ziaul and Ethan. I'm afraid I don't check students' work - if I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

dear simon,
i have the same letter 2 times came in IELTS AND the letter is...your friend wants to visit your country with his family,tell him where he will stay,which places of your country he should visit and what things he will bring?
i dont know what mistakes i had done.both time i got 6.5
can you please go through this letter..it will be a great help..thanks

Hi Nur,

I'll try to use that letter in a lesson soon.

HI nur,
I am tring to write a good response to the letter you got in your exDear Johnson.
Hope this letter fined you in good health and sprit. I am writing to inform you that I have arranged my farm house for staying there with your family in tranquility. The farm house is actually quite spacious and is located on the opposite side of a bank of a river. I hope, you will have a great time.
You see, I am happy to share with you some popular destinations and historical landmarks you should visit. There are many beaches, art related venues and famous historical buildings to visit here, but I would like to mention here the names of two land marks that always inspire me are The Char Minar and the Salare Jung Museum. You should visit both skyscrapers.
You should also bring some warm clothing, sun glass and video camera to have a fun with your family. These days, there is a cold wave in southern India, so don’t forget to bring your jackets and coats to protect from chilly nights.
I look forward to your reply.
See you soon.
Abdu Rahman


Can someone check my letter:

Dear Mr Bush

I am writing with regards to inform you that I could not continue to attend the evening French class this semester, due to the project that has been given to me by the Company.

I have attended your evening class since November 2012 and enjoyed all the learning method that has been given by you. Besides that, I also worked as a casual administration officer in the morning, in Company which is near to the course center.

The Company has just promoted me as a full time accounting officer, and they would like me to handle the cash administration for a Project in Perth, Western Australia for five months. I must leave the city next week, therefore I will not be able to follow the course for this semester.

When I return, I will continue to take the next semester class, and I hope that it is fine with you.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Your Sincerely

Dean Jones

Dear Paul,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will not be able to continue attending your evening IELT’s preparation class once the course end this month.

First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for the tips and advice you taught us in class. However, starting from next month, my work’s schedule would be unsuitable, as I will be travelling overseas to broaden my knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering.

Furthermore, working more than forty hours a week and attending part time class can be very stressful and tiring. Consequently, I have not thought of re-enrolling into the course once I come back from overseas but on the contrary, I will try to do some self-study and sit the Ielt’s exam by the end of this year.

I do hope you understand my situation and hope that I would be the first student you taught that scored band 8 in all criterion.

Your sincerely,

Quoc HUA.

Dear Mr. Smith,
I am writing to inform you that i am unable to continue part-time business development course classes.

I am working as a full time business development officer with a business consulting firm from many years. I feel to update my business management skills in this time of knowledge competition and then decided to enroll for a three month business development evening course in your college. I have been attending this course from last two weeks. I have enjoyed immensely, and gained an excellent opportunity of knowledge sharing.

I am afraid, that it would not be possible for me to continue this course. Because, recently i have been promoted as a senior development officer and transferred to head office located in another city Lahore. However it's seems impossible to continue the classes at this stage.

I hope that you would understand my situation, and i would appreciate if you could please instruct to admission department to transfer my course in your college campus available in my current city for job, so that I can continue the same course there, without any further time loss. Otherwise i would like to refund my tuition fee for getting admission in another college.

I look forward to receiving your response.

Yours sincerely,
Inam Khan

please comment this writing and suggest , recommend to correct and improve.

Dear Mr. Suarez,

I am writing to you in regards of my part time evening course.

I am currently employed as a full time nurse and I have a part time evening course with you. I was able to manage my time for I was morning shift at that time. For this moment it will be hard for me to continue my evening course with you in relation with my job.

My work as a nurse comes with different working schedules including evening and night shift. Due to short in nursing staff, my nursing head decided to put me on evening shift for whole month of September and probably next month also. Thus I will not be able to continue my evening course.

In regards to this matter I would like to ask if I can temporarily stop my evening course and continue once I have a better working schedule.
Hoping for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Cloud Strife

I am writing to you to withdraw the English course for this semester. As you know, I am doing this course as part time at 6 pm. In addition, I am working as full time as programmer at XYZ Company because I need money to support my family.
However, it is very hard to work and study in the same time. Therefore, I have decided to withdraw the English for this semester. Although your course is very interesting, but it is needs a time for the preparation. Since I am doing a full time job, it is really very difficult to prepare and study. For example, all the last week I worked from 7 am to 5 pm. Then, I couldn’t solve your assignment. As result of this, I have marked zero.
I would be very appreciated if could withdraw my name from your course.
I am looking for your reply,
Yours sincerely,

plz someone check my answer:

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that I would not be able to continue the CCNA course what I was studying from you.Due to an increased workload at my office, i am unable to spare the time for attending your lectures, in evenings.

Recently, our company has got some new projects and my superiors have appointed me to the position of project manager. Due to increased responsibilities and hectic work routine, I often get tired in the evenings and mostly I have to work for some extra hours. It is difficult for me to attend the lectures in evenings until my work pressure get decreased.

Due to the above mentioned problem, I have decided to discontinue my CCNA course for three months, as I would be free in the evening time after the completion of projects which I have been assigned to. I will inform you once I would be free to continue my classes and I also hope that you might have understand my situation.

Yours sincerely

Dear Mr. Taylor

I’m Gabriela Ghersi a student of your English class B (Monday to Friday from 3:oo pm -5:00pm). I’m writing to inform that last week I’ve received a call from a very important enterprise and inform to me that I got good results in the assessments and I was selected to working there, so I got new job. I’m very proud and enthusiastic because I’ve been waiting for that opportunity for one year.

For this reason I’ve been thinking that I cannot continue attending the course in the same schedule due to the labor schedule is from 8:00am to 5:00pm. It’s a full time job.

I’m very interested in continue studying English in your classes, so I would like to request if you could be possible to make a change of group and allow to me participate on Saturdays full day?
I’m looking forward to have that opportunity and I will appreciate your consideration.

Best Regards,
Gabriela Ghersi

Can anybody check my letter

Dear sir,
I am writing this letter to inform you about my discontinuation of the computer course in your coaching centre.As you know that I am a working woman and I am at the post of research associate in IICPA health products ltd.IT is a full day job.my job time is morning 9 to evening 5:30 and your class time is evening 6 to 9.THis timing creates troble for me.

There are main 3 reason for leaving the course.First, I only get half and hour in between and it is not sufficient to reach the center because my office is quite far away from your center. So, I always miss the initial session of the teaching.Second, I do not even get time for snacks and due to this i feel very low at the end of the day.Third, I do not even get time for freshen up. So, I can not concentrate on the teaching.These all are the reasons for leaving the course in between.

It would be appritiable if you return the fees of my course or you would allow me to continue this course after 6 months with this fees.

Your faithfully,

Dear Mr.Mark,

I am writing with regard to inform you that I am unable to attend to distributed control system class that is holding On Monday and Wednesday evening.

As you know I have a full-time job and I take this course to expand my knowledge and get hands-on experience in my field. However, my company has received a great proposal from the Edmonton to have a contribution in installing a new wind turbine there. I have been offered to be a member of mission group to Edmonton. This offer is kind of promotion for me that I have been waiting for a long time. Consequently, I am going to move to Edmonton next week and I cannot participate in the class anymore.

Due to finding this course high professional and valuable, I do not want to miss it. Therefore, I was wondering if you could give me a permission to withdraw the course this semester and postpone it to following semester.If it is not possible, As an alternative solution, I have heard that this course has the online section as well, it would be great if you could send me information with regard to take this course online.

Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Dear Mr.Stephen,

I'm Da Yeong Kim who has been in your history class for 3 months.
I am writing this letter to inform you that I am not available to continue the course anymore.

I have had full-time job in social service work near Halifax local hospital and last week my manager offered me a new position with higher salary.

The problem is that the new position is night shift so that the working time is going to overlap with the class time.

However, I am still willing to finish the course. So I'd like to know if there is any possibility for me to be transferred to the same course which is lead by Ms.Kim at 9am or any course which has similar syllabus with the one I have taken.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Regards
Da Yeong Kim

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