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Monday, May 14, 2012


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Hi Simon,
Thanks for your advice!I hope it will really help me.For this type of questions reading the first and last sentence,sometimes,the second sentence is very helpful,too.

Recently I have scored twice band 9 from reading( I need band 7.5 from each domain and I am struggling with my writing part of the exam-I have never obtained more than band 7.0...my next attempt is within a week,so fingers crossed! ).

I found out that it is very useful to use the rule of : 15/20/25 minutes for 3 passages .The first passage is usually the easiest one so I spend only 15 minutes solving questions and then 20 minutes reading passage 2 and 25 minutes passage 3.

that is my golden rule and it really works :)

Additionally it is worth to study questions of each passage before reading articles rather than first reading all paragraphs.Underline all key words and simply look for answers ,do not concentrate too much on the articles because you will not have enough time to solve all questions.

HI everybody but sometimes you cannot find answers reading first and last sentences....then what do we have to do?

Hi kasia, you really got the great scores in reading. My reading score is less than other modules. Mostly i made mistakes in True,False and not given questions especially between false and NG.

@khatira You need to scan the text and mark the keywords. So that you can pick the answers while you read again.

thanks vivek

Khatira, wow, it seems like your reading is perfect.
where you are going to take the exam?
I am going to take the IELTS 18/19 May in Cardiff, UK . I have a big trouble with reading. What do you advice for me and like me other people?

Thanks, Simon.
Especially No.1 is very useful. I used to choose the heading after I finished reading every paragraph. It caused me confused sometimes.
I think your advice is really useful and I'll try it next time.

hi Khaliun....my reading is bad therefore i cannot give advice about it.my exam is 19...


The IELTS people know that students look at the first and last sentences. I'm afraid you won't always find the answers using that technique. You often need to read the whole paragraph to find the key words that give the answer.


Hi Kasia,

If that has worked for you, it's great. However, in my experience, it isn't generally true that passages 2 and 3 become more difficult. I know other students who have tried your technique and really struggled - they only improved when they started to spend 20 minutes on each passage.

Sorry to disagree with your technique, but it seems to me that you got a band 9 because your reading ability is excellent, not because of one technique or another (nobody will get a band 9 with techniques alone - such a high score requires excellent vocabulary knowledge more than anything).

PS. I agree completely with your second point about going straight to the questions, rather than reading the whole passage!

Thanks Simon,even though I am still not able to work in UK because I haven't achieved yet band 7.5 from writing,I got last time 2x 8.0 from listening and speaking and band 9.0 from reading but my writing was very low-band 6.5. I stopped preparing to other parts,apart from writing,I spent almost 1.5 month preparing to writing with a private teacher -3 times a week(one to one lesson).
My highest band from writing was 7.0 ,but the dream one band looks so far away :((

Hi Kasia,
I would like to you about IELTS. My mail is skamal_76@yahoo.com


you can find me in facebook.

Md. Kamal Hossain

Hi Simon;

you are doing a great work here. what you are doing here helps people through all the world, im really appreciate that. all i want to know that you are saying that we dont need to read every single word while reading section.

however it is sometimes may difficult such as "heading" parts. what we need to do about this? sometimes "scam" is not enough.

thank you everything in advance.

Hi Simon,
Thanks a lot for your contribution to us.my exam is on 26th instant.what should i do to take last moment preparation?is it worthy to practice more and more reading test at home?
pls guide me.

Hi Kasia,
I would like to take your advice about IELTS reading.My mail is avanitiruveedhula@gmail.com.kindly send me ur mail id to this id.

Hi Kaisa. Great score you got in Reading band 9.
I wish I have it. My reading is the weakest. I m scoring 6.5 for last 6.5 for last so many exams. I need 7.5 in reading.
Please advise me what do i need to do. I am having my General Ielts AFTER 2 days. I am well prepared. But appreciate your advise.
I have trouble with paragraphs questions. i got lost.
I shall try to follow your golden rule of 15/20/25 in reading while focusing on marking questions right rather than having speed with wrong answers.
Please guys wish me best of luck in my all four modules. I NEED 7 IN EACH.

Appreciate your valuable comments.

Hai I am very low score in reading what do I need to do

Hi Kasia;

I am asking for some tipes to score 6.5 in academic reading (IELTS). I usually score 6 and I am very disappointed actually!

My e-mail is: lauretta123lon@gmail.com

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