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Friday, April 13, 2012


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Well done Simon, It is quite important to distinguish between each aspects of such kinds of questions. Definitely you are remarkable online teacher for us. Thanks so much

Dear Sir!
I wrote an essay contrasting life in city and life in country. I hope you can read and comment on my essay so that I can know exactly my ability because I have just begin study IELTS. I greatly appreciate your kindness.
Accompany development of society, the gap between country and city becomes more obviously than ever before. It is believe that country living relatively differs from city living in terms of cost of living, pace of life and entertainment.
It is believed that the cost of living in cities is considerably higher than in countries. There is a great disparity in expense for house, food, education and entertainment between city and country. In other words, everything costs more in cities. A worker’s salary cannot afford basic amenities for a nuclear family living in cities, for instance, whereas if they live in country, they even can make savings.
In addition, life moves more quickly in urban areas compared to rural areas. City dwellers frequently bustle about accomplishing in attempt to meet a series of deadlines, they sometimes have no time to relax even to enjoy punctually their lunch or dinner. As a common fact that it hardly can be seen an empty street in cities and traffic congestion in rush hour become a kind of familiar. As opposed to urban people, residents in countries seem to be free. They spend the whole evening relaxing and gathering.
Another difference that needs to be mentioned is the way people do for pleasure. In cities, people easily approach to a wide variety of leisure activities. For example, they can go to parks, entertainment centers, theatres, museums and so on. It is difficult to find these places in countries so that rural people occasionally go to city to entertain. However, they usually watch TV or play traditional games in their free time.
All in all, life in cities and life in countries have discrepancies concerning living condition, pace of life and the past time. People should consider carefully these differences if they have intention to move from city to country or from country to city.

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Dear Simon;
Would you let me know how I could ameliorate my problems in grammar in 2 weeks? I have some problems in my writing that made me disappointed!

Hi simon , you're really doing great for us. Here is my some prob. Could you plz solve this prob out for me. I'll be highly delighted. Which one is correct - Three fourths or three fourth ? Thanks in advance

Three fourths (or three quarters)

Hello Simon,
I have a question about the 1st example.There are more people, so there's more competition for jobs. Life is a lot slower in rural areas.

Subject verb agreement. There's or there are more competitions?

Sorry for bothering you again. Although I already passed my test, I still spend time studying your free online lessons.

is anyone interested to converse on skype.i prefer a female english speaker as m women too..

What nationality are you Dolly? Maybe you would consider a male chatter.

okey! Dolly give me your Skype name ,please

i want specifically female partner from any country. but m from India

Hi Gwapo,

In that case, 'competition' is uncountable, so the singular "there is" is correct.

Tnx Simon. I'm really learning a lot from you. You are truly a great teacher, who has an infinite passion in teaching.

hi dolly,

I am emel from turkey maybe we can be conversation partner, if u give ur skype ıd

Simon, i have a question about writing task. In describing a bar chart, he always has a part for explaining what the Y axis and X axis present. i wonder that is it necessary?

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