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Friday, April 06, 2012


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Hi Simon,

If one day you decide to visit or live in "sunny California", just let me know and I will show you around!

Have a nice weekend~


Hopefully I'll be able to take you up on that offer one day! Thanks Martin.

Have a great weekend too.

I had similar question in my exam and I answered differently because I am from small village.
1st answer-
I am from X.Its small town situated in the north of India.
2 nd answer-
I like my village because it is good place to relax or study.I can go for walk on hill nearby my home.
answer 4-
I think it not great place for youngters as not much their.I mean in way of entertainment for example no cinema,restaurant.they have to go to town for these things which is about 7 miles away.

Hope this helps.

Have a nice easter Simon.

I living in ludhiana . Which is the city of punjab. Like north indian side.

I had been asked "where are you from?"
I told that
I live in X but I was born in Y also my native city is XX where my parents were born.

Hope it is acceptable

I live in J which is a city in eastern region of Saudi Arabia .
Yes I like my home town because I born in it and my friends living threre,also it is good city for studying or working .
Actually yes I would like to live in other place just to have the experiences for living in big city.
No, I dont think so becouse it doesn't have a lot of things to do in free time and to entertain your self for example cinema or shopping .

Just found a such a wonderful website here!
Thank you simon i will follow ur website every week~

One day you come to Australia ill show you around AS WELL, lol :)


hi everyone,
i want a female speaking partner on skype.. if anyone out there practicing contact me or drop a msg.

Thanks Eva! I'm glad you like the site.

Hi Simon, I wanted to know the answer for "where are you from" incase I'm in US for last 2 years but originally from Nepal.should I answer the question as "I am from Chicago ,Illinois .it is the largest city in Illinois and it is situated between the mississippi river and the great lakes" or should I say that "I am from kathmandu in Nepal.it is the capital of Nepal and is the largest city.it is famous for the royal palaces and Hindu religious places". Or should I answer that "I am originally from Nepal but I have benn living in Chicago for last 2 years."

All 3 answers are fine!

Thanks a lot Simon.I would go with the first oen :)

Hi Simon, my teacher, who is an IELTS examiner,told me that in part one I should speak until the examiner stops me. I want to know if it is necessary because your advice is to give short answers. Thanks

Hi Ninh,

My advice is to give a short, direct answer and then stop. In my experience, examiners find it annoying to have to interrupt every question in part 1 - this would mean about 10 interruptions!

Dear Simon
How come that examiners find it annoying to have to interrupt every question in part 1 - this would mean about 10 interruptions! and in the same time Part 1 questions are 4 or 5 Questions only on the same topics like the example of Hometown ?
Which mean that maximum numbers of interruptions that the examiner will make is 4 or 5 ? is it a reasonable numbers of interruptions or not ? i mean that this 5 interruptions will decrease my score as the examiner will be annoyed ?
All IELTS centers in Egypt teach the golden rule of speaking " SPEAK AND DONT STOP UNTIL THE EXAMINER WANT TO ESCAPE FROM THE WINDOW " this is true and not a joke .
While i was confused by your advice to be short answers in part 1 ?
Please clarify your opinion
Lastly , i have been fortunate to discover your site before 1 month of my exam as i saw many candidates said that that unfortunatly they browse this site just before the exam , i think that this site is very very very enough to get a score of 7 in exam without any additional ressources , tank you from the bottom of my heart

Hi Ashraf,

There are about 10 questions in part 1: a couple of introductory questions (e.g. Do you work or are you a student?), then 4 questions on each of TWO topics (8 questions in total).

There is a strict time limit for each candidate, and if you use too much time in part 1, you'll cause the examiner to rush when it comes to part 3. You don't want this to happen! - Part 3 is your chance to give more detailed answers that could get you a high score. Part 1 is supposed to be easy, so you won't get a high score by focusing on that.

Thanks a lot
although i read many sites in IELTS but no one give me such info that if use much time in part 1 i ll scarifice the part 3 time
very very very precious info
1000 thanks

its my pleasure that today while we are in IELTS session in an egyptian center
the tutor advise us to use your site and i tell them that i personaly try it and it was a great push in my study

Hii can any1 please help me
Right nw im not doing anything
I completed my b.tech in may 2013
What should i answer if the examiner
Ask me what are you doing now

And iam from hyderabad
Can any 1 tell intresting things about hyderabad

hi mona, even staying in hyd you don;t know the interesting things of hyd.

Here i think i can help u to some extent

There are lot of interesting places are there in Hyd among them I personally found Golconda fort as a most interesting place.
it was constructed long before in the period of nizam's which consist of some advanced sounding systems which are used to communicate, most interesting part is the main gate of the Golconda fort which is much heavier which is impossible to break the gates even with the help of elephants, and the caves sculptures and the materials used for the construction were quite interesting, overall the experience of the Golconda forts Greatness inexpressible

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