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Monday, April 16, 2012


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Hello Simon,
I am going to take my second IELTS exam in 28 th of April. my big problem is reading, I cannot answer all questions. I know it is difficult, but my question is, do you agree to answer all questions in passage one then move to passage two and so on, or you prefer answering the easiest one in each passage as you recommended above?
Thanks in advance for your productive online lessons.

Notes: (I got 5.5 in reading and lestingin, 5 writing and 7 speaking. 6 overall in my first and previous exam last month)

Hi Hemn,

I usually advise starting with passage one, but you could have a quick look at the 3 passages to see if there is a topic you prefer.

Hi Simon,

The reading structure follow the same meaning of the listening test? I mean, more easy first and the difficult ones come later?

Please let me know your thoughts.



my advice is to look quickly to the 3 passages first . Then , choose the topic that you familiar with the main idea and vocabularies . After that , try to answer the whole questions as possible as you can . Do the easy questions first, and guess the difficult questions second , do not stick on them too long . As you know there is time in the exam . After that , move to the next passage and so on .

thanks for your valuable advises

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