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Monday, April 30, 2012


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hello simon
is the answer D?


D- Yes,-The book offers a spirited and compelling argument for completely rethinking the way we see our universities

No- A-why we need them
B-can never be wholly harnessed to immediate
social purposes
C-S.Collini challenges this common claim

D answer only is correct,because it is about the general aim of the book
B-indicates social purposes,but they are only additional aims of uni
(of course,in my opinion)

I think answer is D

D :
It is about changing of our understanding of the main of the universities.

Simon I would ask you another question.I had this question on my listening part.North West or North-West?car-park or car park?Is it important to write dash??Thanks a lot!

D, I guess.

i think D is right one

The answer is D


Answer: D (What Are Universities For? offers a spirited and compelling argument for completely rethinking the way we see our universities, and why we need them.)

Hi simon,
My question is quit weird, if you finish your second paragraph on the last line of the page, do you need to have a space for your third paragraph on the next page? What i did was i did not provide a space in my last exam.tnx


Hi Simon hi guys.i really need your help.i should write outline to the essays,but i don't know how to write,please help to me.its reall important for me. my email addres: nata19912606@mail.ru
or nata19912606@hotmail.ru

d is the answer.

I think D is better one


My answer is,


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your weekly listening and reading exercises.

I think today's small exercise shows that any reading material from books, magazines, newspapers, or the Internet can easily be an IELTS question.

To make regular reading even more productive (and challenging), students can practise by themselves by coming up with their own one-sentence summary (or list of main ideas) for anything they read. Although it could be time consuming, I think this way of learning can help improve one's reading comprehension ability as well as analytical skill.


answer is D.

The Answer Is D.

Thanks Simon!




Hi Elle,

Both ways are fine. Don't worry about the dash.


Hi Dave,

I don't think you need to leave a line if you start a new page, but you can if you want. It's probably clear that it's a new paragraph either way.


I agree as usual Martin!

MY answer is D.
Thanks Simon!

tnx so much simon. take care

Answer is D

I'd suggest everyone to read books in english in order to improve reading skills! Currently I have band 8.5 because of that.

i also circled D letter. but in real test i can't get a great score in reading module :(

Hi Simon,
In one of your lesson on reading, you mentioned that we need to find a "keyword" in question so to find the answer.
I cant understand how do you define the "keyword" in the question? When I do reading, I try to understand the meaning of the question, and then to find the answer?
But sometimes my answers are not correct.
Thank you!

The answer is D



The answer is: D

Hi Simon

When I fill the blanks in reading test, do I have to use exactly the same word mentioned in the text? or shall I put it on my own words.

Thank you

Hi Ahmed,

The instructions will tell you what to do. Normally, you are told to use words from the passage.

answer is (D)


D is the answer

hi simon
i want practice difficult reading



The answer is: D

the answer is d

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