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Sunday, April 22, 2012


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Hello Simon,
I believe that also we can memorise some useful phrases and collocations that we can use them in different circumstances. I would like to share some of them which I have highlighted in my notebook and all of these phrases have been found in your website:
Sports professionals, Vital service, Football players, play an important role in (something), be+ necessary for success in life, people have different views about (we can use this in the beginning of the introduction of discussion essay), I would argue that (expressing your idea), Despite the above arguments (the first step in the third paragraph in discussion essay), for the reasons mentioned above (the first step in conclusion of opinion essay) and so on.


Dear Simon,
While it was a great pleasure meeting you on Saturdays course,I learnt alot in one day. I think you are the best IETLS tutor I have ever seen,because you teach students in such a great way which is easy to understand.As I said before,I have reached band 7 from 6-6.5 in writing because I have been learning from this website and now I need your help in reading lease.
Therefore,I would be grateful if you could run an IELTS reading class on next Saturday as my exam is going to be on 12th April.Thanks

Sorry about the spelling ,it is please not lease.Thanks

HI Nafiseh,

Plz check your email


This website very useful especially for non-native speaker and reader like me. Hope I'll get higher score (at least 6.5) for my first IELTS attempt on this 28th of April. Best of luck for me..

Hi Hemn
how are you?
I think your English is good, can you help me by chatting or some else?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello Saman,
You can add me on skype if you wish.
This is my skype ID: hemn.merany1
We can have a chat there.
I am looking forward to seeing you there.


Hi Simon,
Yes i could memorize your eBook before exam.
i did about 15 pages.
i could not get that topic otherwise i could get 7 or 8.
There is no doubt that we need to find out our mistakes and avoid them to be done in future.


Hi Simon thank you for answering my questions in your previous lectures. Again, I'm going to ask you about my exam last april 21. My task 1 is about bar graph. There are 4 age groups then the year covered is 2003- 2006. My approach was my 3rd paragraph is for the yr 2003-2004, while the 4th paragraph is for the yr 2005-2006. I'm very much anxious because I realized that it could have been much better if i explained it in the 3rd paragraph having the first 2 age group but covering all the years from 2003-2006 then the 4th paragraph having the last 2 age groups and again covering all the years. will my essay just fine? You said that we all have different approaches right so will that mean that i don't have to worry?tnx

In my ielts exam at 21st April, I also did the same. Well in my case, in writing task 1 it was about the average cost of clothing imported in european union from seven major cities. and in task 2 it was about Museumhttp://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2011/05/ielts-writing-task-2-museums-essay.html this same question......
I tried to write as far as i remembered and worked for. I need 7 in each module.
God bless me....
Hope it works Simon, at least this time as i had gone through your e books many times and had really worked hard. Really your site and e books are amazing. Its truly said you are an amazing tutor even in website as well even though i haven't attended your face to face class......
thank you sir!!!!!!!

Don't worry Dave. Your approach was fine. Good luck!


Thanks for your positive words Chopstix! I hope you get your 7s!

thank you so much simon. Godbless

Hi Hemn

I'm also interested to make speaking module practice on skype do you ?

skype ID : owaisadvani


Hi Aynura,

This is the best information I have about those scores:


hi ex-reader, i believe that i can learn many things from your experience here is my id haidari.r add me in u r skype plz.

Hello Simon,
It is really please to me to find your website before my IELTS exam. I was wandering if you could please prepare a tutorials about how making an outline for writing essay task 2 or getting ideas about the topic straight forward... I personally have a problem in getting ideas. thanks a lot
best regards
Awat Qaladzay, UK, Nottingham

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