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Sunday, April 15, 2012


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Hi Simon. i have a gramma exercise. Correct the mistakes. Please help me
It is important that cancer iđ diagnosed and treated as early as possible in order to assure a successful cure.

Hi Simon, this is so true!

We should enjoy examination!

Hi Simon,
Thank you so much for all your guidelines on IELTS.
I took the IELTS test Saturday 14/4 and during my speaking test my examiner was not making eye contact with me. However, I spoke very well and also covered all bullet points. Just afraid is this a +ve sign or -ve???
Once again thanks, all your speaking topics are very useful.

HI Simon I am too nervous when taking exam...and made a big mistake, Would marks still be obtained if me shortened all the answers as T/F/NG or miswrote as Yes/No/Not Given (or Y/N/NG)? thank you very much!

I am still confused, the biggest question, which test is easier?

Academic or general??

Hi Simon, I'm working for general exam. Do you give advice for writing task 1 here in you site. could you show me, if there is any. Thanks

This is absolutelt true just enjoy the test as you normally would when taking any other test or Pretend that you are just playing a video game online that you challenge somebody and beat him. To get nervous during the exam is the same as competing with someone else.

Simon, I hope you doing well over there. Here I would like to inform you about a new topic. This new topic I got in my last exam. It was a Task 2 in writing. The topic was
" The tendency of news reports is focus on problems and emergencies rather than positive developments is harmful to individuals and society.
To what extent do you agree or disagree? "

I found it difficult. May be you will share more ideas on this topic.

Thanks !!!

Hi, Simon! It's sophie from Korea.
Sorry, I am just asking my personal question in here because I don't know where I can ask a question.

I did an IELTS test 2weeks ago and I've just got the results.
However, I am not sure it is right as I thought I did really well in speaking, but I only got a 6 which is the lowest score out of the all my exams. (first = 6, second = 7, third = 6.5)
My teacher who is an IELTS examiner always said to me "You will definetly get a 6.5 or 7" and other my English friends who know about IELTS said it, too.

Obviously, the examiner was new. He made a mistake when he tried to record my voice and also he already put the question paper in front of me when I sat down on the chair.
However, he was quite nice during the exam and he even told me "It was interesting to talk to you".

Therefore, I am going to apply for "enquiry on results".
Do you know somebody who has done it and what were the results?
It costs me 60pounds, so I want it to be worth it.
Could you tell me about it if you know?

Many thanks

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much. I got my result after 3 month online study (31 March test). L6.5, S 7, R 7, W 7.5 .

Hi Sophie,

I do know students who have had their scores raised (usually by 0.5), so it might be worth trying in this case. Good luck!


Congratulations Daniel!


I'll answer some of the other questions this weekend.

Hi Simon, thank you so much for the IELTS
eBook which i just received, am sure it will be VERY useful for me, because i've done the exam 4times but unable to get the required band(7)score.

Hai Simon,I would like to buy your book "ideas on ielts topic".could you tell me how many topics are in the book.piease reply me soon.

Warm regards,Julie Jaison

julie jaison.

Hi Julie,

There are 24 topics. You can see the full contents page by clicking on the "example chapter" link on this page:


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