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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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Dear Simon,

The first question is asking either we agree or disgree..so it is our opinion we can agree or disagree or balanced opinion and also it is asking for your opinion so we have to give our opinion .

The second question is asking to discuss both the views and give the opinion .


Dear Simon,
1- first question is agree or disagree type and is asking us to give the personol opinino.
2-second one is a discussion type task and aking for personal belief.
3-Third one is an explainatory tye question and asking some solutions to the problem.
4-This is a double question type task, so both of the questions need to answered.

Hello Simon,

I have written one essay but i am confused weather the same example can be used in the body 2 paragraph and kindly give me the feedback of this essay is it related to the topic or not.

Thank you.


Hello simon,

This is my essay..

It has been said, “Not every thing that is learned is contained in books.”
Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

Many people argue that they gain more knowledge from books rather than from experience. In my opinion I believe that gaining knowledge from experience is more important because we can gain updated knowledge and can remember it for long term.

On the one hand, the knowledge what we gain from books is only up to some extent. In schools we start learning every subject such as history, science and economics from books. For example, in school we learn the functionality of the running motor theoretically and the view of motor by the diagrams represented by naming labels in the books. However, we have not seen the real functionality of the running motor how it works. After some days later we may not remember the functionality of the motor. Also, the information present in the books gets outdated from what we have learnt. In other aspect, the content what we read in books make us understand initially the basics and it helps us to proceed further in the practical aspect.

On the other hand, we can gain more knowledge by experience. It is because we have practical skills and we will be working on it daily basis. For example, let us consider the same example mentioned above, about the functionality of the motor.
When we take it to the practical experience the person can gain more knowledge by working with the functionality of the motor and understanding the complete architecture. While coming to the practical experience the information gained will not be outdated, and also we can update our skills up-to-date.

In conclusion, I support gaining knowledge by experience is more important compared to books.

Hi Simon.
1. We are being asked to state an opinion. Therefore, an *Argument* style of essay would be employed.
2. Here we should use discussion style of essay.
3. Argument essay
4. discussion essay
► Argument essay: asked to state a position
► discussion essay: analyze (issues)

♣ I'm requesting to explain the differences in detail before 31st of March because I have an IELTS exam in that day and your lesson can improve my band score. ♣

Hi Avani,

I'm afraid I don't offer essay correction or scoring. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

I have a date on 31st lets see...

Hi Adel Ansari,

Hve a look at this link for 1st and 2nd questions

for 3 rd question

for 4th question,this link link is similar to 4th question but not exactly.

Hope this helps
wish you luck for exam,also to Jay as well.

Hi Tahir,
Thanks for your help.
Good Luck

Hello Simon and website visitors,

Thanks for these questions. That is which I am looking for and I have sent a comment here to you about the differences between various sorts of essay questions.
Although I am looking for reading your answer next Wednesday, I would like to share my opinion:
I think first one is an argument question and an argument essay should be written. In this essay, student should show its opinion. Besides, he/she should say whether agree or disagree with the statement.
The second question requires discussion essay. Test takers should describe both sides with illustrating their opinions.
The third question student should make a judgment and suggest a solution.
Finally, the forth question is almost the same with second statement. I think in last one student does not have to say his/her opinion, whereas in the second question the opinion of the student must be presented.

Hi Simon
"Do the advantages of this approach outweigh disadvantages?"
it is the question sentence of task 2 writing.

Is it asking our opinion or comparing both side?

dear Simon.
Some people think that the only purpose of working hard is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
- just discuss one side you agree with

Some people believe that punishment is the only purpose of prisons, while others believe that prisons exist for various reasons. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
- discuss both side and give opinon with the one you agree with.
The number of plants and animals is declining. Explain this problem and suggest some solutions.
- problem and solution essay
Many people around the world are choosing to move to live in cities. What problems do people experience in big cities? Should governments encourage people to move to smaller towns?
- problem and solution essay

In my opinion:
For Type 1, you can simply select one argument and explain it.

Type 2, however, means you must talk about BOTH arguments before finish your essay.

Type 3 is of causes and suggestion.

Type 4 should answer both two questions.

Hi Fudayl. Look at this lesson that Simon wrote:


Thanks Jim

hi simon, hope u doing well,,
Question 1-- asking our view about the topic, in this we could utterly agree or disagree, partially agree and disagree,,
Question 2-- should write both side of the question means why people think that prisons are only for punishment and why other say that they are for various reasons and at last we have to give our own opinion ,,,
Question 3-- its problem and solution type,means what are the problems because of decreasing number of plants and animals and solutions to deal these problems,,
Question 4-- should write difficulties people face when they move to big cities and we can agree or disagree wether government should encourage people to move to small towns,,

Hi Simon,

QUESTION 1 > It's an opinion essay
estate whether agree or
disagree and support your
opinion. No need to tackle the
other side argument.

QUESTION 2 > Discussion + opinion
Discuss both sides & give your

QUESTION 3 > Discussion essay of Problems &
Solutions. No opinion.

QUESTION 4 > It's a Direct Question.
Answer the questions directly,
explain, then give examples.
No need for an opinion.



Hi Simon,

Thanks I found your website. As I go over it, I find it interesting and very useful for us who wish to take IELTS exam aiming to have high band score. I wonder why I haven't seen this website of yours in the Philippines, I've only discovered it here at the moment that I'm here in Ireland. Anyway, thanks for your concern for exerting effort in giving tips, sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

More power to you!



I face difficulties with IELTS writing, I took the exam twice and I got 6.5 and 6 in writing. I studied with different strategies but the outcomes remained the same. In the exam I run out of time and idea. I need your advice and how long I need to prepare for the next exam. I feel that I am very poor at writing. I need to get band 7 in writing but it looks so hard for me.

Hi Emma,I do understand your situation.
All I can tell is to try "Simon's IELTS eBook"!
It will help you expand your idea and you'll get the knack of it.

Hope it will help:-)

Hi Emma,

It's impossible to say how long it will take I'm afraid. You just need to keep working hard, and suddenly you'll find that you get the score you need. A few lessons with a teacher who can check your essays would help.


Thanks for recommending the ebook Ai!

the first iz opinion essay and second is discussion essay .
the difference is in first we have to write our opinion and in second discuss both sides by bieng a third party and than to give own opinion probably in conclusion .
am i right ?

3rd is problem / solution essay .
bit confused about 4 ... it seems it asks for problem identification with causes ,,, first idea. and second idea.. opinion about government responsibility. ?

Dear Simon.
Thank you very much for the Saturday course, on 24thof March that I attended. It was very useful and pleasant for me. I appreciate, greatly your portal and your every day lessons you put there. Now, I wrote an essay on one the 4 topics you gave to us to think about in Manchester and shown, as well today’s lessons. I chose the one about the role of prison. I know that you cannot describe it directly, but perhaps someone can write something about it or you would decide to give a short hint. I would be very grateful. I am aware of my weakness in writing too much. I still cannot do it more succinct. I have so many ideas. I always consider all background of each topic and my writing usually has too long introductions. That’s why I have problem with timing on that exam. My highest score are at reading-8, listening and speaking 7.5 and at writing still 6.5 and I need 7 at that. How I could improve it ?
So, that it is this essay on your second topic of the day.
Our present prison system was established many years ago, mainly, to make a frame and a place, where punishment in form of isolation is performed. It is designed for moderate and more severe criminal deeds. Some people feel that if this basic aim is fulfilled properly, it is just good enough. However, other are of the opinion (and I am among them) that prisons would be more than that, being responsible for more complex tasks, as well, mainly in terms of rehabilitation of the people stayed there in order to make them more useful for the whole society, again. It seems to be wider, deepened and more sophisticated approach to the problem.
Firstly, it is true that the main reason why people are going to prison is the need to undergo a justified punishment, after being convicted by the court. And the meaning of its tool includes fairness of penalty for the crimes committed, retribution and the act as deterrent for others, considering, perhaps, something similar to perform. Secondly, while the punishment is fulfilled during their imprisonment, the rest of society is well protected from the possibility of being under active attack of those, who are there. Of course, at this point is always a dilemma, what the level of punishment should be implemented, in each case. For severe crimes if should be equally severe punishment or rather more humanitarian ones. For example, have we got rights to arrange a death sentence or rather life imprisonment for murder or the hardest offences, abuses, terroristic attacks. For me prison punishment should be done with the highest quality performance in the way of justice and care, not hurting for example innocent people.
However, I see other reasons pointed out by others, as well, why prison would be useful. The most crucial, certainly, is the rehabilitation of convicted people, in many aspects of that. Taking one of these points-yet, some people especially young came from very bad and poor backgrounds, they simply reflect their environment they live. Unemployment, poverty, the lack of financial stability, drug and alcohol addiction, experience of abuse, those are the factors leading them into the way of crime. There was no one giving them proper examples, how to behave well, how to earn money for living and leading a descent life, further. So, in these terms, prison may occur as a rescue, by education given, skills acquired, a suitable knowledge gained, which can be exploited while trying to be competitive on the job market. Sometimes, it is the only way they could have to get a chance to do something worthy with their life, having presented the way to follow. For example, by working hard in prison, they could get their job qualifications and by being trained properly this kind of job can be continued by them, after their release, in the real world. And, as a consequence, these people will contribute positively to society becoming, even, valuable its members by paying taxes and not longer being a burden for all of us. Moreover, because of their experience, they could help other people like previous colleagues discouraging them to follow bad patterns and being for them a real good example in the way of good change. Sadly, what in theory seems to be a fantastic solution, in reality not always is so simple, due to lack of money provided for a proper staff and training and the result may be quite opposite. For instance ,some, petty crime offenders may meet criminals, who made them worse, teaching them rather how to develop their crime practices. But, despite this risk this aim is still worthy trying.
In conclusion, prisons obviously should remain the place where the punishment is performed, but on the other hand they may play other, associated with the first purpose, crucial roles, as well. The most important task seems to be help lawbreakers to change their life approach, rehabilitate themselves and prepare them for leading a better life, later.

Hi Aleksandra,

I'm glad you enjoyed the course and found it useful.

I'm afraid I can't comment on essays here. If I do this for one person, everyone will ask me to do the same for them. If I see you in Manchester again, I'll be able to help. Otherwise, I can put you in touch with my colleague who offers essay correction.

Speak soon

Hi Simon,

I've got a question about a sentence.

"It's not uncommon that cell phone users replace their phones every year, although the phone they have abandoned is still in usable condition."

I read this sentence in an book. I think this sentence is incorrect because there are two verbs in the subodinate clause. I think the correct one should be " although the phone they abandoned is still in usable condition".

Am I correct? Please help me out with this question. Thanks a lot!


Hi Yan,

The original and your version are both correct. In the original, "have abandoned" is present perfect (like "have seen"), so there is only one main verb.

hi everyone..
is anyone practicing ielts speaking on skype?add me on skype if anyone is interested.. prefer a female partner..

hi simon..
i'm going to attend my writing ielts test on 7.7..but still, i have a lot of thing that i don't understand. in one of the book that i've read, it's stated that there are 3 types of essays in ielts which are argument, hidden argument and situation. can u explain what are the differences between all of these essays and how can i identify them in the exam. thank u..=)

Hi Mizzmunie,

Have a look through my task 2 lessons to see how I describe and answer the different essay types.

The number of plants and animals is declining. Explain this problem and suggest some solutions.

Hello Simon,

Your site is very helpful thank you so much.

I just wanna ask you about stating an opinion thesis statement in the introduction
can i write in third person (This essay will…) instead of first person (I agree/disagree) and which is better.

Thank you

hi friends
i have ielts exam so can u guys post your essays here plzzzzzzzzzzzz
help me

Dear Simon,
Many thanks for these information in writing of IELTS. Please,I need to improve my skill in writing ,what I should be doing.I need your advice.
Best regards.

Dear simon Is there any essay regarding stronger gun laws be in force to protect all citizen . How far do you agree or disagree with this statement

Hello Simon,
I am so glad to read your lessons. It is helpful for me. Of course, i am being taught IELTS strategies by a teacher in my town. She taught that there are 4 types at task2 on ielts writing.
first- Advantage or disadvantage-in this type, i should at least 2 examples for 2 side and there can be opinion or not.
Second-Opinion-we just give own opinion and make conclusion at the end
Third-we analyze the issue and give solutions, at least 2
Forth-discussion-we should analyze two sides and no opinion, if asked give opinion, can give own opinion.

Is it right? sometimes I am confused with these?

Can we give both opinion in Do you agree or disagree essay? I head some people said you can only give two sided views if the question ask to what extent do you agree or disagree? Please reply and thank you!

Can I disagree with only purpose of working hard is to earn money? But I agree that there are few reason to work hard, one of the reason is just earning money.

Hi sir can you please suggest me about some kind of writing task 2 questions for example what ,is has, do, does, how, should, can .what kind of these are essay how to explain them is there any template?

Please can you check my introduction of task 2 essay. in spite of the many advances
Women have made in education and employment, they continue to be at a disadvantage when it comes to pay and Promotion. In your view, what should be done to promote equality of opportunity
for men and women in the workplace?

It is rolesinevitable that the importance of women can not be overlook in any society they play an extra ordinary role in individuals life .it is said that with the advancing technology they have done much more things especially in job and educational settings but when there are opportunities on higher salary and getting promotion they are pushed back .I, believe this could be eliminate by taking some measures by government to create a equal rights for both genders.

Is there any one who is serious in speaking
Practice. Please let me know if you are interested send me your number we can practice by using imo

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