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Saturday, March 10, 2012


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Simon, I just wanted to inform you that I already passed. I don't know how to express my thanks to you, only say thank you very much is not enough. My listening is 8. Reading 6.5, writing 7 and speaking 7.5. I hope I could repay your kindness you have given me. Maybe when I get a chance to visit your place I'll gave you a token of appreciation.

got result today.

L-6.5,R-7 W-5.5 and S-7.5.
I knew that not gonna get 7 in writing as messed up with task-2 but disappointed with reading & speaking because I predicted 8 in each.

congrates gwapo.

Fantastic scores Gwapo. You've worked hard, so you deserve them! I'm glad my lessons helped.


You'll get there next time Tahir!

Hi, Simon!
I got my results
LS: 8.5
RD: 8.5
WR: 7
SP: 7
Thank you very much, your site helped me a lot. When I started to prepare I didn't believe that I would get a band 8, but with your site and practice I've made it.

gwapo and tahir, good job! I think we took the same test, didn't we?

hi simon, im only reading your blog and I dont have a formal course for IELTS. I am wondering if its allowed to just put a straight line or parenthesis on the wrong word/phrase that i wrote since im going to use a pencil in the actual exam and i observe that i consume more time erasing the word/phrase.


I believe we took the same test that's why we got our results at the same time. Congratulations to you.

Hi, namie(=
You can simply cross out a wrong or unnecessary word, also you can add words where you need, for example, I added some words by writing them above a sentence and it didn't look very good, but I got 7. Examiners who check your work just need your ideas and sentences, they don't care about crossing outs. Still your writing should be clear so that they can understand what you wrote.

Thanks Annuar..

Thank you a lot, Simon! I got overall band 7 and i'm really happy, but i disappointed a little bit with my writing =(. Anyway 7 is 7, so thank You!

Thanks Simon,
I have to clear it in my next attempt.

Yes Annuar,we took the test on the same day.
good luck for future.

Thank you Tahir. My only advice to you is keep watching TED, but choose videos which only runs for 6 to 9 mins. In regards to writing, you really need somebody or a teacher to check your writing. In addition, always make sure that you are answering the questions particularly the writing part 2. Moreover, if you have a phone that can download a dictionary that would really help you with the writing task. If you have any questions just let me know, maybe I can provide you with valuable material to ace the IELTS.

Wow, there's some great results on this page! Well done Anuar and AppleZ!

Thanks for advise Gwapo.
I have got that book 'Ace the IELTS' in pdf form but I have not read it.

as oxford dictionary says, there exists the word "researches"

Hi Lionsola,

Yes, the countable form does exist, but it's very rarely used. The normal thing to use is the uncountable form e.g. 'some research'.

Dear Simon,
your website is so usefull...

and gwapo, would you share the book ace the ielts... i am going to take ielts test on April 21. i feel unconfident but i have to put my best effor to face it. would you share your ielt preparation tips. thanks

It is not ace IElTS book I was talking about. It is a book on how to improve your writing by mc cartney.

Hi gwapo, can you please share the book.? My email is khanh_ttkh@yahoo.com

can we use 'The' with uncountable or plural nouns? For example, The information

I guess I saw examples like "According to a research..." Is it still wrong to use "a" before research in a way the same as I wrote

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