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Saturday, March 31, 2012


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Hi SImon got result just now,

Unfortunately: L-7 R-6.5 W-7.5 S-7 overall-7

but thats not enough,mean I have to take it again.wasting important time of my life for just o.5 in one section as you know my scores were in october L-9 R-7 W-8 and S-6.5.

anyway life is box of choclate some time hard and sometime soft.
I know there are lots of students in similar situation,I pray for all of them that they clear their IELTS.
Thanks for all your support and help,especially after your two lessons in Manchester I started dreaming of getting 7 in each.
May god bless you with happiness and succeess.

hi Tahir..

Same thing is turning out with me..

I wasted a lot of valuable time in my life..

but what to do?? this is really ......... exam.its not perfect exam.After all, its one type of business.

Thanks Joseph!


Hi Tahir and Jay,

Keep trying, you're so close now! I'm sure you'll get the scores you need soon. Don't give up!

hi simon
i just got my ressult today
L:6.5 R:7 W:6 S:7 overall 6.5
it was my first attempt,but i need 7 in each.is there any way to improve my writing?i bought your ebook too but i need useful way to use it.
afterall thank you for your best website.
you are great.,

Hi Florence,

You don't need to do anything new or different because you are very close to getting a 7. Here's my advice for people in your situation:


Hello Simon,
Thank you very much. I did well in my exam today. The exam was tricky but I did well. Your advice helped me a lot.

Hello Tahir,
I'm sure you can do it later and you will achieve band 8.

Hello Jay,
I took the exam today but I it seem to me that the exam is different!! I took Academic

Hi Jay,

Problem is not with IELTS but I think its governing bodies have to make a change in requiring scores.Before 2010 GMC was asking for overall 7 now they need 7 in each from doctors.
on the other hand EU doctors can start working here in UK without giving IELTS because they have similar rights as British citizens.
My advise is to book few exams together if you are finacially strong otherwise aim for 7.5 in each.
wish you luck.

To Simon,
Thanks again.I will keep trying.

hi simon, I have a question and pls answer it if you have spare time. How will I know if my word/ phrase collocation is correct? i know some correct phrases like tall buildings and high prices..tnx

hi simon,

i got my results today



Totally happy with my scores... i cant ask anymore...

I dont want to thank you and finish my relationship. I will keep you in my heart till the end...

Thanks Adel,
Good luck with ur result.

Hello!!! The following might be of some help for those who are going to sit the test.
Speaking part 2: describe a piece of furniture you possess, say where you bought it, why you like it.
Part 3: In your country, who is responsible for choosing furniture in families? What's the difference between office and home furniture? What factors influence your decision on which furniture to buy? On what occasions do people typically give furniture as a present?
Good luck!

hi simon
thanks alot for your advice.
you always help us.

Hi Simon,

I have a grammar question that I'm not sure how to explain and I'm hoping that you can give me a hand!

Is the expression "the increasing number of vehicles' emissions" correct? I normally use and see "amount of emissions", but since the word "emissions" is countable, is it OK to use "number" instead? Or is this just an exception? I'm not sure if there is a grammar rule to explain this one...

Hope you can clarify this for me~

Thanks in advance!


Hi Martin,

That's a good question. It's correct to use both, and I don't think it's an exception.

If you say "number of emissions", it means different emissions of different gases. In this case, I think most people would use "amount of emissions" to refer to the total quantity of emissions, rather than a number of different gases. If you compare Google searches for "number of emissions" and "amount of emissions", you'll fine more results for "amount".

On the other hand, you'll find more results for "number of PEOPLE" than for "amount of people", but there are still millions of results for the latter.

The way I see it, 'number' is better when we are counting, and 'amount' is used when we're talking about a large group.

Hi Simon,

Many thanks for your explanation!

I did Google both expressions but I was still unsure of how to explain this to my student.

Thanks again! I owe you a big one!

No problem Martin!

Hi Martin,

I'm a little late but I hope I can be of some help. I don't think "emissions" is considered countable because its usually measured by volume or concentration. For example, when a survey says that the amount of carbon dioxide measured in the atmosphere was "X parts per million" or "Y percent by volume", that is not countable - we aren't pointing and counting, "there's one volume of emission here, a concentration here" and so on.

Hope this makes sense!

thank you.

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