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Friday, February 17, 2012


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Thank you for the post Simon.

The one you suggested really helps. Topics about hometown always comes up and we should always had a ready answer for us to be able to speak and reply to the examiners question

Dear Simon

It really works. Thank you.

No problem Claudette and Reza.

This is the best advise you have given us, Simon. You're such an amazing person, generous and kind-hearted.

simon,thank u so much for being such an amazing person...i recently got your website ,it is really healpful.i am planning sit for exam by the end of next month .i need band 7 in all sections...last time i couldnot manage to get 7 in speaking ..it was 6.5. i dont know how well i can do this month..thank u alot.

How To prepare these topics.? Whether i have to write the whole thing or i should note down just points...

Hi Simon,

This is definitely a great piece of advice!

There is something else that I want to add, which is more on the psychological side. Regardless of the topic, I think it is also "essential" to be creative, willing to share what they have in mind, and stay positive and confident throughout the test. After all, this is a test of your speaking abilities and candidates should make an effort to talk as much as possible!


Hi Jobs,

My suggestion is simply to take notes of the different topics. If you write down complete speeches, it will take you forever and I think you will be tempted to memorize word by word, which is NOT good for the test. Remember that examiners are testing your abilities to speak in English in a natural way.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for adding this essential preparation topic it is help us to get a success on the speaking test.

However, I want one more thing if it is OK for you. Could you give us some example from your daily life thus we can compare our examples with yours.

Thank you so much Simon.
Peaces from Turkey,

I agree with Simon.

I have memorised few common topics and practised them so when I use them in exam it sounds natural.If you will only memorise then will try to use them in exam you wont be able to do that.
You have to memorise them logically,difficult for me to explain but let me try
I mean to say google specific topic and from that topic pick up only few sentences which are easy for your brain to learn,sentences which you can easily speak next time once you read.Some sentences automatically remembered by your brain and you can easily use them next time.
I know its easier said than done.

Just to share with everybody:

This is a link from the British Council showing some tips and "don't's" for the IELTS speaking exam.
Watching these video clips is definitely a fun way to learn more about the test!!

Hi Simon, I just got my general training results and I want to share it with you.
Speaking 8, writing 8.5 (shocking), reading 8.5, listening 8. These are the results I got from the offical website and I hope they are the same as the ones on my test form!

I read your ebook for three hours the night leading up to the exam and made comprehensive notes as well, and task 2 was 'Why do lots of people like watching crime shows and what effects do you think they have on soceity? I remembered the chapter in your book about crimes and I wrote about crime shows being senstional, and 8.5!

I dont understand about my writing. I also did Academic two weeks eariler as I need 7 for each category, but I only got 6.5 for academic writing. That's a big discrepancy between these results. General training and academic writing can't be that different! I did another Academic today and I truly hope I pass this time so I will never have to sit IELTS ever again!

Thanks Simon you ebook has lots of excellent vocabulary. and in my experience, the more words you know, the easier it becomes for writing and speaking. Reading and speaking have always been my strength as I watch a fair bit TV every day, and I really hope this time writing wont hold me back!

Hi Martin,

This link, you share it, is so useful and fun. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Have nice weekends all.

hai crhristina,

may i know the topic u got for task2....thanku

Hi Raj, I wrote it in my reply.

'Why are crime shows so popular with people and what effects do you think they have on soceity? (Australia Feburary 4th GT) :)

or do you mean the Academic one I did today?

"some people think life is simpler without technolgy. therefore we should stop using it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

I cant remember the exact wording as i was too preoccupied with writing itself. Hope I will do FINE this time!

hai christina,

i mean the topic u got for task2 for academic exam that u appeared today.....

good luck for ur result.....it will b fine...thanku for sharing.....

Hi Christina,

That's a really good score you got in GT module. Congratulations, I hope I can do the same.

hello Simon,
can you please give me some useful adjectives for those topics

Wow! Christina, very good for you! =) You are really a role model for everybody who wants to ace the exams! THank you for sharing your exam questions, and your results. You inspire me to work more and not give up!
Best regards,

Hi Radmila,
Thanks for your kind reply! Good luck with you results!

I know IELTS can be really frustrating and it can put enormous stress on us. I've been practising IELTS and studying for university exams for the last three months. rarely slept. Now Im anxiously waiting for my uni final exam and academic results. Just never give up! If you felt you screwed it up, the results might come out better than you thought. I missed at least 4 questions (map labelling) in the listening (miraculously I still got an 8!) and i was really upset to the point that nearly gave up on the whole test. I wasnt feeling my best that day, so I kept studying for academic really hard for the following two weeks to take my mind off Genral Training.

My take-home lesson is: Never let one question affect your mood! Also believe in yourself and work as hard as you can. A experienced IELTS teacher helps too!

Hi Christina!
I have been low-spirited recently, mostly because of my speaking(I lack for practice and have a feeling of resentment to speak in English). But, after your encouragement and support I`ll definitely try to work as hard as I can and look at things, relating IELTS more positively, then I did before.
So, again, I want to express my gratitude to you!

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your shared link, which is unexpected funny:-).

No problem Gwapo.


Good luck Sujhana!


Hi Jobs,

Martin answered your question really well (2 comments below yours).


Great advice as usual Martin! Thanks for your help.


Hi Serky,

The problem is that my daily routine is probably very different to yours. The best thing to do is to write down your own ideas and ask someone to check them and help you to improve them.


Hi Christina,

Thanks for sharing your exam success story with us! I'm really happy that a chapter in the ebook helped you to get 8.5 in writing. Well done for getting such fantastic scores, and good luck with the academic scores you're waiting for!

And thanks for helping to motivate others with your advice!


Hi Tasneem,

I've probably covered all of these topics here on the site. Have a look through my speaking lessons.

I am a student in the university and I want to study abroad as a graduate student. I am preparing for achieving 7 on IELTS. Thank you for helping people like me. I have a problem with speaking. I can speak in english but not fluently. I can't gather my ideas in one or two minutes. what should I do?

I am an employee in the MNC and I want to work in abroad. I am preparing for achieving 7 on IELTS. I have a problem with speaking. I can not speak in english properly and not fluently. I can't gather my ideas in one or two minutes. what should I do?

i think you should talk or chat someone who better than u.

It should be better if we have your samples.

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