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Sunday, January 29, 2012


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thnx simon for this .
thnx a lot

hi simon

can we write ?
The people
People have not the information of all products.

i wrote in my essay:
other people buying in a bulk.

please, comment on these few lines.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Simon!

Thank you so much! It clarified some questions that have been on my mind for long. Copying what I read or hear is also a way for me and I was actually thinking that it is wrong. But now, I feel better!


Hi Simon,
As I guess this sector related to Grammar I was wondering if you reply my questions at your most convenience

A majority of daily communications involve correspondence,whether it takes the form of emails or letters.

1)WHY Involve didnt come with(S) but "take" came with (S).
2) A good library is judged BY THE EXTENT TO WHICH its facilities are moderised.
what is the grammatical point with BOLD WORDS? and what was the original of this sentence sentence??

Many thanks

Hi Simon. hope you are doing well.

I want to ask you a question.
I got my result today and I got...

Listening: 8.0
Reading: 7.5
Speaking: 8.0
Writing: 6.5

My question is should challenge the writing score and ask for a re-check? do think i stand a chance of getting a 7.0?
Please advice.

Simon please reply.......

No problem Vijay.


Hi x-reader,

You only need to post your questions once. I've answered in a different place.


Hi Cagla,

I'm glad it helped.


Hi Mh,

- "communications involve" = plural (like "they involve")
- "it takes" (third person singular like he/she takes. "It" refers to "correspondence" - singular noun)
- Just learn "the extent to which" as a phrase. It just means "how much".


Hi Khan,

I replied in the other places. I always reply, but I sometimes take a break at the weekend.

Thank you Simon. I am sorry I was bit desperate for your opinion. Anyway I have decided to re-take the test. as re-checking takes too long sometime it takes 10 weeks. So I thought its better to take it again in two weeks and I will get the desired result in another two weeks hopefully.

Once again for your advice. your blog helped me a lot to get such a good grades in reading. I hope I will learn more in writing within next two weeks.

No problem Khan. Good luck in your next test. I think you've made a sensible decision.

Hi Simon,

Firstly I have to thanks a lot for your prompt response.If you dont mind I am going to ask you further questions.
"Because of their uniqueness, old building are very likely to provide a source of tourism income, IF MAINTAINED WELL.

1)why "they are" has been omitted in bold sentence.

2)Can we replace "Increased car" with" Increasing in the car use" in this senetence
Increased car use gives radio high mobility and...

Hi Mh,

1. Good question. We often do this with passive "if" clauses, but I can't explain why. It's just one of those things that we do in English - we can miss "they are", but it is inferred.

2. No, you can't write "Increasing in the car use", but you can write "An increase in car use..."

Hi Simon,
Thanks a lot for your kindness to share your knowledge . I do appreciate it . As I am going to focus on what I read to learn English well I faced with other structure.
" Much has been discussed about the gain and losses of such a career move."

where is the subject and what it was?
The second question is
" OF EQUAL importance are public Internet facilities."
what about this sentence?
Can we improve our score in terms of variety in grammar bu using such style?


Hi Mh,

1. 'has been discussed' is the verb phrase, so 'much' is the subject.
2. 'are' is the verb, so 'public Internet facilities' is the subject.

I wouldn't recommend trying to use these structures on purpose. Focus on expressing good ideas rather than worrying about specific grammar structures.

thank you very much simon

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