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Friday, November 04, 2011


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Hi Simon,
This is just to inform you that I received my IELTS results today. My overall band is 8.0 with listening 8.0, reading 7.0, writing 8.0 and speaking 8.0.
I want to thank you for all your help through your website and your writing course.I am very happy because I can now take my plab exam now and the credit goes to you after God.
thanks very much once again.
Dr Uzma

I wish I could communicate as fluent as you are and I also hope you can conduct speaking practice through Skype.

Uzma, how long did you prepare for you test?

Hi Uzma,

Congratulations on getting such great scores! I'm delighted to have been able to help. Good luck with your plab!

Simon, I was worried about my writing because I need to get a band of 7. However, I just got 6.5. How long does it take me to improve my IELTS score to 7?

Simon, can you conduct speaking practice online via Skype?

Hi Simon,

I got my results today and I just want to thank you for all the tips and exercises you have provided on this site. They have been so much more than helpful.
Anyway, got an overall band of 7.5. My scores were: 7.5 in listening, 8 in reading, 6.5 in writing and 8.5 in speaking.

Keep up the good work! I did not prepare that much for the IELTS exam (decided to take the test in September, and there I were, on the 22nd of October, trying to get the best out of me), and I daresay that I pretty much followed only your advice. I could not have gotten this score if it had not been for this site. Thank you!

Congratulations alll .please give us the most important tips.Cheers

Hi Gwapo,

It's impossible for me to say how long it will take you to get from 6.5 to 7. You might be very close! Keep working hard and you'll get there soon.

I'm afraid I can't offer Skype lessons.


Congratulations Diana. I'm glad the site helped you to get such good scores!

Hi Simon

I want to ask you a quastion about my speaking exam, yesterday i took the speaking test,i answered all the quastion completely, but when he asked: would u like to change your name i said no i love it and i did not continue. Then when he asked do u like your name i answered yes definitly. Moreover at the begining when he asked about my name, i just said my name is...my teacher today told me you have to talk until the examiner stop you.now i am so nervous, do you think i will loos mark? because my teacher told me you would be 7 but because of that i will loos mark. what is your advice for me for the next exam?

Hi Nina,

Don't worry. That was just a quick question at the start of the test. The rest of the test is much more important. Good luck!

hi everybody

HI Simon!
I'm sorry that I would like to ask you a question out of this topic. If I had to talk about an activity on the speaking part 2, so would I talk about one of activities I enjoy doing like sufring the Internet? Please give me some advice about this topic!
Thank you for the useful website!

Hi Lane,

Yes, that's fine. Just talk about what websites you like to visit, and why. Maybe give some examples about what you looked at yesterday.

Hi Simon,
I had one question, can I introduce watching football matches as a hobby I'm keen on?)
Thanx beforehand,

Yes, that's fine.

I did my speaking exam today the examiner asked me to describe a family photo I feel bad because i didnt foud what to say in thi topic

Hi Moura,

You could have described something like a photo of your family on holiday. This would allow you to describe the holiday, what you did etc.

Hi Simon,
I have some difficultues with reading part :(
Don't know ow to improve it thoght I need 8 or 9...

Hello Simon,
How shall I take part skype call with you to improve my speaking?

Hi Simon,a lot of thanx for your valuable contribution in guiding for IELTS.
I got overall band of 8 with listening 8 writing 8 reading 8 and speaking 8
The credit really goes to u because I followed ur instructions

Hi Simon, I got my score today which was L7.5, R 7, W6.5,S7. My last score was L8, R 6.5, W7.5,S7. I need each band 7. How can my writing score go so down when I was equally satisfied with my writing on both occasions?I can understand about listening and reading because they are objective. Do they do this intentionally so that students keep paying for the test.Does appealing works? Thanks, Rabindra

hi everyone
can we speak at special room by using skype to develop our skills in speaking

@ Rabindra
double like for ur comment!

hi simon! i need 7 bands in one sitting in each module. i hv got 7 in each module but i never get in one sitting . what should i do?

Hi Simmon, I post my speech below, and I've just finished my speech for one and a half minutes . Could u give me your feedback? Thank you.

When it comes to hobbies, I really enjoy going to gym. Ever since I reached adulthood, I began going to gym because one of my dreams was having a fit body. In particular, I loved having nice abdominals and pectorals. Recently, I’m living in my hometown, there’s only one gym which is downtown near the post office and just ten minutes from my house. I usually go to the gym with my friends, I would say, having partners always keeps you move ahead. In your workout, to build your muscle as much as possible you have to do few reps with heavy weight, specifically, you should do 3 sets of 4 to 6 reps of each exercise.

I want to talk to improve my speaking..can anybody help me?thanks :)

i want to practice with someone on skype..

hi i want praactise on Skype. My skype account is guneyguney488. Please add me and let start practising

hi i want practise speaking on Skype. My skype account is MEDOZ medoz . thanks.

hi i want practise speaking on Skype. My skype account is durga prasad. thanks.

Hi simon, i am ronak.my education backgroud is gujrati medium and i recently pass my b.b.a in english medium and now my plan to persuing my m.b.a in abroad but i have big confusion in reading and writing.i am not understand properly.so help me dear please.

Hello I'm nav I want to speaking practice I want 6 above band but my speaking level is low my skype account is me_you40

Hi Simon, I am studying English in HaUI. But I find it very difficult to speak English fluently! So, can you help me some ways? Please!

Hi Everyone,
I appeared in IELTS exams today in LHR PK and examiner asked some introductory question like your full name,what do u do work or studies etc and gave cue card carrying following questions.

Which time you remembered to share something with some person or other people

Who is that person
what was sharing things
why you shared

it seemed like tricky .. .

Hello Simon

I hope you are doing great; actually I am new to this discussion forum. Today I went through the following posts and articles so I noticed your sound advice and cooperation with IELTS candidates that they obtained the desirable band score, therefore I am really enthusiastic to go for IELTS exam but prior to this i want to seek your assistance and guidance to help in this regards, I would greatly appreciate your support in this endeavor in advance.


Describe an important family photograph ,
Who are in this
when and where you took the photo
Why it family photograph is important

Plz mam solve it for me


hi simon
i have seen recognized you via your letter which is given in a small card like piece. i exactly am needed your help what you could suggest me for better score in ielts which i will have to give on coming august 29th 2015. hopping to get response as soon as possible,
yours Bhim

Hi simon,

I have exam on 25th aug,After one day.I am in tension please guided me and also suggest me some topic and cue card questions which will suppose to ask.I want 8 band in speaking please help me.

i got only 5 in all of it
poor me
i have to get 6 to join the master degree in health, i think next year :'(

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