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Thursday, October 06, 2011


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Hi Simon
Please, I would like to know one issue about Diagram process writing task 1.
Should we use the exact given words on the picture that they give us, or the opposite is true we shuld avoid using these words and use similar words instead where appropriate. For example the given word is "delivery", so I don't write anything related to word delivery and write "send to" instead.
Thanks a lot for your help

Hi Simon,

I sat the test, but the band in the writing section is not satisfactory, only 6.5.(The bands of the other sections are pretty good, especially listening, 8.5)

I had been tutored by a British teacher and he told me that, judging from all the writings I had done, I could get 7.5 or at least 7 in writing.

I still don't know what the problem is with my writing part. I have been thinking whether my poor hand-writing has led to a low score? My hand-writing didn't look very neat but it was still readable.

I didn't provide any examples in writing task2. Instead, I just listed reasons and then gave detailed explanations.

(Task 2: People prefer to watch foreign films rather than the local films. What are the reasons? Should the government of a country provide more financial support for local film industries?)

Are exapmles necessary in task 2? Would it be possible that I got penalized simply because I didn't provide any examples?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Hassan,

Good question! My answer is: do both things. Sometimes it's good to use the same words, but it shows good language knowledge if you are able to make some changes. Only change the word if you are confident that your new word has the same meaning. Also, don't forget that you can make small changes like "delivery = are delivered".


Hi Summer,

No, you wouldn't get penalised for not including examples (as long as your reasons and explanations were good). Also, if your handwriting was readable, that shouldn't have been a problem.

If you separated your paragraphs clearly, wrote enough words, and if you feel you answered the questions fully, maybe you should ask for a re-mark. Apart from the cost, it can't do any harm to get your essays checked again.

Good luck if you decide to do that!

Hi Summer,
go for re-mark your writing part,if you are still at 6.5 then my suggestion is to take one or two lesson with simon.
He is not only british tescher but he was examiner for IETS exam.

Hi Simon,

I am scheduled to take the IELTS exam on the 22nd of October, but I am not exactly sure what to prepare for the writing task 1 . I have seen even examples of letters so far, which is kind of weird. As far as I know, the writing task 1 consists only of diagrams, which can only make me think of reports. Maybe this question seems a bit stupid, considering the fact that the exam is getting closer and closer, but I just do not know what to think anymore.

So, is it possible to get a letter or so, instead of a report? It would be much appreciated if you found the time to asnwer my question !

Thanks in advance .

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for your reply.

I remember my writing task 2 consisted of four paragraphs, an introduction, a conclusion and two bodies paragraphs with each one answering one of the two questions. The reasons I listed in the first body paragraph are as follows: the availability of the Internet makes it much easier to access/watch foreign films; people can get interested in foreign cultures and films are one of the most convenient and interesting ways to learn exotic cultures and values; people prefer foreign films also because of the attractiveness of the films stars.

I’ve heard that your band may also be lowered after a re-marking.

I have decided to sit the test again. Hope I will do well in all sections. I do find writing task one a little challenging for me, though I also know usually there are four paragraphs as you suggested. I sometimes have to spend more than 20 mins to finish this task. Luckily, I can finsh task 2 within 30 to 35 mins.


Hi Tahir,
I really appreciate your advice and information.

Have a nice day. 

Best wishes,

Hi Diana,

It depends whether you are doing the academic test or the general test.

Academic = graphs and charts
General = letters


Hi Summer,

Good luck in your next test. Keep working hard!

Hi Simon,

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for enlightening me on this issue . By the way, you are doing an amazing job with this site ! Keep up the good work :) !
I have always thought that the listening part was my biggest issue, but I have learnt that it was only a matter of attention and training . Thanks for posting all the lectures and all the tips . They sure are helpful . :)

No problem Diana.

Hi Simon,
Here i need your comments on my introductory paragraph of Book7 Test1 Task1

The given table gives information that how the people of 5 different countries were ready to divide their bugets in 3 different catagories in 2002

Hi Sameer,

You've got the right idea. Just write 'divided' instead of 'were ready to divide'.

thanks alot sir for your help.

I had 4 pie charts describing 2 countries using diff fuel resources in 2 diff years.I compared 2 cites to each other in the 2 diff years and compared each to the other country in the same year .......took me 31 min: in model answer only compared same city in 2 diff years...l.how can I decide quickly what are the best Pts for comparison.Thanks

Hi Moka,

There is no rule about what is best. If you had more time, you could include more comparisons. Because of the time problem, you just need to do your best - make a decision about what to compare, then stick to your decision.

Thanks Simon

Hi Simon,

Can I use 'over the course of thirteen years' instead of 'over a period of thirteen years'?

Hi Mona,

Yes, that's fine too.

Hi Simon,

My teacher said that it will be less score in IELTS test if I do not do Introduction - Body - Conclusion in order. Is that true?
I have found that your writing so interesting but it is not in order above. I wondered whether I can do like that?

Thank you in advanced!

Hi Ceria,

There is no rule about paragraph order - if you use my way properly, you can get a really good score.

Hi Simon,
I took academic module on July 7th ,I got band 7.5.over 7 in all module except for writing I got 6.I have no idea how to improve my writing .could you please help me.

Just keep practising Maalar. Look through as many of my writing lessons as you can - there's lots of advice there.

Hi Simon
i am preparing for my IELTS and i am a bit weak in writing both in task 1 as well as task 2. looking forward your tips and help in this

I have taken ielts 5times and am falling short of 7 for writing.infact,i suppose that i get really nervous in an exam situation and i am unable to give my best shot so kindly help me to overcome that and omprove my writing score ...

Hi simon

I really want your help to improve my writing.last time I got 5 in writing but 7 each in other modules. I don't know the reason why I got only 5 . Please suggest me what I have to do to improve my scores


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