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Friday, September 09, 2011


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Thanks.It is really helpful

hello sir! first of all I'd like to pay u my deepest gratitude for your online assistance..I just got my result.Its overall 7.5..And the individual scores are-L-6.5 , R-6.5 , W-8 , S-8...I plan to pursue my masters from Australia in marketing..what do you think about my results...as i feel i could have scored little more maybe.thanks.regards.

No problem ATM.


Hi Sanjula,

Those are fantastic scores - 7.5 overall is not an easy score to get! Well done, and good luck on your Master's course.

Dear Simon,

I had access to my IELTS results today :
Listening : 9
Reading : 9
Writing : 7
Speaking : 6,5
Overall band : 8

I don't really know what to do because the course I want to apply for requires no band under 7.

Do you think I should take the risk to ask for a enquiry on my speaking results? How likely is my band to change? Some people on the Internet say that only 5% of enquiries are accepted.
And do you know if UK universities are that strict on the IELTS requirements they display on their websites?

By the way, your ebook was really really helpful, thanks a lot!


Good point to note mr Simon :D .

I wonder if I may lose mark in case I say something informal and then I fix it right away .
For example : My brother is a good kid ... oh I meant a good child ...

Thank you.

Hi Nicolas,

Your reading and listening scores are fantastic! It's surprising that you didn't do better in speaking. I suppose you've got nothing to lose if you ask for a re-mark; you never know what will happen. If they don't raise your score, I'm sure you'll do better if you try again.

PS. It won't do any harm to check whether your university will accept your current scores. Sometimes they are flexible - it depends on the university and the specific department.

Good luck!


Hi Kevin,

No, that's fine. You won't lose any marks.

hi simon,
Suppose, we do not understand the question at the first time. What if we want to take the question again from the examiner.Is it a problem?

I'm sorry i forgot this. Somebody said me American accent would be a problem at speaking exam.Is that true?

Great advice Simon. A couple of years ago, I had a student who was in tears after the speaking interview because she hadn't been able to make eye contact with the examiner. She said he spent all his time looking at the papers in front of him. OK - I think he could have done a much better job as an examiner. But, in the end, she got a very good band - much higher than she'd expected ... or needed.

hello Mr. Simon
Thank you for this great blog
I have a question: who correct our speaking tape? The interviewer of there is another person?

Hi Etak,

It's fine to ask the examiner to repeat the question. It's also fine to have an American accent (so it's not true what someone told you).


Hi help4ielts,

Great example! Students worry way too much about eye contact. The examiner was probably too busy listening, making notes or checking the time.


Hi Inquiry,

The interviewer gives the score.

Hey Simon,
Thanks for your helpful e-book and resourceful website.
I've got a speaking test related question that has bothered me for a long time.
When we talk about our personal experience in the speaking test, how personal can it be?
For example, because I am homosexual, there is chance I'll talk about my boyfriend or other sensitive issues.
Another circumstance is that sometimes I blurt out vulgar expreesion such as bloody.
Will these give the examiner a bad impression, thus affecting my band?


Hi Kevin,

I answered your email.

I was the happy one to sit speaking exam on the same day. What is more my speaking was just half an hour after written part ended in another building 20min walking apart. Fun.
I have a question: is it really bad if examiner stops you and ask another question in the middle of your sentence, constantly? (I can assure I do not speak slowly at all) example:
Do you study or work?
I study at .... university and wor.{cut} what do you dislike in your studies?
I think it would be the amount of the students in the lectures as it {CUT}
do you like traveling?
yes, i do.(not to much this time?)
well, i get confused a bit, but latter on it became really annoying as i felt being rushed all the time and started making sily mistakes. As I said before I do not speak slowly and, yes, i have practised a lot on how much is needed to say in each part.

Hi Anna,

In part 1, the examiner wants to hear short, direct answers. I think he/she interrupted you because he/she was happy with the answer you had given and didn't need to hear any more. This is common in part 1 because the examiner is under pressure to ask a whole list of questions in a short time. Don't worry - it's not a bad sign.

hi can i know my score i had my speaking test last no 4,and writing,reading,listening last nov 5.can i know my score..

Hi Memory,

You usually receive your scores after 2 weeks. You need to contact the test centre to check.

Hello Simon!
I wanted to ask just a little question. In my 2nd part of speaking I had a question formed from three different parts and I didn't feel how the time pass, and finally I the examiner stopped me and I had no time to answer to the third part of the question. Do you think it will effect my score?
Thank You!

Hi Grazina,

Don't worry. If you spoke for the full 2 minutes, I'm sure you said enough to get a good score. It won't have a big effect that you missed the final point.

What if we forgot the question during the discussion part? I took mine in Feb 2012 and I totally forgot the question after giving an example. So I couldn't conclude the discussion. I starred blankly at the examiner and he starred back for about 15 seconds before he asked me another question. Although I got a 7 for speaking but would I get more if I didn't forget the question? I am aiming for an 8.

Hi Damien. The only thing you can do is ask the examiner to repeat the question.

May I ask what will be my probable score or deduction if I cant answer one question of the examiner in speaking test?


Hi Simon

I just finished my speaking test today. I could answer all the questions without any problem. I got stuck with the 3rd part.
It was regarding a speaker who impressed me with his speech. I did answer everything quite correctly but couldn't understand the question - DO YOU THINK VISUAL AIDS ARE IMPORTANT IN SPEECHES? I didn't know what visual aid was. I spoke about eye contact which is irrelevant to the question. Will this reduce my marks?

what if I could not speak for 2 minutes on the topic given.. I spoke for around a minute and paused for 10-12 secs examiner asked me to look at more points below in the question.. The other parts went well wil I be able to get a 7 ?

Today was my speaking test and overall the test was good..may be 1 or 2 grametical mistaks, no pause, anser all the questions but the problem was that I can't under stand 1 question in part 3 even examiner repeat the question. Plz anyone help me that, how much it will affect my band scores??

Hi Simon,
I took the ielts speaking test recently. Though I did part 1 and part 3 quite well. I could not do part 2 well. I would like to know how much weight is given for part 2? Is it possible to get at least band 5 without part 2?
Please reply. Thanks.

Hi Simon..

I'm reposting the same question as pratish arora asked. This is exactly what happened with me today just an hour before. Plz reply this query as if its REALLY IMPORTANT for me to know this.

"I failed to speak for 2 minutes on the given topic . I spoke for around a minute and paused for 10-12 secs examiner asked me to look at more points below in the question.. The other parts went well wil I be able to get a 6" ??

Yes, it's still possible for you to get a 6 Ankush. Good luck!

Thank you so much Simon for swift and kind reply.

Hi, Simon

Is it important to describe both views (agree & disagree) in writing task II ?? For example:- first para- starting introduction as per question and little opinion.

2nd para - some examples and agree with statement

3rd para - disagree and supporting views

4th para - my personal views and conclusion.

Is this formation good for achieving good bands ?? Plz reply asap tomorrow is my LRW test....and plz give me some of your valuable tips. Thanks


I have just took my speaking exam.. the interview lasted for almost 15 minutes..while the other guy who took exam before my turn came out of interview room in just 10-11 minutes.

I am worried I will get lower band??

Is this normal or I will get lower band..? One more thing is tha I was less in ideas while talking about part 2 topic while I was very energitic and full of ideas In part 3.

I took the ielts test today but although i spoke at length for 2 minutes but was unable to cover a part of 1 question and the time got over please inform if that would be fine or i would get a lower band score because of that actually i was nervous because of the examiners attitude and body language...she intrupted me before i started the test as i tried to sit in front of her and by mistake moved the chair.

Hi simon, greetings...

I'm back again with some significant queries as if jan intake is coming. I got 6.5 bands overall with L-7.5, R-5.5, W-6, S- 6 respectively.As if I want to pursue my p.g.diploma in canada and I did my graduation in 2007 and MBA in 2010. So, what is the considerable gap for p.g. diploma course ? Secondly, am I eligible for pg diploma in canada ? I also request you to plz reply and I will be highly obliged if you do this time as well.

Hi. I just did my IELTS speaking test this morning. I did quite well in part 1 and 3 but I didn't do so well in part 2. She didn't ask me to stop but after I stopped she did not prompt me to say anything else. I'm not sure if I passed 1 min or not. I'm aiming for band 7. Do you think it's still possible? Thanks so much.

Hi I did my ielts speaking test today. I just have one question. Is it bad that at the end of the last section I haven't even finished talking yet and the examiner suddenly stopped me and said the time is up? I'm just curious

Hi ,

I had just went to speaking test today. I had cover the 3 part in less than 2 minutes. Then the interviewer ask me to speak more. then i had started then she said stop and asked questions.
In between answering questions i had lack of some words. How much would i score in speaking?

Hi Simon thanks for your online help well I need to know about speaking test marking time, does examiner evaluate candidates and mark on the spot or does he/she mark later and how many examiners check our speaking and writing. And also tell me about reading and listening do examiners check or it is computer checking.

Hi Simon
I did my ilets speaking test today. I did well in the first part and the second was also good but at the end she asked a question to me but I didn't catch it. I said her to repeat the question and she did but still I was confused about the question .so what you think how much I would get

dear simon
I am glad to share my result with you.
listening 8.5,reading 8.5,writing 7.5,speaking 8,and overall 8.
i had been scoring .5 less in either speaking or writing repeatedly and it was frustrating.but your lessons and advice strengthen me and finally i cleared both academic an general versions successfully. your website was the only study resource for me.You are the best teacher and i thank you for your effort and kindness...may god bless you..

Hi Simon
I forget to attend my speaking test on day before yesterday .I want to know that is their any possibility to attend again to speaking test or re-schedule it again .Please tell me what chances is their to me .

Sir I was ask about an aritcle you read on internet related to healthy lifestyle.
And I said that as technology has progressed by leaps and bound and internet is one of the invention of technology and recently I read on internet that for healthy lifestyle we should keep our washroom clean as it is an essential part of home rather other parts moreover having healthy lifesstyle has only pros and no cons it keeps our body fit
Sir what score I would get my part 1 and part 3 was good but I couldn't speak much on part 2

Dear Simon

Part one and part three wasn't an issue. However, when it came to part two, I spoke for 30 seconds as I assumed a minute has passed. I ended up staring blankly for a good 20 seconds before I continued for another 30 seconds. I am wondering, how much will this affect my score?

Looking forward to your reply.

I have my exam in another 20days and I am really very scared.. Can you please tell me some useful tips and tricks.. if possible with any material?

Dear Simon,
I just had my speaking test few hours ago. I did well in part 1 and 2. But in part 3 i didnt answer all the question, i missed about 13 seconds because i was very emtional and i was crying. I cannot talk completely during those remsining 13 seconds. The examiner told me i didnt fail. Will i still get 7 from that?
Thanks very much.

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