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Saturday, February 26, 2011


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hey Simon i got your Ebook and its really help-full and i used that idea in my recent exam but i am not sure its right or wrong because topic was " people believe that modern inventions brought many drawback then advantages " do you agree or disagree ? and i did writing for disagrees.


Para 1 advantages
i use three most common inventions with firstly (mobile ) and some advantages , secondly(internet).. and finally ( medical technology)

para 2 disadvantages
all drawback of above tech

and conclusion .

i am wondering if you give me some comment about my idea and structure .. simply right or wrong.


Hi Kamlesh,

I think your structure looks good and you used good examples to support your ideas.

The only thing to check is whether you answered the question clearly in your introduction and conclusion: did you give your opinion about whether there are more drawbacks than advantages?

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for such a useful blog for the poor IELTS candidates :)

I have sat this test 5 times in the last 8 months and my band scores vary between 6 to 9!!!
Regarding the writing part, I am sometimes confused about how to organise my writing task 2. For instance, as was mentioned in your blog, one question was "Although tourism has some benefits, it will harm countries as well. How countries can avoid the harms so tourism can contribute to their development"
What I did was:

Intro: some say there are benefits, though others believe there are disadvantages

Par1: talking about benefits (1. Financial, 2. Cultural: tourists from different culture will introduce their culture to the host country)

Par2: talking about harms (1. Inflation: some business people inflate the charges 2. Cultural: some countries like the Middle East sometimes do not accept Western countries)

Par3: How to avoid the harms: Financial: governments can intervene by controlling tax for tourists, so any extra charge in collected by government not business people. Cultural: government may set regulations to avoid cultural differences and conflicts.

Conclusion: ...

All the answers included reasons and examples but my score was 6 :(

I found it very very useful when you provide some general answers to the questions, like when you say how you organize your writing. I so much appreciate if you give your own idea about the questions written in the recent IELTS questions part.

Thank you so much again

Developing ideas is hard especially under pressure. I did not have time to study all the topics but I found it helpful to go in alphabetical order to generate ideas. If one is not suitable you can quickly move to the next one in alphabetical order instead of wandering your mind here and there. So, given any topic you can take many different perspectives. Here as some that I prepared

A: agriculture
B: business
C: cost
D: death
E: economics
F: financial
G: government
H: health
I: income

yes i completely mention about my potion that i am disagree with statement that modern invention brings more draw back .

Hi Sam,

Sorry to hear that you didn't get the score you wanted. I'll try to give more ideas for recent topics in future - good suggestion!


Thanks for sharing your technique Nazri.


Hi Kamlesh,

Ok, it's good that you made your position clear. In that case, your ideas and structure are fine.

Hello Simon,

thanks a lot for the helpful list.
I have found a lot of good ideas to most of the topics on your web site.
I am afraid I did not find any ideas to the " Gender" " Housing & Architecture" and " Tradition & Modern Life"- topics.
Maybe you can give us some ideas in one of your next lessons.
Thank you so much.
Kind regards

Hi Karin,

Have a look at today's lesson (2nd March) about gender. I'll try to cover more topics in future lessons.

Thanks a lot Simon

No problem.

Hi Simon, I lost the last two topic which are: water and work. Can you show me them, please!
Thank you so much!

Hi Chi,

I'm afraid I can't send parts of the ebook unless I know that the person paid for it.

If you bought the ebook but lost parts of it, you will need to send me an email - please include the full name and email address that you used, and the receipt number you got when you bought the ebook.

Hi Simon,

i've two months left for my exam, i'm not that good in english on other hand i need to get 6.5 score, but i don't know how i could get it. to be added its my first time taking this exam kindly guide me into this matter.the most difficult part for me is the writing 1-2 section. If i get your ebook, could it be possible to at least guess about the topics and make practice over those topics?

Hi Simon,

another question which i had from your kindself is that, if i only and only keep studying your posted materials then could it be possible for me to get 6.5 band in my ielts exam. to be added, my exam is going to held on 3rd december 2011

Hi Mariam,

It's certainly possible to get 6.5 if you use only my website and ebook - several students have been successful this way. Of course, the more practice the better, so I'd recommend the Cambridge IELTS books too, and some lessons with a teacher can help because it's useful to get someone to check and correct your essays.

The ebook contains the most common topics for writing task 2. I'm afraid it's impossible to guess what your question will be, but I'd start with the most common topics.

Hello Simone,

I am confused on how to write the proper essay, even i am completely agree or disagree of the argument, do i still need to see the other side? Can i just stick to my points and discuss it in 2 supporting paragraphs instead? Please help me. Thanks!

Hi Ambree,

For 'agree or disagree' questions you don't need to give the other side. Just make your opinion clear, and support it.

Hi Simon.I`ll be taking my IELTS exam on 10th of December 2011. And i`m looking forward to achieving band score 8.5. There`re no problems with reading and listening sections, but i may lose some valuable points in writing task 2 and in my speaking section as i`m not a native speaker and have never been to an English speaking country. I have lived in Kazakhstan for 17 years and i hope my cramming for the exam will be rewarded!!!))

Good luck Arystanbek. You've set yourself quite a challenge with 8.5! Let use know how it goes.

hi simon
i need 7 in each band, and i have already got 7 in 3 band except writing. i have taken classes for writing as well, and my instructor says i have problem with articles and gramatical errors, so i have been foccussing on my grammer lately. i read your essay, and try to figure out what mistake i would have done if i write the same essay.every time i find new things that i would miss like for example 'commas and the article like 'the''a'. i will try to make as less mistakes as possible next time i sit for ielts. i got 6.5 twice i need 7 will i be able to get the score if i make less grammatical errors, i am also following your ebook along with your website. its really great.

thanks josh

Good work Josh.

You're doing the right thing. Just keep practising and analysing my essays in the way that you explained.

"narrative essays" e.g. describe your road side journey,

and "leadership / personality essays" e.g Nelson Mendal's leadership qualities

My IELTS teacher told me that these type of essays also come in exam in task 2.

Please reply asap as I'm taking exams this next week

Ki K,

No, those essay types won't appear in the IELTS test.

Somin, in Task 1, sometimes the diagram is given (not graph). is this type of summary writing in Task 1 also comes in Academic IELTS?

For example, IELTS 8 page number 77.

Hi K,

Yes, have a look through my task 1 lessons to see some diagram questions.

Hi simon
I have after 2weeks exam for ielts academy and i need 6.5band,,i am worry about speaking test, in speaking i get some idea of any topic which i want to speak but whenever i going to speak i get hegitate to speak and i am going to thinking what to speak it making me confused when i am speaking,,so how i can improve my speaking non stop with some impresive words,,, please help me kindly waiting for your reply

Hi Dipak,

My advice is to forget about impressive words. Just try to relax and answer naturally, without thinking too much about grammar or big words. Good luck!

That is understandable that money makes people independent. But how to act when somebody doesn't have money? The one way only is to try to get the home loans or just secured loan.


I need to get overall score 6.0 in each of the four skills. Please suggest me something effective via email.

Thanks in advance.

hai simon sir .I have write ielts many times in the uk as well as india.I work hard ,but no improvements.I want individual seven.Really i am despirated.What i want to do.Basically i am a nurse.Can you help me to get 7 band.Please give me the reply.I would like to buy your study meterials by post.thank you.

Hi Simon,

I need you to explain extensively the body structures of each essays.


Hi Simon,

Thank you so much providing us these useful information in writing task2! I think i will go through all these topics in order to get some general ideas for my task2 essays!

Hello . mr simon sir

Really i am very upset about my decision, cause i am confuse about which format will be correct
for agree or disagree topic qus.

i always use this format ,is it correct ?

1.introduction -

2.disadvantage- write details shortly

3.advantage - describe hole advantages

4.give my opinion - i am agree or disagree

5 conclusion - summarize all the of view essay

so MR SIMON please can u give me some suggestion
and tell me please my format is correct or not .... i hope u will give me a reply for correcting my wrong issues and which format is best for agree and disagree topic qus ... Thank you sir

is it good to use modals? not only- but also i.e parallel structures and conditional sentences ? for getting 7+ band , i have given ielts once only and without any preparation i received 6.5 in writing and overall!
i have written one sentence for co-education essay can u check and tell me if it has any error ?

"Had government, local authorities and educational institute made the rigid policies and rules to provide safety to female, those victims would have saved their lives and dignities"

context to this statement is about sexual harassment of female in many schools colleges and universities

Dear simon,

Finally I received your ace the Ielts please suggest me how to use that book I am little confused & worried about my reading practice.It's my third time of ielts exam which is on 27th June. I am following your practice timetable which is mentioned on last page of book.

Please advise me for reading part in general module I need 7 in each module of test.
I hope you understand and advise me on reading part.
Also I have finished Cambridge Ielts 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 but still not able to score more then 25 marks.. Whereas I need 35 in general module.


"Ace the IELTS" is not my book, so I can't advise you about how to use it.

HI simon,
i have a problem with writing and readind .i need to have score 7 and i want to buy your e book,but i'd like to ask it it supply us us with ideas and informations or it is only topics.if you could give me examle this will very kind of you.My score in readind and writing is 6.5 every time.hopfuly this book will help me

Dear simon, i want 7 band in all the modules.although i scored 7 in speaking,reading and listening i coulnt score 7in writing.i find u r essays and writing classes very intersting and easy to follow and totally different from what i was taught to write.thanks for u r great help.

hlw simon

hlw simon,
previously I have got 6 in writting but I intend to get 7 in writting.For this reason I m looking forward ur rules, bt I m so much confused about ur agree or disagree topic,I want to know about linking words when I write the main topic(2 & 3),sometimes u wrote on the one hand & on the other hand, & fisrtly,secondly linking words.so pls simon help me out from this problem to get rid of confussion..
waiting for ur ans

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