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Saturday, January 29, 2011


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thank you very much for the example

Your voice is really nice~
and i've always wanted to say
this website is fantastic!
actually, i'm residing in S.korea and i will go to england to study English in October.
thank you very much for informative daily lessons Simon~

Hi Simon,
I have a question. Is it possible to answer on the question "Describe the person who you admire" (present)by using past tense if I want do describe person who passed away, for instance?


Hi, Simon,

Thanks for the recording example. It's really helpful as the structure of your statement and the terms you used.


I'm afriad, the record does't work with me

Thanks Niam, Ethan and Agnes. I'm glad you like my example.


Hi Maksim,

Yes, you could describe a person you admire in the past.


Sorry about that Sara.

Maybe it's something related to your computer's software. The recording works well on different computers that I've tried.

Thanks a lot!!!!

No problem Maksim.

Your website has been so helpful for me. Thanks a lot. I'm really interested in your speaking advice.

Thanks Justin!

Hi Simon
i am new here and i like to share some ideas about speaking test on AMMAN-JORDAN centre. my friend did the IELTS test they asked him about the favourate number and why he prefer it .

Thanks Hasan. I'll use that question in a future lesson.

thanks a lot.Hope to see some more.

Excellent,thanks Simon.


Hi simon.. i want to go erlanda i had finished baccalaureate in medicine and iam going to end houseman ship here in sudan and i hope to continue outside sudan

could you post script of the audio recording sir thanks

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